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New Comics Thread - 25th November

It’s a month to Christmas but in the meantime you can treat yourself to some presents from your local comic shop. Maybe some of these:

This is the place to discuss them after having bought and read them, give your views on what was a hit and what was not.

All buy and read their comics at different times so please use the spoiler rules below if you want to mention specific plot points:

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My reading material this week…

All-New Wolverine #2
Art Ops #2
Batman and Robin Eternal #8
Black Magick #2
Carnage #2
Colder: Toss the Bones #3
Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1
Fight Club 2 #7
Flash #46
Guardians of The Galaxy #2
Hail Hydra #4
Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D. #2
Invisible Republic #7
Justice League Of America #5
Kaptara #5
Robin: Son of Batman #6
Spawn #258
Tomorrows #5
Venom Space Knight #1
We Are Robin #6
Will Eisner’s The Spirit #5

Read Dark Knight III and Venom last night… still reading last week’s books, though. I read too many books(?) :stuck_out_tongue:

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Pretty quiet week for me this week. Maybe it is time for me to attack my backlog of 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazines…

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I was impressed with Black Magic #1 but I suspect I’m going to skip #2 and wait for the trade.

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After 4 issues I think i can finally pass judgement on Waid’s Archie.

Yes, Waid is a good writer.
He’s done very good, maybe iconic, things.

His Archie is terrible.
Just the worst.

Please explain! The worst??


It’s the kind of thing were you know that a series about teenagers is going to be melodramatic in a sense, so you give it that leeway.

But then you finish and the one thing that you can say off the bat is “Well that was melodramatic as hell”.
Waid isn’t a bad writer, but he’s writing an incredibly rote and off putting Archie. It’s quite honest at points like an old man trying to be hip - and embarrassingly failing.

Yes, I know - that’s Archie - but the fact that I have to say it aloud is how overdone it is.

Zdarsky is doing way better with a Modern Archie comic, while Waid is sort of wasting his moment.

Likewise, just this week’s 2000AD Prog, Hellboy and Chew for me.

I’m torn on this. # 1 was so good I really feel I should be reading in singles, but I’m pretty much exclusively trade for Image books now after converting to trade on Saga & Lazarus - and I do find the trade a more rewarding experience…but it was a hard decision.

If it helps any, trade’s due May 2016 - RRP £7.50!

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Providence #6

Rapidly becoming one of the decade’s best.

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The only thing I got this week was Omega Men, which was great yet again. King tells his story in an odd, elliptical fashion that dices up the narrative and weaves flashbacks with the present-day action, and yet it’s all very clear and satisfying—it’s not writing that is showy for its own sake.

When this book ends, Bagenda will move on to other things but I really like him on a space opera. It reminds me of Pasqual Ferry on Adam Strange.


In other Tom King news I read the first Grayson trade, which I thought was pretty good, especially for a bat book, but I don’t know if I’ll be reading on.

The first hardcover had the first four issues plus some crappy “Future’s End” tie in, all for the low price of $22.99, or nearly $6 an issue.

The next one comes out I believe in January. It contains issues 5-9. By then the monthly series should be up to #16 so it’s way behind. Furthermore it is only published as a TPB, whereas the first one was only published as an OHC (at least for a long time), so if you wanted a collection that’s all in the same format, you’re out of luck…even after spending $22.99 for the first volume.

Other than that, I’d say DC’s trade policy is excellent.


That Futures End issue was pretty damn good though

DC’s trade policy is so very erratic.

They’ll do all kinds of dumb stuff like what you sketch out or issue four REBELS trades and cancel the fifth that concludes the story…

Then they issue all 52 issues of Batman Eternal in 3 big trades, each priced very well indeed.

Makes no logical sense at all.

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One of the best single issues of Grayson’s run, to my mind, and formally the most impressive.

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Good sense of structure and was a nicely self-contained story all on it’s own.
I saw so many bad reviews of it too.

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Those who caught onto it’s layers loved it, I think, or at the very least were impressed by the craft of it. Those that didn’t did seem pretty upset, though, yeah.

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To be honest I only glanced at the first page or two, saw it was a crossover issue with an artist that isn’t as good as the main artist, and assumed it was terrible. In my defense the Big Two have conditioned me to have this reaction.

It also assumed I was going to try to figure out what “Future’s End” actually is, and let’s face it….that isn’t going to happen.


It’s just a “5 Years Later” WHAT-IF issue.
It has nothing to do with anything “Futures End” outside of that.