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New Comics Thread - 25th May


They are new and they are comics and they come out today:

Tell us what you thought of Rebirth and any other new books you read here. Don’t spoil any plot points though, that would be naughty. If you want to discuss them follow the instructions below to spoiler-proof your text:

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Sticky price labels right there on the covers… those monsters.

Nothing for me this week I don’t think. I’ll attack my trades pile.


Rebirth was okay, but I suspect it would affect me more if I’d ever read the old Flash series. Not a fan of the ending.


I haven’t read the whole thing yet and am holding fire on a review until then, but the return of “I’m Wally West. I’m the fastest man alive” left me grinning from ear to ear. . I will add a more considered response in due course.

As I was in the comic shop, I picked up issue 1 of Future Quest as well.


I though Rebirth was okay as well, it looked pretty but to be honest I don’t really care about the continuity of the DC Universe. I’m hoping most of the books that have intrigued me will skirt around it.

The ending with the Watchmen apparently being the new bad guys looks to be dumb. Pandora blowing up for no reason seemed a real way of saying they made a mistake with the new 52.


I ended up skipping Rebirth in the end (for reasons that would be a bit spoilery to go into). I’m just hoping it clears the decks for a creative refresh at DC.


New Comics Day! Yay!

I should have Mighty Thor #7 waiting in my pull box and will be picking up DC Universe: Rebirth #1. I’m looking forward to both.

I do agree with Gar a bit and wonder if DC would be better suited in just letting creators tell good stories than about the overall continuity of their universe. I think that tact has worked really well for @bryanhitch’s JLA. I’ll admit I am pretty excited about a few of the Rebirth offerings.


Well, read Deadshot 5 (it was okay), Orphan Black Helsinki 5 (which is pretty important for the show) and Rebirth 1… and having finished reading the last one, I will crosspost:

It really irks me (?) to try to put, meta speaking, the blame on Watchmen for DC’s current status.

I mean, Watchmen didn’t make you have Max Lord shot Blue Beetle in the head, it didn’t make you reboot your universe and having the Joker’s face cut off and thrown around as a starter, it didn’t make you erase Wally West from existence over and over and over, it didn’t make you erase every marriage possible with the reboot, or destroy the ending of Crisis to make Super “nerdrage” Boy as a big villain, killing and maiming characters, etc, etc, etc.

All of that is on DC, on the current direction, on Johns and Didio, etc. To try to put it down to the influence of Watchmen (a comic which isn’t really THAT violent in comparison to the stuff currently printed) is such a poor attempt to deflect responsability.

On the next SDCC DC staff needs to wear tshirts that say “Watchmen made me do it”… or someone hast to gift them to them.

Rebirth itself feelst and reads as other big, universe spanning Geoff issues, and some of the returns are more than welcome… but the narrative behind it, yikes.


Scooby-Apocalypse #1
It didn’t disappoint. Even though this is probably the most varied version of the Gang, the comic doesn’t wallow around to displaying how different it is. It just gets down to telling an interesting story.
The character voices, the most crucial part, are all on point. And Shaggy might look like a hipster…but he’s not. He’s just a goofball who loves dogs.

The issue sets up the series to be a very entertaining monster of the week comic, hope it does well.


My Comic, The Adventures of Cordelia Swift #2 is now available on Comxiology!
Go get it!
its only 99 cents! :wink:


I picked up Rebirth and I haven’t read it yet but I literally laughed out loud in the store that the first page of the book, DC’s deck clearing “jumping on point”, tells you that you have to read two other issues first.

This freaking company, I swear.


The man has a point :laughing:


I do believe there is a Dredd out?

May seems to have like eighteen weeks. Payday is next Friday. :rolling_eyes:

Guess I’ll just have to read reports about Rebirth. Poor, sad me. :laughing:


Out of curiousity, how do you do most of your reading now that you don’t have an LCS close, Miqque? Is digital or trades your preferred format?


Are you serious? Do you have to read them or is it a “don’t read this book before these” so as not to spoil those books. What are the other issues?


Comixology boy. Mind, this is also via ancient desktop and just-okay monitor, so I tend to read about an issue before the back demands I move about. Frustrating that way.


Do you prefer that to trades or is it just the easiest way to get single issue/monthly books on time?


There’s a “This tales take place after Justice League #50 Superman #52 and, so read those first!”

It’s not really necessary, that I could tell.


I love some trades. The few I’m buying are ruled by the budget. I do like getting stuff day-of-release. My appetite for comics is actually quite voracious, and I would live in a warehouse and do nothing but process media if I had me druthers. I rather think of all digital media as “long-term rentals”. I get access so long as the server exists and I can access it. It took a long time to adapt to this thought!