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New Comics Thread - 25th March


Welcome to the latest edition of the new comics thread. Here’s a taster of some of the book available today at a good comic shop or online store near you.

We now have a working spoiler text function, put your text between the tags as follows: ([ spoiler] and [/spoil er] without the spaces) so if you want to discuss any major plot twists please remember to use them. So let’s hear what you have to say about the books you read this week.



I think it’s just Multiversity for me. I’ve been really looking forward to this issue. Hope it doesn’t disappoint.


That second cover down is gorgeous. What is it? The text isn’t clear… “Wytches”?


Yup, the latest Scott Snyder book, with art by Jock. I’ll be getting the first TPB when it comes out.


I think I might have to too, solely based on that cover. (Well, and the names Snyder/Jock :wink: )


Yeah I recommend Wytches, a really quite creepy horror story with great artwork as usual from Jock.


That cover is indeed beautiful. I think I will be getting this, too, when there’s a trade.

Man, Image is still kicking the crap out of Vertigo (and everybody else) all over the place.


Image is making up 90% of what I buy nowadays (although I read a fair bit of Marvel via their Unlimited subscription service). I think Vertigo is always going to struggle because the Image deal is so much better for creators and Wytches is selling better than Daredevil or Wolverines or Action Comics. At a third of those sales Jonathan Hickman has said his artists on his Image books or making so much that Marvel’s page rates couldn’t afford them.


The WYTCHES TPB is scheduled on May 20. It’s on my buying list, which is now composed of more Image books (19 in total) than anything else. DC, which used to dominate the list for so many years, is down to four TPBs until July. Vertigo is not dead yet, but still, Karen Berger must be sad.


Nothing for me this week. Still reading from my Christmas haul.



It’s from last week, but I really enjoyed Giant Days #1 from Boom. Very fun story, great art, and it made me laugh out loud several times.

I especially like Daisy’s commitment to pacisim, due to fear that if she starts punching, she might not be able to stop:

I’m on board.


That looks like a fun book. Bit Strangers-in-Paradise-y.


Multiversity certainly didn’t disappoint me!

I was genuinely surprised and a little creeped out on a couple of occasions


Giant Days got very good reviews from the iFanboy podcast team, I’ll have to try it out.


House to Astonish gave it a great review on their latest episode; that’s where I heard about it.


Actually it may have been House To Astonish, I listened to them both on Monday. :smile:


Multiversity was pretty cool this week. I like how it establishes that our world is Earth-33, but also includes the prior Earth-33 with that Ultraa character (married to Maxima), since it’s a fiction of our world like any other, so why not use it?

Lots of layers to just thinking about the physical issue itself. Ultra Comics is the name of the superhero in the comic, but also of the comic itself. The comic we are holding in our hands is actually his body, not the man we see drawn on the page. Which, obliquely, makes this another example of Grant Morrison writing himself into the story, since he wrote the thing!


@WillCarper - Your spoiler text didn’t work. It may not work with the paragraph break.

Nevermind. It’s working now.