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New Comics Thread - 25th January


Unite here for new comics, some examples below:

This is the thread to discuss those or any other comics out today. Please make sure not to spoil stories for other people that may be trade waiting or just haven’t got to the comic shop yet. Use the spoiler function explained below:

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There’s a new D4VE book? Great, I didn’t know about that.

I’m looking forward to Saga this week too. BKV teased big things in the letters page at the back of last issue, so I’m thinking something pretty significant is on the way (especially as #42 is the end of the current arc, and the book is going on its usual hiatus afterwards - and they usually save pretty good cliffhangers for those).


Neither did I until I scanned the CBR previews for this thread. I do have biased selections for my pics if people who posted on the board are involved in any books. :smile:

(I also really enjoy D4VE).


It’s very silly (in a good way!), but also explores some great ideas and I think the art is fantastic. Plus it’s genuinely funny in a way that a lot of comics struggle to be.

Looking at the synopsis for this latest series it seems quite timely.



Looks like a big week for me with Action Comics #972, Doom Patrol #4, Reborn #4 and Saga #42 on my list.


What I have read up to now:

Justice League vs Suicide Squad 6, can’t say I enjoyed the crossover, and I will leave at that.

Inhumans vs X-Men 3 hadn’t had much happen on it really. The plot moves a little, barely.

Civil War II The Oath is basically Secret Empire 0, with Hydra Rogers giving us a tour of his vision. One interesting thing is that he shows he is aware he has been changed, and that he is not the “real” Steve Rogers (to put it somehow)


So has it been revealed what really happened to Steve Rogers with the Hydra stuff?

Along similar lines has whatever made Odinson Thor unworthy ever been revealed?


Only thing revealed so far is that the Cosmic Cube child, under the command of the Red Skull, rewrote his mind. There is still some debate if she actually rewrote reality alongside it or just his mind. In the Oath Hydra Rogers refers to regular Rogers as the other me, the other guy, and he has access to every thought and memory he ever had.

As to the second, not as fas as I know.


Wonder Woman #15 Grand blend of art styles by Liam Sharp, and while Wonder Woman does not technically appear this issue the plot moves forward nicely. Having a mixed-up past really bites.

Reborn #4 which I shall read later.


You just know it’ll be something like Fury whispered something to Thor that made him feel shit, after a long quest Thor realises he is not shit and Fury can go fuck himself, blammo! He is once again worthy. See, easy!


Saga #42 was the book doing what it does best - mixing the large-scale space opera stuff with the personal, and combining the fantastical and outlandish elements with the grounded moments that really give the whole thing weight.

The ending packs quite a punch, and served to bring up some buried feelings for me from a difficult time in my life. I found it to be powerful and quite moving. I’d forgotten this book could do that.


Marvel seem to be manouvering things such that Thor gets the Hammer of Ultimate Thor (left hanging about since Secret Wars), so you never know…they may decided to have two Thors for a bit, in the same way that they have two Spider-Men, two Captains America, two Hulks etc. . At least for a while.


So; they are, quite literally developing a dual identity?


Just got a text from my friend saying he’s picked me up a copy of Kamandi Challenge while he was in town, as I didn’t find out about it in time to add it to my pull list.

There ought to be a better way of getting comics than making a trip into town every week. Like, they should make them available on my computer or something.


Yeah, Comixology has been a godsend for me. I dropped out for a few years because 1) cost, 2) time (for non-local LCM), 3) storage space. Now I can always get hold of #1 and continue with series if I want, the sales are amazing, and I don’t get told off for boxes everywhere :grin:


Are you suggesting…




I don’t think he said anything about piracy…He didn’t mention parrots or doubloons or walking the plank or anything. And David can use tenses other than the present.


As long as the present exists in a continuity not stretching beyond 1974.


Action Comics #972 - This was a great wrap-up to this arc. It really feels like they’re using a rolling story arc here like the Claremont’s X-Men or Jurgens’ previous tenure on the Superman books. I just hope that this isn’t the last of SuperLex.

Doom Patrol #4 - This book continues to be stellar. I loved Gerard Way’s writing going into this but Nick Derington is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists. This issue sees the old team starting to come together. Great stuff!

Reborn #4 - It’s hard to beat @Mark_Millar and @GregCapullo in one book. I’m still digging the sword & sorcery meets technology version of the afterlife in this book. It really give Capullo the ability to stretch those supernatural drawing muscles in a way he hasn’t since Spawn or Haunt. I’m beginning to wonder if our protagonist’s husband is the villain of the story knowing how all of her other old acquaintances have lined up. Definitely looking forward to more.

Saga #42 - This issue was oddly poignant. I’m not completely sure how to take the ending. The six pages of black especially where they usually talk about the wrap up of an arc and hiatus until the next arc was a bit of a head scratcher but certainly had a strong effect. I’m curious to see where the book goes next and as always curious if they have an end goal in mind.


I read Alien: Defiance issues 7 to 9 tonight.

An already very good series became great. So much tension and I’m loving how Woods flicks between the various storytelling techniques, and how the team of artists handle it so well - the wordless panels really rack up that tension to a level on or with the movies.

The conversations from Zula’s past playing in present day, her inner dialogue for present day and the interactions between the main characters who I won’t spoil by mentioning much about them, as all equally riveting.

He’s come up with a lot of smart ideas here that I’ve yet to see done before. I’ve read a lot of Alien comics on and off over the years and I think this is probably the best of any of them. It’s such a page turner, I wish I had more to read now.