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New Comics Thread - 24th June


Comics, comics everywhere but not a drop to drink. Plenty to read though, like some of this lot:

Come and tell us what you thought of this week’s new releases, remember not to reveal spoilery details as not everyone reads their comics at the same time.


Thanks for the reminder.

I’m working from home today, so I might pop out for some lunch and check Comixology for anything I have not pre-ordered already.


I spy the last issue of Annihilator in that pile. Finally!

As well as that, I’ll be getting The Fade Out #7.


That’s the good thing with using the photos from the Swansea comic shop, you definitely know the books are out when they are ready to be put on the shelf.


Yeah, Comixology has been promising it for at least two weeks now. :slight_smile:


Don’t think there’s anything for me today. I’ll skim through ComiXology later to see if it’s worth dropping by my LCS.


Annihilator…I was wondering about that last issue. I should get mine next week and I’ll need to read all 6 issues together because it’s lost the early impact on me from the first couple issues.


I think I’m going to do the same.


I love this variant from Superman #41 today. Karl Kerschl does an amazing Superman.

Also, the preview for We Are Robin! #1 looks more interesting than the Sneak Peek did.


I really, really, really enjoy reading Fight Club 2.

I didn’t have high hopes. At all.

But this? I LIKE THIS.


[B]E is for Extinction #1:[/B] Sad old X-Men go up against Magneto’s team of young bucks. Tastes like Morrison-lite.

[B]Infinity Gauntlet #2:[/B] NOVA DOG! NOVA DOG! ALL HAIL NOVA DOG! And some weird time-jump stuff towards the end. Think this needs another issue before it all comes together.

[B]MODOK Assassin #2:[/B] It’s a MODOK book. Join this tiny killing machine with broken emotions. Is MODOK a thing you want in your life?

[B]Grayson #9:[/B] The team behind this book knows its audience. They’re all out about it, too. They really should pay off the baiting though. Perhaps with Midnighter?

[B]Flash #41:[/B] Did… Professor Zoom just mount the Flash? Not a great issue, but I dislike Booth’s art, so I’m biased. The new costume design and the general look of the book doesn’t work for me, so the all I’m left with is the uninspired writing.

[B]Green Lantern Lost Army #1:[/B] This is a GL Corps book in all but name. All setup, giving us the cast, but little else. [SPOILER]Guy Gardner’s back, but sadly, the pornstache is gone. BOOOOOOOO![/SPOILER] [URL=“”]Link[/URL]

[B]Superman #41:[/B] Did not feel this one as much as Action Comics 41. The reason behind Superman’s outing becomes clear. I do really like the Solar Flare power being used to add a bit of vulnerability to Superman.

[B]Justice League 3001 #1:[/B] Giffen is quietly writing a JLI book. Super weird, you have to love those characters. [SPOILER]Ice is a ancient goddess, Fire is a demon, Guy is a lady, Superman is a dick, Lois Lane is megalomanic, Booster and Blue Beetle are running free, and the original Supergirl is coming![/SPOILER]

[B]We Are Robin #1:[/B] The polar opposite of Batman, Inc. Robin as a movement for poor youth. Strong start for the lead. Honestly, I’m wondering what happens when Batman, Inc meets We Are Robin. The central thrust seems to be “who is supplying these kids?”


E for Extinction was all right. X-Men '92, um…let’s move on.


While I wait for my books to arrive next week I picked up Aquaman 41 and Batgirl 41 in the meantime.

Aquaman 41 was so bland that I can’t remember reading it last night.
Bunn is doing too many titles.


Annihilator #6 was something else. One of those comics that I’m going to have to read several times to unravel, I think. After a few issues in the middle of the mini that I felt were treading water, this packed a lot into one single (albeit oversized) issue. Irving’s art was just amazing too.


My comic store owner got me the Superman variant without me even asking. It’s so good! My favourite of all the Joker variants by a mile.


I dug it. I didn’t like some of the on the nose literary references, like the mention of Chekhov’s gun, but overall I think it was really satisfying. I like that there is more going on with it than yet another examination of fiction. That’s there, for sure, but it feels realer here, perhaps because Morrison is away from superheroes so he’s not beholden to the expectation of things working out in the end. And it can be read equally as being about writing/fiction and broader existential themes, especially re: God, or some form of divine order/lack thereof.

Frazer Irving is right that this is his best work yet. Pretty much every page in this series would make a great poster. He’s one of a kind.


I wasn’t sold on Annihilation #6. Irving’s artwork does look great, but this issue seemed to suffer from a lot of stilted body langauge and strange expressions that didn’t carry the emotional weight of what was going on in the story. I need to read the whole thing again now and see if it was one of those Morrison books that reads much better once you’ve got the whole thing.

X-Men: E for Extinction was unexpectedly really funny, mainly for the idea that Cyclops, Emma and Wolverine are too old for their powers to work properly any more. (And Wolverine’s now 6 feet tall?) Villalobos art didn’t disappoint me, and suited this tone perfectly. I’ll be back for more.

My favourite book this week though was JLA 3001. Giffen’s on top form. I especially love the fact that Lois Lane is perceived to be Superman’s greatest enemy in the 30th C is being pushed to the fore. Howard Porter’s art continues to be an odd fit for the story.