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New Comics Thread - 24th February


A big pile of comics out today. Did you get any of them? If so tell us what you thought in this thread where we review and discuss the week’s new releases.

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DAMIT! I was all hopped up for JC2 #4 this week!


Image’s site has it down for March 9th.

Look at this Saga cover, Fiona Staples is amazing.


That cover is a thing of beauty.

I should have Huck #4 waiting in my box and I’ll be picking up Saga #34 digitally.


Hey, Karnak #2 came out, four months after #1.

Weather in the US delayed a load of comics coming to Europe, so no Saga for me until next week.


Wow. #1 really didn’t do anything for me. So I didn’t realize it had taken this long. I would imagine that would really kill any kind of momentum on the book especially since it seemed to have just ended mid-issue.


Feck me…i just assumed i’d missed it.

No idea what happened in the first issue and im not digging it out again to remind myself.

That’s one comic off my list until the overall reviews are in when it’s collected.


Digital purchases this week -

All New X-Men 5

Art Ops 5

Batman & Robin Eternal 21


Jacked 4 (yassssssss!!!)

The Coming of the Supermen 1

We Are Robin 9

Not read last weeks yet, just not had the time (or sleep to allow me to focus ling enough) so as usual, few reviews maybe if and when i get some time. All going well i’ll have a couple hours this afternoon.


Just Saga for me (I get it digitally so luckily will avoid the Image shipping issues for the UK this week. That’s irritating for readers of physical copies, though.)


Thank god DC put that Batman v Superman banner on all their covers. I’m sure all the readers of DC Comics didn’t know when it was coming out.


Saga was wonderful. <3


Just a couple noteworthy reads worth mentioning.

Vampires Will Never Hurt You

Is a cracking little Halloween horror, that touches on LBGT bullying. The whole package is put together by June Vigantes and it’s a really accomplished indie effort that I’m considering tracking down in print.
Very well paced with characters I cared for almost instantly. The big development in the plot is delivered very well. I know it’s influenced by the My Chemical Romance song of the same title but I can’t help but feel a slight Spirited Away influence here as well. Perhaps subconsciously by the writer/artist.

Standoff: Welcome to Pleasant Hill

This has me very intrigued.
First off: I think this was written with guided view in mind, if not, then it must be sheer coincidence that guided view is so effective here. It struck me straight away after I noticed the insertion of a blacked out panel, which almost acted like a pause after the epilogue, then a prep for a narrative voiceover intro (or as close as you will get in comics) to kick in.

Written by Nick Spencer with art by an on-form a Mark Bagley, I think this is unlike anything I’ve read from the big two, at least in a while.
I felt a bit like a teenager again reading this, it was all very fresh and mysterious, it lacked that repetitive nature that you find when you’ve been reading comics for decades.
I don’t want to say too much because I went in knowing nothing and that definitely made for a better read.
It totally threw me all the way, right up until the last page where I thought it was going to be Tony Stark and Bucky Barnes .

Has anyone else read this? I thought it was fantastic. Dunno how the rest of the event will be, but this was a great issue.


Well now I’m going to have to go and buy this, aren’t I?
(In a few weeks when I have the money to spare)


Saga was, as I already put to post upthread, wonderful.

But Fight Club was better. It’s so balls-to-the-walls crazy at this point, I really hope they never ever try to make a film of it.


Really loved Grayson, New Avengers, the Goddamned this week of those I’ve read so far. And Zaffino on Karnak continues to be really beautiful. And Frank Miller/Brian Azz/JrJr deliver a very beautiful cogitation on the nature of power, godhood, creation as it relates to Green Lantern. I dug it immensely, and it only underscores how much I’d love to see those guys do a Green Lantern or, perhaps, a Green Lantern: Earth One as someone mentioned. I know Azz has talked about doing just that book, too, but I believe Miller to be the driving force behind the backups. This one, especially, has his poetry to ti.


Hope you enjoy it if you do!




Huck #4 - My LCS finally got their copies from last week. I still love everything about how this book is put together. I love how much the art breathes and if you’ve read it, you know the gut punch at the end though there were some details that I hadn’t picked up on before. I just don’t want this book to end.

Saga #34 - I really feel like the story is back on track with this arc. I’m starting to understand why they needed a down/building arc for what is coming. I really like that the main characters are back on the board and taking the spotlight. Saga continues to be the best ongoing going.