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New Comics Thread - 24th August


I’m guessing you do too and there are new ones out every week. Here are some of the ones today:

Read and then review and discuss the comics you read here and share with virtual pals around the world.

Don’t spoil the story though, not everyone reads their comics at the same time. Use the spoiler tags if you need to:

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Looks like Action Comics #962 and Wonder Woman #5 for me today. It’s been a while since I was picking up and enjoying this many comics.


Six Pack and Dog Welder is right at the top of my pile!


It will be followed by a 60 issue Dog Welder opus and comics will never be the same again and may as well shut up shop.


Action Comics 962
Batgirl 2
Blue Beetle Rebirth 2
Captain America 4
Clean Room 11
Deathstroke 1
Dept H 5
Detective Comics 939
Extraordinary XMen 13 (last chance, dropped All New Men)
The Flash 5
Hal Jordan & GL Corps 3
Titans 2
Wonder Woman 5
X Files Origins 4
The X-Files 5

Buffy 30
Image Plus 4
Six Pack Dog Welder 1

Outcast 20
Snotgirl 2


For the second time in three issues I’m away from home the week the new Detective Comics hits. Aaarrrrgggghhhh! It’s enough to make me want to go digital. Or at least start double dipping when I’m away … There’s a thought … You reckon I could claim issues of 'Tec as necessary travel expense? :grinning:


Action Comics #962 - I’m still shocked that I’m picking up Superman books every other week and excited to do it. I know that sounds like a backhanded compliment. I don’t mean it to be. It’s just been so long. I’m running out of superlatives to heap on these books. There’s a bit of a wrap up to the first arc but like I’ve said with the pacing they are playing this more like a periodical and less like a trade that has been split into multiple parts.

Wonder Woman #5 - This issue gave the first hints of the Year One and modern day stories coalescing into one narrative as it had to. I’m still not completely sold on the book but I’m getting closer.


Did anyone get Deathstroke?


Not me. You give it a shot?


I got and read the Rebirth issue and have issue 1 but still to read it.


Yeah, but haven’t read it though. The Rebirth issue was really good though.


My LCS was shorted. It’ll be in next week.


Yeah, I agree. I thought it was on my pull list but apparently it wasn’t.


I got the new Action Comics, Titans, and Blue Beetle Rebirth. I picked up the last one on a lark, and I found it to be excellent. Blue Bettle will be on my pull list for sure. I wonder how @Jim feels about it being a long-time Ted Kord fan.


I’m not sure how I feel about the new Blue Beetle series. I found it confusing at times. I’ll give it a few more issues.

Also, is Ted going to wear a shirt only or will he put on his suit eventually?


I finally read it last night. I’ll probably reread both issues to get a handle on where are all the threads are. It’s not “confusing” but Priest has a lot of balls in the air, is jumping around a lot, and piling on the plot twists.

There is maybe a bit too much of combining superheroes with real-life current events (associating Clock King with African genocide doesn’t really work for me, but mileage may vary), but as usual with Priest he goes right to the edge of the point where this could be distracting, but doesn’t go over.

It’s a strong book. Easily the best of the relaunch that I’ve read.

I also picked up Blue Beetle this week, just because it’s Giffen and Ted Kord. It was not what I was expecting however, and I didn’t really like it.


Yeah I’m really loving Deathstroke. It has that habit of Priest’s Black Panther run where things are so complex that they often have to be told rather than (or in addition to being) shown, but it’s all so strong and tense that it works.

I dug Blue Beetle, it’s about what I was expecting – but I keep going back to the original run, with Jon Rogers, and I think it suffers for that comparison, just because he captured that relatable voice perfectly. This is trying for that, but with Giffen’s JLU style banter, and that’s never been my thing.

But I think a lot of people will be really pleased, and I have to say despite never being a Kord fan the idea of him as a Pulp-style adventurer is very appealing, and a great ‘move’ for him. He’s filling a cool niche.


Detective Comics #939 - holy %&@£ing shit!!! Now, that is what I’m talking about!!! I literally wept tears (of joy) reading this. The extra week waiting for next issue is going to be a right pain (and wouldn’t you know it, I am bloody travelling again that week too - grrr!).


Clearly, I have to get into Detective Comics tonight. Where do I start? :smiley:


Six Pack and Dog Welder #1 - A hoot.
IDW Dredd #9 - A load of old toot.