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New Comics Thread - 23rd September


Here we go:

Here’s a few of the books on offer today:

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New Nameless, hooray.

Other than that, nothing. Maybe I’ll pick up those Cameron Stewart Batgirl issues that are on sale on Comixology.


Hooray for Nameless!
I’m not sure if there’s anything else this week for me though.


Latest issue of Hellboy and this week’s 2000AD prog are the only things on my pull list this week. That should give me a bit of time to get a bit more of the latest Usagi Yojimbo saga volume rattled.


Ah. A Manhattan Projects. I’ve been remiss,


Haven’t read the first two parts of this arc, but it did not matter. I was right there in the action from the first panel. Maybe because I’m getting to know Nick a bit, maybe because I thrive on living in Colorado, maybe because I now understand enough of the cast to go completely out of familiar elements and jump unexpectedly into a Star Wars-level set of space opera riffs with nasty but brilliant aliens and actual real live drawn space battles. I dug every panel. It seemed to me the proper artistic choice was made every time, from things like the positions and shapes of teeth to making one of the spaceships “upside down”. Some interesting time-saving choices the last few pages, where they encounter a Gate. I guess it was the choice of color, but something reminded me of the Gate in Planetary used by the anti-FF.

This issue was heady and trippy and fun, and now I need to go see if my bank balance can afford the first two issues of the arc. I’m guessing “no”, but payday cometh.

This could be a great jumping-on point. It just hit the right spot.


Is Nameless #5 the last issue or is there more?


No, there’s more. It’s going to be a six-issue mini, I think.


Thanks, Dave!

I picked up the issue. It’s great. I said this when the last issue came out, but I didn’t think Morrison could write something like this anymore. It’s just about the most apocalyptic thing I’ve ever read. It makes me feel like the walls are closing in. Burnham’s artwork gives everything a comical edge that just makes it all more horrifying. If he pulls off the final issue, this will probably rank up there with his best.


Yeah, the latest issue is just as good as the last one. It feels like the story is jumping around quite a bit but that only adds to the disorientation. I’m already looking forward to rereading it in trade and pulling things together a bit more coherently.

I agree on Burnham’s art too - grim but almost comically so.


Yep, just Nameless #5 this week.
What an issue!
It’s all backstory - we’re not really any further in unravelling what;s actually happening on Xibalba, but it was electrifying! The description of God was fantastic, and so incredibly dark and nihilistic. It was cool to see some backstory on the main character, and the last page was a bit of a twist.

I’m with you guys, Will and Dave, about Burnham’s art. Seeing all this acted out by his funny little grinning characters works far better than it sounds like it should.

Since that was all in my weekly pull list, I also picked up Shadowman Book 4 by Pete Milligan and Robert de la Torres. This is great, Milligan firing on all cylinders with a tormented hero, an interesting supporting cast and some very odd moral dilemmas. de la Torres’ art is stunning, the kind of photographic but stylised art that Phil Noto or even Sienkiewicz does (when he’s not freaking out).
Highly recommend this series to any other MIlligan fans out there. Start at #4, this is where Milligan starts writing, and its a good jumping on point. I knew nothing about the character and didn’t miss a beat.


Yes, the bit where he realises they’re talking about God was a great little moment.


Good to know about Shadowman, Mike, thanks. I’ve never read the character but I’m a big Milligan fan so it’s good to know it’s not hard to follow. I also remember liking de la Torres’ art from Thunderbolts with Andy Diggle.


My pull list seems to have re-shaped itself. For no one’s acute interest but mine, I’m thinking it looks like:

  • Manhattan Projects and its mini, The Sun Behind the Stars (now on #3, I got the first two as well for $1.99 each - a steal!).
  • Bryan Hitch’s Justice League Great Rao! This rocks.
  • Any Halloween Man I can find. Knowing Drew and Russell and both Jamies and being very impressed with Sergio Calvert (who can channel Kirby when the situation demands) it may be my favorite indy ever.
  • We Stand On Guard the combination of the Canadian setting, Brian Vaughan and Steve Skroce is just amazing. Love the ideas and execution.
  • MillarWorld. As they arrive. I’m here, right? Jupiter’s Story, Huck, Nemesis 3(?), a future Kick-Ass (do we realize it’s almost time for a “Next Generation”?), Starlight 2, SuperCrooks 2 - and all thos ideas scribbled on post-it and tons of copy paper somewhere in northern Scotland…

And as for tradewaiting and Coming Soon stuff:

  • Saga - i’m 'way behind, but always delighted when there’s something new.
  • Black Magick - A fully-painted graphic novel from the art of Nicola Scott and the pen of Greg Rucka, October 28th! A fine Halloween Gift!
  • The Manhattan Projects I missed.
  • Catch up on Batman (Snyder/Capullo), which has been spotty since soon after “Court of Owls”. (BTW, in Gotham news, 3 items; MacKenzie and Baccarin have been bumping uglies for real, and now expect a child - this may affect the story arcs. 2, Frank Quitely’s creation of Eduardo Flamingo will make an appearance. 3rd is most important - The Court of Owls are involved in Season Two - big time! (I’m so proud of Scott and Greg creating the CoO, one of the most logical and finest additions to Gotham history. Along with the stuff Jimmy, Justin and Moritat pulled off with Jonah Hex a big bunch of refreshing changes in the The Big Blood Orange.)
  • Dredd and likely more 2000 A.D. stuff - but I can see it’s quite a library and I shall excercise both restraint and good sense in obtaining my fix.
  • Miller’s new Master Race Batman. Couldn’t bring myself to read much of Morrison’s recent Multiversity turn on Nazis, and I’m finding myself more and more turned off by Master Race concepts because of the tremendous harm to other humans.

Sure, there’s tons more I want, but this seems to be current fiscal reality! :smile_cat:


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