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New Comics Thread - 23rd March


Bonjour, Mercredi, jour les bandes dessinees nouveau:

Come here to tell us what you thought of these or any new books you bought. We want to hear it all, except for horrible spoilers, which you can hide using this tip:

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Digital purchases this week

Art Ops 6

Batman & Robin 25

Hip Hop Family Tree 8

Jacked 5

Last Night At Wyrmwood High

We Are Robin 10

Welcome to the Dahl House


Just the new issue of Klaus this week for me, and I can’t say I feel massively enthusiastic about it sadly. Maybe it will surprise me.


Browsing thru this week’s comics I saw Clean Room 6 and reminded myself how good it was.

Between this, Unfollowed and Jacked, I can’t make up my mind which Vertigo book I’m enjoying most.

This issue is so unhinged. The constant layer of impending doom that Simone and Davis-Hunt have managed to create and maintain since the start is turned up a notch and then there’s a few money shots thrown in for good measure.
I’ve read most of what Simone has written and this is the best thing she’s done.

6 months in and I’m also going to go on record here and say Vertigo, as a publisher, is putting out the best line books they’ve ever had at any given time.

More please.

I’ve got Jacked 5 here and I can’t wait for my iPad to charge so I can get on to read it.


Nothing for me this week.


I picked up Badger #2 yesterday. I want to like this book but the art is not helping it at all. It’s inconsistent and very basic. There is no flow to it.


No really much for me this week. I have a couple of things that I haven’t got to from the last couple of weeks though and a ton of 2000AD’s.

I might get Ultimates ish 5. It’s very different from the book with Mark and Bryan did, but I’ve been enjoying it.


Picking up ALL NEW, ALL DIFFERENT AVENGERS and JUSTICE LEAGUE 3001 but that’s about it. Still on the fence or completely disinterested in any of the other titles mentioned.


just read JL3001, Giffen and DeMattheis are throwing everything into the story. Most likely because they don’t care about the long form which has a shelf life of months due to REBIRTH. They introduce yet another member of JLI in this issue. It is heavy on exposition but Batgirl gets her swings in. Their fortunes becoming bleaker and outcomes are darker but it is enjoyable because of all the demented ideas they introduce into the story.


How good is the We are Robin series as I read the 8 preview and thought it was alright is it worth getting the trade?


I’ve enjoyed it. I get the feeling Bermejo is still learning as a writer, but he’s done a solid job with it.

I think it gets better as it goes on too.

You should give it a shot if you were inclined to already. Some issues are stronger than others, but overall it’s pretty good.


I just read this tonight and it turned out better than I expected. The art is still excellent (Dan Mora deserves some higher-profile gigs after turning in such great work on this book) and this issue filled in some much-needed backstory that adds weight to the story so far. It’s still not blowing me away but it’s back on track.