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New Comics Thread - 23rd & 30th December


Here are some of the ones you could try:

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I can’t help but feel that TDKIII would be much better with a weirder color palette.
Azz’s script is…mediocre, but plays on the old tunes with some competence, but that coloring is going to make this such a sore thumb.


My comics from today. I’m interested to see how Captain America holds up without Acuna on art. Hellcat is amazing and bless Kate Leth forever. Also it’s my birthday today so they all just feel a little extra special today. Wish every birthday fell on a Wednesday


I may go back and get Amazing Spider-Man but for some reason this current run just isn’t grabbing me like it does others.


Didn’t realise Chew was out this week. I wasn’t planning on going to the comic shop until next week. Might just have to take a wander into town tomorrow now…


That’s an awesome cover too, which is why I had to pick it as one of my featured books.


Newest issue of Fight Club 2 was terrific. The series started well and has become more and more fun every issue.


It’s going to be a few days until I can get my comics…starting to experience withdrawal symptoms from not getting my Wednesday comic fix!


I just finished JLA #6 and really enjoyed it. It wasn’t one of those 10 minute or less “wow, thats cool. onto the next book”. You could say it is all over the place but that is understandable because Hitch has the big 6 all scattered but i appreciated that because it made me think and pay attention to what was going on. My favorite scene was when Flash “get the others and do what we always do. Work it out together” because they are in the exact opposite situation. This is a long form story and requires patience but I remember the days when i eagerly awaited the next month’s book and this book makes me feel that way and that makes me happy. So if you see this, Bryan. THANK YOU.


Nameless has a panel that tops the last page of #3 in gruesomeness. I can’t really get it out of mind. So, uh, be warned.

Can’t really comment on the story without rereading the previous issues, but I like the thing at the end with Xibalba being a bullet.


Never clicked the spoiler, because I’m waiting on 6 to arrive with my box early Jan, I think I need to read from the start again as well. I’m looking forward to doing it all in one sitting and enjoying that unsettled feeling.

Speaking of which…

I read Providence 6 last night when we went to bed. Poured myself some whisky and gave it my full focus. Took me a full hour to get thru it, with the back matter.

I had some right weird dreams last night. Absolutely bonkers, verging on nightmares but I get a bit of a kick out of them when I’ve woken up and settled myself.

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I’m extending this over two weeks as it’s a quiet time for new comics over the holiday period.


Has anyone read KLAUS by Grant Morrison? Looks interesting. Is he making up his own origin or is it a retelling of the Saint Nick myths? Some of those are just batty.


I’ve read issue 1 and found it to be enjoyable, with lovely art.

I think it’s a mixture of both.


I’ve read both issues so far. The art is lovely but the story hasn’t quite come together for me yet. When I first heard the concept I thought it was going to be a wild parody of the current vogue for modern ‘origin’ stories of much-loved characters (à la Batman Begins, Casino Royale, Man of Steel etc), but it’s actually played more straight than that.

Morrison is mixing up various existing myths about the character with some of his own ideas. It’s not that dissimilar to Ridley Scott’s take on Robin Hood (and in fact Morrison plays the character very much in the Robin Hood mould), but like that movie there’s also a nagging sense that the character is only really going to get interesting once his ‘origin’ is out of the way, so I hope the story grows beyond that point.


On reading delay. Actually built up a few issues! Going on a binge soon.

Magick time!

@bryanhitch! @bryanhitch! @bryanhitch!

The unwashed masses are talking about you!


I liked the first issue of Klaus too. It’s refreshingly different which is what I’m looking for from Morrison now.


The art looked nice in Klaus, so I’m interested. Morrison’s NAMELESS #6 just came out, and it pretty much makes no sense, so I’m always a little hesitant to pick up one of his comics.