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New Comics Thread - 22nd March 2017


Wahey! New comics. If you like books or films you have to wait a couple of years for new ones (or much more if you are a George RR Martin fan).

With comics we have new ones every week. Bonus! Here are some out today:

Read them and any others that take your fancy and them come back here and tell us what you thought of them. We have a few tradewaiters so no spoiling major plot points, you can hide them behind the spoiler text:

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Looks like Action Comics #976, Doom Patrol #5 and Reborn #5 for me today. Another great week for comics.


I got Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad and a few Image books on the one month price drop (Monstress, Revival, The Beauty and Descender).


Wonder Woman #19 and Reborn #5 for me.


A very Dredd-centric haul for me this week (to absolutely nobodies surprises!).

Only read the two IDW books so far. Didn’t really need the Cry of the Werewolf one as it’s in one of the Case Files but it’s for a good cause so what the hell!

In the non 2000AD related pile I’ve got the latest Batman and a TEN DOLLAR priced copy of the latest Amazing Spidey. Ten dollars? Yeah, I know it’s got a big page count but yu could get a full trade for that. I probably wouldn’t have bought it if I saw the price in the comic shop.


A quick shout out for @DrewEricsson, who has a story in this week’s 2000AD. It has that nice little sting in the tale that left me with a grin on my face.

I really enjoyed it.


Let’s see:

Iron Fist #1 was mostly a setup issue, almost like a prologue or zero issue. Will keep reading, but there is not much to comment.

Suicide Squad 14: I am really not enjoying this run.

Captain America Steve Rogers 14 HYDRA ASSEMBLE! issue, with little more than that. In full build up to Secret Empire mode.

Action Comics #976 Eh. Eh. Eh. Here we go again. :confounded:


Good cause?


Proceeds from the book went to the Hero Initiative.


Cool. Will have to pick up a copy then. Love “Cry of the Werewolf”, but like you already have it in a couple of different formats.


There’s some nice pin ups in it and he colour pages are presented intact too if you needed any extra convincing!

The Deviations book (essentially “What If… Dredd wasn’t cured at the end of Cry of the Werewolf”) by John McCrea is fairly good too - a wee bit of silly fun.


Thanks for the kind words. I hope it’s just the start… :blush:


We can but hope sir.


The Wild Storm #1 & 2 - I’m an old school WS fanboy; my love for the WSU is second only to my love for the post-Crisis/ pre-Flashpoint DCU. So this was a relaunch I was really looking forward to. I think Ellis did a great job capturing and modernising the tone of that universe. I’m not totally sold on the revamp though; it was slightly disconcerting reading familiar names, but realising the history of said characters that you were familiar with isn’t there. The art was strange too; very Avatar-esque (a la Jacen Barrows). The colours in #2 improved things on the art side considerably.

Superman #18 & 19/ Action Comics #975 & 976 - “Superman Reborn” - personally, I felt this whole crossover was unnecessary, and slightly mis-sold as we learnt nothing new about Mr Oz as a result. That being said, I loved the meta acknowledgement that Lois & Clark are inseparable, something that annoyed me immensely about the New52. I look forward to the return to “business as usual” next month.

Super Sons #2 - continues the fun of the first issue. Brilliant, fun stuff.

Detective Comics #951 & 952 - the art on this arc is noticeably a step down in quality over the regular team’s output. In addition, the scale of Tynion’s story works against it. It’s called “The League of Shadows” but there’s nothing hidden happening here; it’s another full scale assault on Gotham. Feels a lot like “been there, seen that” at the moment. Needs more Tim Drake :wink:

Batwoman #1 - Epting stops trying to emulate Williams here, allowing his own style to come through. An interesting start to Kate’s global mission.

Batman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Adventures #3, 4, 5 - fun fluff. Not much more to say than that, really.


Just finished reading it and I concur. Brilliant and fun. :smiley:


Due to the big blizzard last week, my books were delayed several days. I got last week’s books this week and nothing this week. Here’s what I read:

Batman: This is clearly a set-up issue for the big action to come, but it’s a decent one. Still, it’s one for the trade and not one to read by itself.

Batwoman: A bit of a step down from the Rebirth issue but that was one of the best so no big deal. Remember on Epting’s first Captain America issue there was that scene with Cap jumping on the subway train over Queens and you thought “well Epting was born to do this book”? It’s happening again. I am very excited to see where this goes.

Super Sons: I read this book in bed at night, and then when I woke up I read it again just to make sure I liked it as much as I thought I did (also to read it sober). Yep. This book is great. It’s fast paced and full of energy but also smartly paced, with the writing and art whooshing you across the page. The characters are fully realized, and their relationship feels natural and fun. It’s only on issue two right now, so I encourage people to listen to me and others in the thread and check it out—so far it’s one of the best all-ages superhero books I’ve read in a while.


There’s the quote for the back of the trade right there :slight_smile:


Another solid week.

Action Comics #976 - I feel this story was a bit unnecessary but I can imagine there was some sort of push to address continuity issue but this was probably one of the best outcomes that I could expect. I love that they used it as an opportunity to introduce Mr. Mxyzptlk and suspect that the red herring of Mr. Oz was largely to protect that reveal. We did get a small piece more information about Oz and a hint toward Dr. Manhattan’s involvement in all of this toward the end of the issue. The best thing to come out of it is that the biggest change to stories going forward is probably the color of Superman’s boots. :wink:

Doom Patrol #5 - I have to admit that this story can be a bit confusing at times with the back and forth and in and out with time and references but I’m enjoying the chaos. I’ve been a Gerard Way fan for a while but Nick Derington is also quickly becoming one of my favorite artists. I really like the build in this book and will be excited to see where it goes once established.

Reborn #5 - This issue is a lot of recap and set up for the final issue. It was interesting that Lord Golgotha was revealed to be the sniper that killed Bonnie’s husband, Harry. I wonder if there will be further revelations of who that person is rather than a random shooter. I will be interested to see where the final double issue takes us. I suspect there is something more to be revealed about the nature of this world.


They did a similar thing in Titans with Abra Kadabra being used to explain Wally’s disappearance. I don’t think we’ll get the big Mr Oz or Manhattan reveal until John’s writes it.