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New Comics Thread - 22nd June


Hallo! New Comics. Wednesdays. Get them in the shop, online wherever. They look like this, some of them.

You can chat about them here, go on as much as you want, like Chas and Dave:

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Wonder Woman #1 was good, and Liam Sharp’s art is great, but the lettering looks kind of odd. I’m not sure why exactly, but it didn’t seem to fit with the tone of the book.


I’m excited for James Bond #7!


I should have Mighty Thor #8 waiting in my box and will likely pick up Action Comics #958 and Wonder Woman #1 digitally.


James Bond #7 was great. It’s a fast-moving first chapter, doubly so when you compare it to the opening salvo of VARGR. We get introduced to new, re-introduced to old characters, see plot points become more important, and some action too.
The art looks a little rough on a couple of pages (only two), but other than that I have no complaints.
The sense of humour in this book is really great, most of it coming from Bond himself, which I loved. This take on the character really has outshone most of the movies for me.

Yep, this is what I want from a James Bond comic. Bring on the next issue!

P.S. Ellis might have outdone himself when it comes to the Bond girl name in this story.


I also decided to check out Ultracat #1 while browsing through ComiXology.

Ultracat #1
He came from Spain, he ain’t no bird or plane! It’s Ultracat! With his ultra-speed, ultra-strength and ultra-cuteness, the world’s feistiest feline conquers all criminals, from minor burglars to super-villains to that annoying evildoer pug across the hall! Just don’t ask him to go out in the rain or pass up a nap…

Looks like a fun little indie book. 99¢ for 35 pages isn’t bad either.


This week’s digital books -

Action Comics 958

Aquaman 1

Captain America Sam Wilson 10

Black Road 3

Dept H 3

Detective Comics 935

Doctor Strange 9 (needs a new arc, starting to bore me)

The Flash 1

Wonder Woman 1

X-Files 3


Aquaman 1 is really good. I wasn’t expecting to like that book, but I really do.


Detective Comics 935 shamelessly continues to emotionally manipulate me, as Tynion makes good on his promise from a couple of weeks ago. There’s a line in the book that literally choked me up. Barrows artwork continues to impress. I’ve never been a big fan, primarily because he can’t seem to string more than a couple of issues together before needing a fill in or moving on to greener pastures, but I can’t deny that this is a nice looking book. Excited for the next issue.


Word, strong. Not as weird and out there as I’d like my Aquaman to be, but very competent in taking what people liked about the Johns run and elevating it. Felt like 2 parts Johns Aquaman one part PAD Aquaman - a little more global, political, international.

Flash had some amazing paneling, for anyone following at home. Just super clever, subtle tricks to denote and connote speed. Really nice, there.

Wonder Woman was a very beautiful book and very nicely executed; not blowing me out yet, but we’re just at the beginning.

Dark Night is incredibly beautiful. Haven’t read it, but flipping through it, it’s a level up from Risso (though we saw hints in his Art Ops fill in)

Ultimates felt weirdly superfluous, almost interstitial, but really nicely executed. Crossovers have a habit of doing that, I guess.

Gotta say, I’m enjoying the double shipping for these Rebirth books.


That sounds impossible! I cannot wait to get a copy and see for myself.


I thought Liam Sharp did a pretty passable job emulating John Buscema’s Conan run, and if you think I hand out much higher compliments than that, keep thinking.


Yeah man and this isn’t from someone who is so so on risso. I am a huge fan of his work. But this is, at least in my eyes, a huge evolution and an improvement. Career best work.


Yeah. It does everything it needs to do. It is a solid first issue. I have no deep affection for the character and I’m interested enough to read another issue, and didn’t feel in any way lost.

I posted about this in the Trades thread last Friday. It is heartfelt and wonderful. It may, and this may just be initial enthusiasm talking, be my favourite comic. Ever.

Risso’s work blew me away. While there are pieces of the uses of inky blackness and shade that he did so well in 100 Bullets, this shows that there are so many other strings to his bow.

I can’t recommend Dark Night enough.


Action Comics #958 - I thought Superman would be the title that I gravitated toward for my favorite hero fix with Rebirth. However, it is quickly becoming Action Comics. That issue lived up to the title. It doesn’t get much better than a fight with Superman & Lex Luthor vs Doomsday. I really like Lex in this. He may be one of the most interesting characters. I have to admit I’m a little curious about the Clark Kent mystery too. I’ll be looking forward to the next issue.

Wonder Woman #1 - I was a little fearful for the direction of this book after the Rebirth issue. However, Rucka has alleviated those fears. This should have been that issue. Greg Rucka and Liam Sharp are a stellar team. I love the redesign of some of the classic Wonder Woman characters too. I can’t wait to see next issue with Nicola Scott on art.

Ultracat #1 - This issue had snippets of Ultracat’s adventures as a superhero and a pet. It reminds me a bit of the premise of the upcoming film, The Secret Life of Pets. It was a fun story but I’m not sure I would pick up more if it was available.


At least the Rebirth specials were all done in the same style, and the #1’s seem to be pretty good.
That’s hopeful, right?


Yes. It seems like there was an editorial mandate to use the Rebirth issues as bridges from the previous stories to the new stuff. I might have skipped them if I had known that. I prefer to just jump in.

I am intrigued at Lex’s rise to being a superhero and taking on Superman’s mantle. Was all of that handled in Geoff Johns’ Justice League? Where did it start?


To me that’s what comics are all about.

I think it’s in the Justice League issues 51 and 52, which have just come out and are written by Dan Abnett.
I’m still behind on my DC reading though, so don’t bet your life on it.


This has been happening from Forever Evil onwards, all by Johns. I’ve really enjoyed that.