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New Comics Thread - 22nd July


Yeah it’s new comics day.

Here are some of them:

Review them here but don’t spoil major plot points as not everyone reads their comics at the same time. If you have to use this:

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Nothing for me today. My backlog beckons.


Ditto. Although I have just got hold of a rather nice art book that I’ll post details of in the trades thread in a little while.


Awaiting my Dredd package, for which I may not be eating for a couple of days, but my soul shall be enriched!

Nuthin’ for this boy 'til after payday!
(And it’s gonna be a thin August! :sob: )


I love these action figure variants that Marvel is doing for Secret Wars.


I picked up Loki yesterday, but haven’t got around to reading it just yet. I am generally giving the whole Secret Wars thing a pass until after the dust has settled and I can see what was worth it and what wasn’t.


Did anyone pick up the Godzilla Goes To Hell book? I think it was out this week though I couldn’t find a copy at my local comics shop. Sounds good - a silent issue with cracking art.going by an article I read.


I got the JLI 3000 book. I don’t know why I keep buying this book, as it’s really wacky and quite a mess, but I’ll probably buy the next one too.


They look great, don’t they? There was an article on CBR or iO9 recently about the history of ‘action figure’ covers - I’d never seen any until Secret Wars. Was quite interesting.


I’ve seen a few in the past but these ones are the most convincing yet. And remind me of my own era of action-figure-buying. :slight_smile:


EGOs #8 was OK, but the series has lost its novelty a bit somehow, and the long gaps between issues arent helping. One to pull out again once this arc’s finsihed, I think,

JLA #3001 was firing on all cylinders though, and the absolute standout this week. Giffen and DeMatteis have an absolute knack of making the dumbest most repetitive jokes laugh-out-loud funny. This week’s highlight was Guy Gardner (now re-cloned in a female body) spouting female-empowerment lines and then second guessing herself. There are a couple of bonus FAQ pages in the back for new readers that absolutely cracked me up too.
Howard Porter’s managing a few facial expressions worthy of Maguire too.
I agree with Robert that its a mess, but its a good one in my opinion. (And I’m kind of pleased that Booster and Blue Beetle haven’t taken over the book, this isn’t a tired old re-tread at all.)

I also picked up the Tales from India Humble Bundle this week, on the strength of Grant Morrison’s involvement. Hmm… Avatarex was incredibly thin - ten pages with 1-3 panels each, and little more than an introduction to the main character. I’ve got all ten issues of “18 Days” digitally now though, so that’s worth the price alone if the first one was anything to go by. And some of the other comics might be good if I get around to reading them on my computer.

A Force #2 was pretty decent. Nebula is quite different from what I expected.

Cyborg#1 - competent and very polished art but nothing to really write home about yet. I’m looking forwards to seeing how Walker handles Vic, his interviews pointed to some pretty interesting developments.

Now go and buy JLA #3001 - it rocks!