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New Comics Thread - 22nd February


Yes it’s that day again, here are some new books:

Discuss them all here and any other new comics, don’t spoil any major plot points, you can hide them behind the blurred spoiler text if you need to:

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Looks like Action Comics #974 and possibly Old Guard #1 for me today.


Amazing Spider-Man, Action Comics. Wonder Woman, 2000AD and the 2000AD 40th Anniversary Special for me this week…Not sure when I will get around to reading any of them though.


Having seen some of the WW art, Liam knocks it out of the park again.


If you get it, be good to hear how you found it.


I ended up passing on it. So I’ll be curious what someone else might have to say.


Fair enough. It’s one of those interesting creative combinations, but I’m not sure what to make of it.


I got it. The creative team was too good to pass on. Will post my thoughts when I get round to reading it.

Edit: lol, that reads like a dig at Ronnie. Wasn’t intended as such!


I’m deeply offended. :wink:

Actually, the creative team was the only thing that even made me curious. The last few books I’ve read from Rucka just haven’t clicked with me. So I’ve been a little more reticent to take the plunge than I previously would have been.

The preview pages really didn’t do it for me either.


It seems that is Infamous Iron Man and WW for me.

I´ll try the New Elektra, but i´m not very excited about it.


I get that. Rucka’s one of my all time favourites, but even so, I’ve found some of his more recent work less impressive. Although that being said, I think Lazarus is an amazing piece of work.

The Old Guard #1 was an okay debut issue. It’s double sized, and Fernandez’ art is lovely. But, beyond a basic introduction there’s not much world building here. The story itself, so far, feels a lot like The Losers (or similar such fare, e.g. the A Team), only slightly more fantastical.

It’s certainly not Lazarus quality good, but it’s good enough to keep me on board for the rest of this mini.


What turned me off of Old Guard was the first page. It opens with what I assume is the main character walking away from a sexual conquest who she doesn’t even want to know the name of. I understand the Rucka is trying to flip the male/female power dynamic in the situation but using that to show someone is emotionally disconnected and the person with power in the situation is one of his ticks that I don’t particularly care for. I should be clear that I don’t like it in male characters either.


Action Comics #974 - This issue has me really fearful for the storyline ahead. It seems like they are getting rid of all the duplicate items and people out of the Superman family in order to streamline this Superman into current continuity. Every story that has revolved around the non-Superman Clark Kent has just been annoying. Hopefully, they can pull this continuity crap sandwich together without screwing everything up but I am getting more cautious with my optimism.


There is an element of that, but it’s not really a big part of the story.


I doubt it was but that’s what the book opened with. I think Rucka likes to use it as a character moment to show how disconnected and in power they are. I like a lot of his writing ticks but that is not one of them. So when I was trying to decide whether to bite or not and the issue opened with that, that was it mostly sorted for me. :wink:


Funny you say that. I actually started reading Alpha the other day; one of Greg’s more recent novels. The first time he introduces his lead character, he is doing likewise. Having a meaningless sexual encounter with a girl he doesn’t know much about.


So does this writing aspect feature more in novels then? Can’t say I’ve noticed it in that much of rucka’s work.


He used it quite a bit with Tara Chace in Queen & Country. Until he started developing a more stable relationship for Kate Kane/Batwoman, she was the same. I’m sure there are more but those are the ones the come immediately to mind.


I’m with you. I’ve not really noticed it before, Ben. But, now Ronnie’s mentioned it I’m sure I’ll notice it a lot more. From recollection maybe he did something similar during his Elektra run, and with Montoya.


Of course.