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New Comics Thread - 21st September


So go and pick on up today, here are some of the wonders on offer:

Have a read of those or any others that take your fancy and tell us what you think of them here in this exclusive award winning thread. Don’t spoil the stories though as people don’t all read their comics at the same time. Use the spoiler text function explained below:

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Looks like this is a big week for me. I should have Empress #6 and Mighty Thor #11 in my pull box and will be picking up Justice League #5, Superman #7 and Trinity #1 from ComiXology.


Did anyone pick up Remender, Opena and Hollingsworth’s Seven to Eternity? It looks interesting.


A lot of stuff for me this week as well. Amazing Spider-Man, Aquaman (which I’ve been enjoying quite a lot more than I would), Superman, Justice League and Empress

I’m also doing a read through of 2000AD to catch up on the backlog of unread Progs, with Prog 2000 coming next week.


On the trade list, Remender’s stuff tends to work better long form for me


Black Hammer #3! And of course Empress


I agree. I’ve found myself buying the issues of Remender’s indie stuff as they come out, but then saving each arc to read in one sitting. I should really move to trade waiting his stuff too, but I’m just too impatient to do that.


Black Hammer!!!


I’m not reading Vision but I do love that cover!


This week’s DC titles have been fantastic. Superman #7 was a nice lovely story about the Superfamily.


I desperately want to cut my books down; I’m spending too much and I’ve struggling for time to keep on top.

I need to be more ruthless, but it’s hard. There’s too many books I’m enjoying. Rebirth is pounding my wallet.

If anyone buys Cyborg, let me know if it’s a drastic improvement over the Rebirth issue

Aliens Life and Death 1
Amazing Spider-Man 18
Aquaman 7
Batman 7
Black Hammer 3
Britannia 1 (Milligan)
Civil War 5
Dept H 6
Green Arrow 7
Justice League 5
Nightwing 5
Superman 7
The X-Files 6
Trinity 1
Vision 11

Red Team 3

Ringside 7


Trinity #1 was pretty good comfort-food comics and I’m interested enough to keep reading. I’m not sure why Clark and Lois now live in Smallville and have a kid (please don’t tell me, I don’t care), but fatherhood works with Superman, I think.


It is excellent, as expected.


Empress #6 - I’ve read the scripts to this entire series. I don’t say that to brag but to illustrate the fact that I know what’s going to happen and how it all ends. Even with that knowledge, @stuartimmonen manages to surprise me with at least one thing per issue. Issue #6 is no different. The world building in this series continues to be top notch. It makes me a bit sad knowing there’s only one issue left even though it’s double sized. I take solace in the fact that there are plans for more Empress as well as other @Mark_Millar and @stuartimmonen collaborations in the future.

Justice League #5 - @bryanhitch and Tony Daniels continue to impress on this book. I’ve long ran out of superlatives to describe just how good this series is. I continue to be impressed how well the story is constructed and how much it still keeps me guessing. I think we’re at the very beginning of a run that will be looked back on and revered as one of the classic eras for these characters. I can’t wait for more.

Mighty Thor #11 - Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman have wrapped another arc with this issue. I’m still greatly enjoying their tales of Jane Foster as Thor. I honestly hope they find a way to continue using her as a hero despite what has to be the impending return of possession of Mjolnir to the Odinson. This issue made some interesting revelations in the nature of Mjolnir hinting that it might have some form of sentience. There are promises to explore that further in the next issue which I will look forward to.

Superman #7 - This is one of those just about perfect Superman stories. Tomasi and Gleason’s done-in-one story really gives a glimpse of what the current Superman is all about particularly his relationship to his family as a father and a husband. Jorge Jimenez is one of my favorites in the artist rotation on this title and quickly becoming an artist that I will be keeping my eye on. If there was an issue to show what Rebirth Superman is all about so far, this is it. I can’t recommend it or this series enough.

Trinity #1 - I really like Francis Manapul. He’s one of those unique writer/artists that really seems to put his own touch on the medium. This books is no different. I’m really intrigued by the new status quo of the DC Trinity as presented by Rebirth. We suddenly have a new Superman who is a slightly more older and seasoned superhero than either Batman or Wonder Woman. There are questions of trust right now but also huge potential for a new relationship and the possibility of some mentorship. It looks like this will be a central theme to this book. My only fear is that those same themes are being explored in the two Superman and Hitch’s Justice League. I’m still curious to see where it goes and how this all might feed into the upcoming Super Sons.


Batman #1-6 - I picked these up on Batman Day, following recommendations here, and read them on my flight back home today (yeah, I know …). They weren’t bad, as I had previously feared, but they didn’t exactly blow me away either. I don’t really like super action hero Batman, and that’s definitely the version King & Finch are going for here. I did like King’s Alfred; and how many Batmobiles were blown up or otherwise destroyed in this arc? Finch’s artwork was nice enough, but I’m not really a fan. I preferred Reis’ art on #6 if I’m honest.

I’ve still got the crossover issues to read, but after that I don’t think I’m going to carry on; unless I can pick up the book on the cheap in a Comixology sale or something.

Of course now I’ve said that they’ll go ahead and have Tim show up in this book in the not to distant future, just to rub my nose in it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Vision #11 - I love this series so much. Every issue is pretty much perfection.

Civil War #5 - The first few issues were pretty cool, but my attention is waning.

Trinity #1 - Wow, this was a lot better than I anticipated. I look forward to #2.

Aliens: Life and Death #1 - I haven’t picked up an Aliens comic in a while even though I LOVE them in films. This wasn’t my thing.

Nightwing #5 - I enjoyed the first 4 issues, but flipping through this I couldn’t get into it. I love monsters and I love the Bat-family, but for some reason this isn’t working for me.

Green Lanterns #6 and 7 - Fun stuff, but this might be something I’ll start following in TPB form. We’ll see how the next few issues go.

Green Arrow #7 - I enjoyed the first few issues, but this is another series I’m quickly losing interest in.

Still to read…
Power Man & Iron Fist #8 - Loving the whole series so far.
Raven #1 - I like the character so why not give this a try?
Britannia #1 - No clue what this is, but the preview pages made me curious.
Horizon #3 - Digging the series so far and saving this to really enjoy later.

Also things I have set aside to read all in one chunk
Black Panther
DC Injustice


I’ve been enjoying Ta-Nehisi Coates’s Black Panther run but it wasn’t until this issue (#6) that it made me go “oh shit.” Anyone who’s read it can probably guess the moment.

I picked up Deathstroke #2, as well, and really liked it. I reread the previous issues (#1 & Rebirth) a couple nights ago and they flowed a lot better than when I first read them. Did anyone comment yet that the second issue has breakdowns by Larry Hama? That was unexpected.


What happened? I read the first couple of issues but dropped it because it wasn’t grabbing me.


Batman 7 Didn’t really click for me. I liked be use of the Team from Detective and the art fit the story well. But it seems to be following the well worn path of Bruce losing a partner, and then acting erratically in battle. And the dialogue felt pretty stilted to. The Riley Rossmo art was cool, He draws great monsters. But i don’t think Ive seen an artist downplay Batmans ears quite so much.