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New Comics Thread - 21st October


It’s new comics day again and here are some of the morsels available on this unique occasion:

This is the place to discuss the latest released and tell us what you thought. No spoilers please as everyone reads their comics at different time, if you feel the need please use the spoiler function explained below:

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I read Karnak #1, which was pretty good, but could have done with a better ending. It felt like Ellis wrote up to the 20-page limit, and just stopped mid-scene. Maybe #2 will pick up right where this left off?

I’m not familiar with Zaffino’s work, but he’s very good. It’s possibly just because I recently read Ellis’s Injection and Moon Knight, but he reminds me of Shalvey’s work.


It seems to be his style nowadays, Trees reads exactly like that, he doesn’t seem to pace for the end of the issue at all but just stops and carries on the scene next issue.


I also read Karnak and really enjoyed it (much better than Uncanny Inhumans). Speaking of Inhumans, I’m curious to see if putting Steve McNiven on a title will help sell the Inhumans. Marvel’s been trying everything to get people to care about them, but so far (in our shop at least) people aren’t biting…


I think they need a stronger hook to grab people. The X-Men became popular because the story and art were better than the other books on the stand.

If they want people to buy into the Inhumans I think they need to make a greater effort to make it a must buy title (and I believe any title can be with the right team).

People here have mentioned the only Inhumans related book that has grabbed any of us has been Ms Marvel.


That’s a fair point. I’ve given Karnak a shot this week purely because it is written by Warren Ellis. That was what hooked me. If Marvel can do stuff with the other Inhumans books that grab people, the books stand a better chance of being successful. The idea of Marvel telling us that these books are important doesn’t really wash.

Other than that, it’s Amazing Spider-Man, Weirdworld and my usual fixes of 2000AD and Dredd Megazine.


Picked up Shattered Empire #4 today, and I have to say this miniseries has been the first disappointment of Marvel’s new batch of Star Wars comics. There is just nothing to get excited about outside of "the Rebels and the Empire are still at war and maybe we met a future X-Wing pilot/major Ep VII character’s parents, but that’s not a lot to hang a four-issue mini on. There’s one thing in the last panel that might pay off later, but on the whole, this felt like a wasted opportunity.


Only Amazing Spidey and the 2000AD Prog and Megazine for me this week. May hold off til next week and plough through my “to read” trade pile instead.


I’m curious if he’s related to Jorge Zaffino.


His son, according to this:


Very cool. Jorge was an amazing artist and a huge influence on several newer creators like Sean Murphy.


The Gail Simone Vertigo book looked amazing but I don’t do $3.99.


Digital purchases this week -

  • Marvel
    Amazing Spider-Man 2 (out already!)
    Astonishing Ant Man 1
    Invincible Iron Man 2 (again, already?)
    Karnak 1
    Uncanny Inhumans 1

  • DC
    Batman & Robin Eternal 3
    Clean Room 1
    Titans Hunt 1

  • Other
    Back to the Future 1
    Hip Hop Family Tree 3

Again, I strongly recommend people pick up Memetic.
I see the trade is out this week, which I’ll be double dipping on it with.
Best mini series I read last year.


After looking through the books today, I emailed my LCS and had them hold Captain America: Sam Wilson #1, Invincible Iron Man #2 and Karnak #1 for me.


Looking forward to The Fade Out, Batman and Robin Eternal, Justice League, Titans Hunt and Secret Six.


Cap is interesting but am not convinced I’m going to pick up the next issue. It basically rehashes/updates an idea from the original run in the 80s.
I like Sam as Cap and the supporting cast but am not quite sold.


The Fade Out #10 was very good. Complex writing and some beautiful art. The story is really building to a climax now.


Let us know what you think of Back to the Future. That Bob Gale is involved has me interested…By the way, I don’t know if anyone has read the Ant-Man’s Big Christmas One Shot he did a number of years ago with Phil Winslade, but it was a blast.


He did a few early issues of Brand New Day-era Spidey, too.


You know, I had completely forgotten about those.

Didn’t he do some stuff on the No Man’s Land era of Batman as well? I think he did the first bit of it anyway (possibly with Alex Maleev if I recall)/