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New Comics Thread - 20th May


Another Wednesday and another clutch of new comics on sale. Feast your eyes on a handful of the books coming out:

This is the place to share your thoughts on this week’s releases with views and reviews. Please note that not everyone reads their comics at the same time so please place any major plot points behind [ spoiler] tags.


Just The Fade-Out for me.

I notice that Trees is starting up again with issue #9, but having become a bit exasperated with it by the end of the first arc, I’m not sure I can be bothered to keep following it. Maybe I’ll do as Ronnie does and wait for the price drop on it, if I pick it up at all.


I think is a pretty slow week.
If I remember correctly, I don’t have any books at all.


I was going to wait on your review to see if it was even worth waiting on the price drop. The first couple issues showed a lot of promise. Then, it meandered on and pulled a Hamlet at the end of the first half. :wink:

Nothing for me this week. Plenty of back issues and trades in my to-read pile though.


I see that Insufferable by Mark Waid and Peter Krause is out in paper format this week from IDW. I don’t know how it translates, but the digital comic was a lot of fun and highly recommended. If you haven’t read it, it is a comedy/drama/superhero duo who are like a dysfunctional Batman and Robin.



You’ll get your wish - I just had an e-mail from Comixology saying I’d bought it. Evidently it didn’t register when I clicked to unsubscribe last week.

Clearly it’s the universe’s way of telling me to give the book one last shot…


I’ll await your review with baited breath. :wink:


If an image is in a link, it’s a spoiler.

[B]Ultimate End #1:[/B] I was sold a bill of goods! [SPOILER]I expected this to be about the end of the Ultimate Universe, instead it’s about a weird amalgam of the 616 and Ultimate Universes that have been occupying Manhattan together.[/SPOILER] Offers more questions than answers. [URL=“”]Great moments with 616 Spider-Man dealing with Ultimate Universe ramifications[/URL].

[B]A-Force #1:[/B] I like the idea, but this was all set-up I guess? It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either. Odd point for me, why is She-Hulk the leader of Arcadia? Miss America is still a boss. [SPOILER]Also, Miss America x Lady Loki is my new power couple. [/SPOILER][URL=“”]Image[/URL] Jorge Molina remains one of my favorite artists though.

[B]Spider-Verse #1:[/B] Various Spider-People - [SPOILER]Spider-Gwen, Spider-Girl (Anya), Spider-UK, Spider-Man India, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man Noir, collectively called The Sinister Six in-issue[/SPOILER] - are trapped in a world controlled by Norman Osborn. Where does this take place? I assume Manhattan? Crowded place in Battleworld. Still not a fan of Andre Araujo’s work.

[B]Uncanny X-Men #35:[/B] This issue deals with what happens to Cyclops’ X-Men-in-training now that their leader is gone. And [URL=“”]the lingering issue of Mystique[/URL] and SHIELD. [URL=“”]Pretty psyched about their potential future[/URL] as Bendis never really got a chance to dig into these characters. Also, I admit, I’m loving new Dazzler. Great friggin’ issue.

[B]Battleworld #1:[/B] The Punisher possessed by Dr. Strange.

Multiverse MODOKs.


[B]Convergence #7:[/B] The New 52 gets a taste of the multiverse. Otherwise, all things go to hell, but I still don’t care. If Telos (planet) stays around after this event, I’d be down with that status quo.

[B]Convergence Minis: [/B]

[U]Flash #2[/U] - This issue-long conversation between Tangent Superman and Barry was great stuff.
[U]Superboy and The Legion #2[/U] - I love the Legion and seeing Superboy be a real hero is always a treat. i miss the Legion. Any Legion.


Only thing I’m picking up is Star Wars #5. Great series, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!


So I read Thor #8 on my break at work. It was everything I like in a Thor comic, even laughed out loud a couple times.The reveal of whom was behind the mask was worth the wait. Caught myself singing the Thor theme song on my way back my department, happy as hell.

I’ll check out A-Foce tomorrow, it was in my stack too.


God I love Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder. I want to name some dogs that.


It could be self-fulfilling prophesy…Imagine the veterinary dental bills.


I love hearing people enjoy comics this much.


I really loved the comic picks this week. It’s amazing that star wars is truly fantastic. I’m thinking about subscribing to chrononauts. I think it’s gonna be a great series!


Welcome to Millarworld, Randall. I love Chrononauts. You better put it on your subscription list quick. There’s only one more issue left for this volume.


Trees #9 was actually not bad. It felt pretty focused and substantial compared to some of the previous issues, with a concentration on fewer characters and more of a sense of direction in the wake of the big ending of issue #8. There’s also an interesting flashback to when the trees first arrived, which makes good use of text-free panels to convey the weirdness and alien nature of the arrivals through the art alone.

The very end of the book is a bit strange, though. It feels like it’s building up to something, but then suddenly ends before it gets there - as though there was an extra page at the end that got cut off. So instead of being wowed by a cool cliffhanger, you just get


I think Trees is a book for trade. I read the first two issues in singles and the endings were very abrupt, almost as if he’d written a graphic novel and then cut it up every 22 pages. I personally think it could be the best thing he’s ever written, if the quality stays as high as in Vol. 1.

I recently reread some his comics that I used to think were among the very best the medium had to offer (Planetary, Desolation Jones, Stormwatch) and while they’re still good, they’re not quite that good. Trees feels like he’s offering something totally different, and the world-building and social commentary are unmatched in comics today. I also just think he’s much better at hard sci-fi than superheroes or pulp throwbacks. The political element of his writing has also gotten a lot more complex since Transmetropolitan (which is a lot stronger for it’s sci-fi elements than what it tries to say about politics and journalism).


Yes I agree with that. I’m not the greatest fan of Transmet because even at the time I found the political points being made rather shallow and heavy handed and preferred the sci-fi elements. I think sci-fi is really what he wants to do anyway and the market has broadened out with Image to make that more possible.


The nice thing about Trees is that it ties the big sci-fi and world-building elements to some interesting characters that get compelling small-scale stories of their own to deal with. Those character-oriented elements have been my favourite parts of the book; especially as I often find Ellis a bit light on decent characters and heavy on endless sci-fi technobabble that’s so overwhelming as to become a bit meaningless (or just feels lifted straight from the last issue of New Scientist that he read).

Trees is the opposite: the characters are the focus (as well as the politics to some extent), and the sci-fi stuff more of a background element.


Did anyone pick up the Fury Road tie in?

Interested to know if it added any worthwhile and interesting background?