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New Comics Thread - 20th July


It’s Wednesday, new comics are out, here are some of them:

Come here to talk about those and any other books you may have read this week. Don’t spoil major plot points though, not nice, follow the all new Acme non-spoiler product described below:

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Not a mirage or a figment of my imagination - it’s Velvet #15!

This issue finishes off the first big story arc of the book. Glad to see it’s finally out.


This is what I’ll be picking up this week. Been looking forward to reading it for a while.

Also the Huck TP of course.


Justice League #1 and Superman #3 for me today.


It’s good to be saying that I will be picking up a Superman book. The preview looks pretty great.


Late on Comixology today, problems with work, doctors appointment, then trying to find a stream showing the Celtic game.

I find looking at the new releases a good way to unwind even if I do start to feel anxious about when I’m going to read them.

This week’s books are below, now about 95% digital on the floppies. It’s been a year long transition but it’s convenient, quicker and I don’t have that problem of finding more space for them any more.

Aquaman 3

Batgirl & Birds of Prey 1

Batman 3

Black Hammer 1

Black Road 4

Clean Room 10

Dept H 4

Green Arrow 4

Green Lanterns 3

Hellblazer Rebirth 1

The Hunt 1

Justice League 1

Snotgirl 1

Superman 3


I thought basketball season was over. :wink:


I used to be a big NBA fan when I played a bit of basketball, but I lost touch. If I get the job I’m interviewing for I’ll be involved in a lot of chat about US sports soon - it’s a long shot but never know.


Good luck with that Chris.

Edit: Could you let me know what Hellblazer Rebirth is like…I wasn’t a huge fan of John Constantine in the New 52 books, but read Hellblazer intermittently. I would be interested to hear what this is like.


Seconded on both points.


Good luck on the job.

Here are my reviews for the week.

Justice League #1 - I’ve said it before but @bryanhitch is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers. He is able to handle big sweeping action sequence and inject the right amount of character interactions within that framework. It’s like he’s taken DNA from all of the great writers he’s worked with and spliced it into his own creating the perfect apex predator writer. Tony Daniels is equally as amazing here. His work here is incredibly dynamic. There is one page that has some of the best Batman panels I’ve ever seen. On the same page, there are multiple small shots of Superman just being Superman. I am unbelievably excited to be excited about a regular Justice League book. Give me more!

Superman #3 - As unbelievably excited I am about having a Justice League book to look forward to month in and month out, I am twice that elated to have not one but two Superman books that I can’t wait to read the week they hit the stands. Gleason and Tomasi’s story is really starting to get going one. I like the inclusion of the Eradicator. There seems to be a bit of a throwback to the Death and Return era of Superman with him playing a prominent role in this book and Doomsday doing the same in Action Comics. I really love Jorge Jimenez’s pencils. I can’t wait so see more from him. The double page spread problem I had with other issues is diminished here. There’s really only one DBS that could have been broken up into two pages which is much reduced from previous issues. I’m really starting to like this series as much as Action Comics. It’s been sometime since I’ve been this excited about a two Superman books. I can’t wait for more.


I’m really pleased to hear that. I know how much you love Superman and that you weren’t wowed by the Rebirth issue. I’m glad to see this is working out for you.

I’ve been busy, so haven’t read anything yet…In a couple of hours my time is my own again.

Yeah. Darn him and his amazing range of talents… :wink: If he wasn’t such a nice guy, he’d really be infuriating.

I’m looking forward to this.


I don’t think it was the writer’s fault because there were some amazing ones for a lot of the other Rebirth issues that fell short too. It seems like they all were basically told to write an issue that functioned as a recap page and only Serpentor Hitch was able to pull off something else. :wink:


He really needs to add that to his business cards. :smile:


Thanks for the kind wishes gents, will see how things go next week.


Whilst I did enjoy it, I swear I read that Superman issue in about 5 minutes cover to cover. Not entirely sure that’s a good thing.


Have another bit of good luck, you can’t have too much at an interview.


Good luck! Oh and also post some reviews soon?


Velvet #15 was a good wrap-up to the first mega-arc (and possibly the book as a whole? Brubaker indicates that it’s going on hiatus and he plans to return to it at some point, but it doesn’t seem likely soon), even though it played out a little more conventionally and straightforwardly than I expected. I’ll have to go back over the previous issues again, but it felt like the earlier parts of the story hinted at something a lot more complex and involved going on - I wonder if plans changed, or if there’s more to explore in later arcs?

Either way, it was still a very decent read - in the space of one issue there are a couple of decent twists, a great action/chase sequence, and some cool Big Ideas that will cast the earlier issues of the book in a different light. Plus, Epting and Breitweiser continue to astound on the art: it just all feels so slick and polished, and Epting has a great eye for framing a shot: