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New Comics Thread - 20th January


…because it’s new comics day!

Here are some of the books out today:

If you’ve read some of those or any others out this week then share your thoughts on them right here. Don’t be naughty and spoil any major story points though, to avoid that use the spoiler text described below:

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I should have Dark Knight III #2 Collector’s Edition waiting in my box today.


Yep, hopefully mine will be on the way too.


Hercules issue 3 and possibly New Avengers. I am a couple of issues behind on the latter and need to decided whether I fancy following up.

Also maybe the last issue of Doctor Strange.


I will be giving Symmetry a try for a few issues.


Shouldn’t Jupiter’s Circle 2 #3 be out today? The local shop only get 2 copies so I don’t want to miss it, but I don’t want to drive 40 miles if it’s not out yet.


I do check the latest Image releases after being caught out before and it isn’t on the list. They say it’s out next week.


GARRRRRRRR! (that’s a shout of general disappointment, not a slight against Gareth) :wink:


Generally the most reliable list is from Midtown Comics. It is updated Wednesday at 2pm for what will be out the following week. Right now they show Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2 #3 as coming out next week. I wouldn’t trust that as absolute until after 2pm today though.


I can’t believe I didn’t know there was a new comic by Brian Azzarello coming out. And it’s by Aftershock Comics? These guys are serious.
Does anybody know how long this book will be? I’ve purchased the first issue and can’t wait to read it. The art looks great.


I tead the first issue of Symmetry abd thought it was very good.

Hawkins is a writer ive only recently discovered and ive ended up buying Think Tank vol 1 & The Tithe vol 1 off the strength of this, Postal & Ben’s recommendations in the trade thread.

I dont know whether to continue reading digitally in singles or to wait for the trade on this. Im a bit concerned that a lot of digital comics i am reading recently are missing back matter, which is very annoying when im paying full whack for intangible copies.


Not sure, is this American Monster?

Ive pre-ordered issue 1, which means i need to wait for my box to arrive before i get to read it.
Another factor that is slowly converting me to digital for single issues.


Yes it is.
The convenience argument (of purchase and of storage) is the best thing digital has going for it.
Honestly the novelty of a new Azzarello comic on the stands, that I didn’t know anything about, it’s a cool feeling. Like going to the cinema and not realising there’s a new Tarantino movie out for you to watch.


Bruce, do you know Dreaming Eagles # 1 is out this week?


This week’s digital purchases -

American Monster # 1
(couldnt resist getting it today, stupid waste of money, i know)

Astonishing Ant-Man # 1

Batman & Robin Eternal # 16

Clean Room # 4

Copra # 1

Dreaming Eagles # 1
(Again, got this coming in paper, but couldnt resist)

Insexts # 1

Lucifer # 2

Poison Ivy # 1

Red Thorn # 3

Silver Surfer # 1

Star Lord # 3

Super High School # 1

Symmetry # 2
(Ill go with digital just now as im really keen to see what happens next, but i prefer getting my image books in trade)

Super Zero # 2

Vicious Circus # 1

I’ll stick up a few comments later, if there’s anything inspiring or notable or i have a bit of time to do reviews.


Time for reviews? I wouldn’t even have enough time to read all of those.


I know, i need to get a grip. I think there’s something wrong with me.


What’s your reading speed like?
I spend about twenty minutes per issue, so for me to read everything you just bought I’d be spending over five hours.


It depends on what it is and how dense it is.

If its something thats decondensed, like Batman Eternal, id expect to rattle thru it in about 10 mins because theres so little happening that its easy to read fast.

For stuff with art worth savouring, particularly well written or wordy, then probably 20 mins.

Providence takes me about an hour, Invincible Iron Man 10 mins.

I read American Monster there…not sure what i think of it. There’s a bit of intrgue but im not sure id keep reading if it wasnt for who wrote it and my expectation that it will be going somewhere.
As a single issue it’s poorly paced. Trade may be a different story.
I really didnt like the art. I had no sense of location at all. It could be a play on a stage.

Im lost on what was actually happening in a fee scenes. Im not really sure what it’s about.
I’ll wait for the trade on this I think.