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New Comics Thread - 20th April

New comics day and we have a Millar finale:

There are also other comics available if one is not enough:

Come here to tell us what you thought of those books or any other new ones out this week. Don’t spoil major plot point for others though, use the spoiler function is you feel the need to discuss them:

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If I can wrest it from the grip of Mrs. Jones, I shall be reading Huck 6 this week and probably some other stuff depending on what’s out.


I’m really enjoying Monstress, it’s building up a rich world and the art from Sana Takeda is amazing.

Criminal Special is always welcome too. 10 years old, time flies.


Criminal? That’s being done as one of those large old style Magazine formats, isn’t it. I’m definitely getting that. I love Criminal.

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I think that’s an option, they did it with the previous Criminal special, the one in my photo is obviously the standard size though.

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It’s just the last issue of James Bond: VARGR for me. I have high hopes.

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Ah, the Criminal special is out. (This is why this thread is so useful!)

I mostly buy singles digitally now but I’ll be picking that up in hardcopy.

Looks like a good week but I wish there were more Deadpool books.


That does make me feel old. I’ve followed the series since the beginning and remember picking up those very first issues. It does not seem like ten years ago…

I’m still waiting to see Coward’s Way Out…I feel bad about badgering Sean Philips about it every time he’s on the boards.

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The next issue of two of my favorites should be waiting in my pull box today, Huck #6 and Mighty Thor #6. I’m already looking forward to next volume of Huck.

Montress has been a pleasant surprise for me. Great writing and amazing art that I find very engaging.

Huck #6 is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

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I googled Monstress and thought it looked interesting but I’m not seeing it on ComiXology’s new releases today. Who publishes it?

It’s an Image book. The first issue looks expensive but’s like 60 pages or more.

Edit: Oh no it doesn’t, they have it on sale at 99c instead of $4.99:

I think the shop image is misleading as Comixology said it came out last week.


It looks interesting. I may have to give it a shot.

Just the Providence hardcover for me.

A great week! :smile:


Chuck 99c in, by the end of 60 something pages you’ll know if your are into it or not. :smile:


Oh, I plan on it.

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