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New Comics Thread - 1st June


Hello there, Wednesday, new comics. Here are some:

If you read those or any other new releases then this is the place to have a little natter about what you thought of them, good or bad. Don’t be all silly and spoil the stories for others though, hide any plot points using the spoiler feature:

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Do I see a @carlos_pedro getting a credit on the front of Elephantmen?


I read Batman Rebirth. Very prologue-y, but enjoyable. I’ve liked Janin’s art on Grayson; good to see him moving up to the big title.


Just Providence for me this week (unless the new Cinema Purgatorio is out, in which case I’ll be getting that too).

I think we’re all so far overlooking the most important release of the week on Comixology though, don’t you agree @mattgarvey1981? :slight_smile:


CHUNKS - Like Crack, it’s a little bit moreish?

Note: That’s a reference to a joke in the comic. I have never tried crack… Back me up here Matt.

So yeah, buy CHUNKS if you haven’t already done so. It’s funny as hell.


You most certainly did. Millarworld creative section veterans get a priority place on the new comics thread.


So, Calendar Man in Batman Rebirth… wtf?


That’s slightly my concern. Rebirth was a very continuity heavy introduction, I liked it but large parts passed me by as I didn’t understand the relevance. The iFanboy reviewers commented that Superman died again but nobody made any comment, it was all about the Hydra thing with Cap.

I hope DC understand there’s a nice middle ground, you don’t have to junk all the continuity but if you wallow in it you get books full of exposition and/or confusion.


Yes @SimonJones. I did that issue and the previous one.

Here’s a couple of pages from that one since it comes out today so you guys can have a quick taste of what is inside.


Are you sure Empress #3 is out this week and not next, Gar?

I’m probably checking out Superman Rebirth #1.


Marvel told me: Published: June 01, 2016

Curse them if they are lying to the fans!


Never trust them. Always check Midtown. :wink:


I’m not adding a 3rd or 4th source in a rather complicated game anyway. I’d rather let it be wrong than turn a thread into a full time fact checking job. :wink:

Image are always 100% correct, Mr Immonen’s exclusive contract is the problem I see.


Just use Midtown for all of it. You can go to 1 site and even get images that are all the same size that way. :wink:


Personally, I always check the Diamond confirmed list on Sunday/Monday to be sure what to expect each week :wink:


Their images are tiny and I was picked up on them being wrong in my first 2 weeks of starting the thread so stopped.

It’s not something that is a major issue, in the last 2 years I’ve been picked up on a wrong release maybe 3 times, Mark can consider it an extra promo :smile:


Can you not spoiler this stuff for those who prefer to go in knowing nothing please? It’s not even up on Comixology yet.


What spoiler? He was mentioned in the solicitation as being in the issue?


I don’t read the full solicitations for something I know I’m going to read