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New Comics Thread - 1st July


[B]Secret Wars #4:[/B] This is shaping up to be an amazing crossover. Things escalate as Cyclops talks some good trash to Sheriff Strange and the survivors come to terms with Doom’s new reality.

[SPOILER]Unfortunately, he gets jobbed hard to show how powerful Doom is now. Now the survivors are thrown to the ends of Battleworld. What will they find?[/SPOILER]

[SPOILER]Even as a God, Doom is all about Reed Richards. I’d say he loves him more than Susan.[/SPOILER] [URL=“”]Link[/URL]

[B]Ultimate End #3:[/B] Both sides fight over ideology. [SPOILER]Banner meets Banner like Stark met Stark in the previous issue. Also Punisher?[/SPOILER] Honestly the book feels like its trying to make the case that the older Ultimate characters taint everything they touch.

[B]A-Force #2[/B]: Better than issue #1! We’ve set up the primaries, we have the major conflict and [URL=“”]Red and Green are opposed[/URL] like colors should be. I like the new character, but they should probably give her a name.

[B]Green Lantern #42:[/B] The best part is Hal’s banter with his spaceship, but that’s not enough to keep me reading Hal Jordan. Peace be with you, book.

[B]Omega Men #2:[/B] Still a bit too gritty, but it turned out better than I expected. [SPOILER]Definitely a Kyle Rayner book, sort of a GL Heart of Darkness.[/SPOILER]

[B]Action Comics #42:[/B] Superman vs. Police Brutality. There’s really no other way to put this issue. Pak is writing the fuck out of this book.


Love your reviews, M.H.


Egads! More little yellow stickers!!!

Here are my books this week - unsullied by little yellow sticky impurities! The it should be!




I’ve got a big hardback by Morrison - I thought that was 18 Days. Am I wrong?


That was just a design book and not an actual story though, wasn’t it?


Ah shit. I just ignored the solicitations for this because I thought it was the book serialised.

I’ll need to pick this up.


So I got to read some comics!

We Stand On Guard - This felt light despite being 32 story pages. I’d fallen in love with the art at the end and I’m sure the story will really get going soon. At $2.99 how can you say no?

Jupiter’s Circle - The writing is as solid as the previous issues and the “fill-in” art is pretty good too, imitating the style of Wilfredo so that nothing looks jarring.

18 Days - This first issue is mostly world building and character introductions. It’s an intriguing conflict though. If the next issue is less than $3.99 I think I’ll stick with it.


I think that was kind of a sourcebook for the project, written at a time when it didn’t look like it was going to make it to a finished comic. This new book, presumably, is the finished version of the same story.


Ah right, got you, thanks gents


Interested to know what any of you thought of We Stand On Guard.

Mine’s won’t arrive for a month and after just reading Saga 29 (and about 10 issues previous to it) I need some reassurance that Brian K Vaughan has not gone off the rails by reading into too much of the hype surrounding Saga.

It has descended into not so much a story but a repetitive pattern of occurrences designed purely to shock or look/sound ‘cool’.


Garth Ennis’s War Stories continues to be well written but illustrated to a standard that isnt quite up to the same standard (which is very much the Avatar calling card).


Secret Wars is still really great. Dramatic and high-stakes and gorgeous, and keeps building on itself. It is quickly climbing the (short) list of all-time greatest event books.

I also picked up that Grant Morrison book but didn’t finish it. I’m glad it was only a dollar.


Ouch. That bad?


“Bad” is subjective but it was kinda both vague and overexpository.

I’m not a big Morrison fan but it also didn’t read like a Morrison book. Maybe I’ll give it another shot.


Is it a meta comment on the state of comics?


I’ve just read JL3001 and it is insane and brilliant. I am going to avoid specifics because i refuse to learn how to spoil on this board but Giffen and DeMatteis are at their monologuing,flippant best. their dialogue is classic JLI. This is how you handle a talky book, Bendis. the ideas that they have introduced to this book is where it gets insane. Their choice of Arch Enemy is inspired. What they have done to Guy is hilarious. The scenes with Bea and Tora are great(spoiler: KOOOEY KOOOEY KOOEY gets mentioned). also I have a warning for DavidM: don’t look at pg 6. its not pretty.

p.s. L-ron is back!!! :hearts:


Oh man I almost got JL3001, as I’ve read almost everything up to this point, but I just can’t get into Porter’s art on this book.

No, that’s what I meant when I said it “didn’t read like a Morrison book”. There were no mega-obvious allusions to the creator/creation dynamic, corporate publishing entities, or the State of Fandom. It was weird, I almost thought it was ghost written by somebody else.

It seemed to be a fantasy based on the Hindu religion, or something, but there wasn’t much there to latch onto.


Tomorrow I get comics, and it’s going to be an odd bunch. I hope!

Howard Porter is interesting. Sometimes his art looks like flat cardboard cutouts, sometimes he shows amazing work.

What do you folks who know more about inking think? Is Porter’s art made significantly better or worse by a particular inker?


We Stand On Guard 1 came out two days ago and is already selling on ebay for £10.