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New Comics Thread - 1st July


Okay so here we go again… first the big picture of Millar’s new issue:

Then a selection of the new comics laid out:

This is the thread to comment on the new comics you’ve read this week, tell us whether it was love at first sight or a damp squib. Please refrain from spoiling major plot points, if you have to hide them behind spoiler tags.


Is that We Stand on Guard #1 that I can see? I’m definitely getting that.


I was only planning on picking up JC, but if We Stand On Guard is out then I may try the first issue.


It’s definitely out, evidence on the comic shop table:


Just noticed all the price stickers on the cover of the comics. Urgh. I’m glad my local comic shop doesn’t do that anymore.


I should have Jupiter’s Circle #4 waiting in my box today.


If it upsets you then look away, otherwise give me a link to where your comic shop posts all the latest releases laid out. Fascist.


I was supposed to have five books today (which counts as a large haul for me) but Diamond never sent my LCS the new “Will Eisner’s The Spirit” #1, dammit. I wanted the Cassaday cover for it as well.

Never mind, that just leaves me with: Jupiter’s Circle, Deadly Class, We Stand On Guard and Grant Morrison’s 18 Days.
Hopefully I can get them read today.


I thought 18 Days was abandoned years ago. Has it been resurrected?


No it has not. :wink:


Huh. Will have to grab that. I have the book that detailed the breakdown of the project in the past, and it sounded pretty interesting.


I do get suspicious when you see ‘Grant Morrison’s’ in the title though, like Stephen King’s or Leonard Nimoy’s, it often means they are scripted by someone else off an outline. I have no idea in this case.


Yeah, I’ll try and find out before I buy. I can’t find much information about it online.


That Spirit cover is outstanding.


The first issue is only $1, which is why I feel so relaxed just picking it up.


Do you know if it’s available digitally?


New comics went up on Comixology half an hour ago and I can’t see it there, which is quite an exception nowadays.


Poking around online, I can’t seem to find it digitally either. Their official website doesn’t seem up to date, which doesn’t help.


Re 18 Days. I’ve just had a look and the only writing credit is for Morrison.