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New Comics Thread - 1st February


Here are some out today:

This is the thread to chat about those and any other new releases. Talk as much as you fancy but be wary of spoiling any major plot points and use the spoiler feature if needed.

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Looks like Justice League #14 and Superman #16 for me today.


Can’t wait to see what happens next in Moon Knight after getting up to date a couple days ago - this now pips Vision for me as the essential Marvel book of the last couple of years.

It needs a oversized hardcover for that incredible art to be done justice.


I think that it is Justice League (now that it is over the little Suicide Squad hiccup), Superman and Aquaman (a book which I enjoy far more than I thought I might).


I did the same thing. The crossover didn’t look bad. It just wasn’t something I was interested in. I’m excited to have Hitch back.


I just saw a couple of panels from the new Justice League issue and it looked like Hitch’s art - is he drawing the book again now? I thought he was just writing the Rebirth stuff.


Content to wait until next week, although I hear good things about Harley Quinn #13.

Probably a good thing, as I overextended my entertainment budget this month by getting both the GN and movie of V for Vendetta. I found it very soothing, somehow.


He’s been just writing except for the Rebirth issue but it looks like he did the art on this issue.


Invincible 132!!

It felt a bit like a cheat at the end when Eve just healed herself and Mark back from their ordeal with Thragg, but Invincibles line “Being a Hero is bullshit!” was fantastic.

I’ve been solidly emotionally invested in this series for years now and while I don’t want to rush things, I kinda look forward to the end.


That thing is an abomination. Microwave the disc, it’s the only way to be sure.


For the time Being.
Only Invincible for me.

And it was totally Worth it.


Also read Batman 16.

The best of the Issue: The anouncement of the “New” Wildstorm World with Warren Ellis at the Helm.

Take Wilcats, Stormwatch, The Authority and Shuffle all that with classic Ellis Paranoia, fringe science, post human politics…yeah, you know it

I seriously can´t wait.


I think the first issue of The Wild Storm is out the week after next. I’m cautiously optimistic.


this is the actual ad


The Lost Light.

There was just no way I could go into rehab and detox myself without some extreme robotic violence. And this weeks issue delivered. I loved this exchange about Megatrons involvement.


The Fall And Rise Of Captain Atom #2: Another solid issue. Atom being displaced in time is pretty much the go to story for the character. But they didn’t overdo it, and it’s set up some interesting plot point for the rest of the series.

Superman 16: i wanted to like this Multiverse arc but it just didn’t click for me. The Clay Mann pages were really nice though. DC need to get him on an ongoing.


MK is absolutely one of the best comics on the planet right now. Only Black Panther surpasses this book. I’ve been a longtime MK fan since the Eighties and couldn’t be prouder of what Marvel’s done with him these past two runs.


So finally getting some peace and quiet in the household to gobble a smorgasbord of the past two weeks’ releases…

Batman 16…whoa, mama, King is turning up the juice. Superman, I too was disappointed in the Multiversity arc, but glad it was so short, because it had all the reeking of a Spiderverse ripoff. HATED the Crisis nod in this issue and I’ll shut up there. Action’s “Men of Steel” line was much more satisfying. Nightwing, satisfying conclusion, though I thought this story would go longer…WTF about the last panel? I will hang around a little longer and pray this book doesn’t go down the crapper after starting off like gangbusters. Aquaman…Mr. Abnett, may your tenure last forever on this book. This one’s unbeatable, even by Wonder Woman, which is still strong and still vibrant, but I’m feeling a small bit of leeriness as to its future path(s). Flash, I really loved # 15 and this clash with the new Rogues. I feel like the series had stalled just a smidge, but this looks to be mega. Maybe not “Flashpoint” mega, but I’m liking it so far.

Black Panther…OMG, I can’t wait for the next issue. I hate politics, but Coates is so masterful a writer I’ve been intrigued by every single stinking panel and all this long build-up appears to finally be hitting the fan. As I mentioned, Moon Knight is equally masterful. I’m so proud to be MK fan all these years. Hawkeye, I’m having fun with this new direction for Kate. It’s peppy, witty and fresh. Mark Waid’s Avengers.1 books…WOW!!! I love what he’s doing with having Quicksilver, Wanda and classic Hawkeye stumble as a team nobody believes in. Even better than the “Spidey” retro series. Please, Marvel, MORE of this classic, old-school style.

Star Wars, digging the Yoda arc, very cool. Darth Maul # 1…so-so. I’m glad he’s getting his own book and it’s a very good-looking book. The angst is correct. I’m not sure it’ll be as brilliant as Vader’s solo run, but we’ll see. The back story in Maul was supposed to be cute comedy relief, but nuh-uh, no more, thanks. It was obviously dropped in there as filled to justify charging $4.99 for the debut issue.

Vampi # 0 for a quarter is a steal, not just for the price, but the intro story is great. I’m not so sure what to feel how the series will take off from here. Been going back to the Warren mags and the “Masters” trades just to get my fix after the annoying Hollywood-steampunk Vampi which I’m glad to see is done. Kiss: The Demon really grabbed me. I can relate to the lead having been in a band that failed and thrust into the corporate world to a life where my passion has been worked on gradually in my spare time. It’s thus far better than Chu’s other Kiss book, though I salute her being able to do something really neat with “The Elder” album. WW 77/Bionic Woman continues to be cool.

Naturally, Reborn # 4 was insane. I’ll hit my thoughts on that thread. And Saga # 42…what a beautiful stunner of an ending, like a few issues ago.


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