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New Comics Thread - 1st April


Here’s a taste of what’s at your local comics shop today. Tell us what you liked, but remember: no spoilers, please (I’ve got your back, Gar)

New Comics Thread - Week of April 1st

This came out yesterday but I think it deserves a spot on the new releases as it should be available at your LCS today.

Avengers: Rage of Ultron - I really like Marvel’s new OGN series. It’s the closest the mainstream US market gets to a European album style comic. They’re a bit like the 90 minute movie or the 300 page novel to me, just the right length to tell a full story with no fat. I really liked the latest installment. It connects the classic Avengers of the past with the current Avengers team through their ongoing battle with Ultron. Remender lays a nice bit of groundwork and gives significant payoff at the end of the story. Though I question whether the major ramifications particularly Hank Pym being bonded to Ultron will carry over into mainline continuity. Opena’s art is amazing throughout. I will usually recommend these Marvel OGN’s just for the sake of keeping this series going but this one is a great story to boot. So go buy it already. :wink:


Thanks Jerry!


I stupidly read Convergence #0, which I can only assume was an April Fools joke, since it pretty much made no sense whatsoever.

I thought the idea of Convergence was that it was just a bunch of random, disconnected stories outside of DC’s Nu-52-ity. But apparently it’s all linked to yet another Crisis-like event with Brainiac as the big bad, having kidnapped cities from various timelines and put them all together on a sentient planet.

Or something. To be honest, I ceased caring at about the half-way point, as the endless, self-important dialogue kept repeating the same vague ideas over and over again, whilst Superman went around punching things for no reason whatsoever.

Anyway, it appears to be yet another chance for DC to naval-gaze at its own convoluted history, and reminisce about the time they made comics that were actually worth reading.


And there’s your quote for the TPB cover right there.


Isn’t that the exact same plot as Marvel’s summer event too?


They do seem to be very similar… Battleworld, the world of Convergence, pausing all the ongoings while they revisit old timelines…


I just paid attention to the pictures Jerry posted of covers upthread. So there is an Ultron story running in Avengers now? Anyone who read both, does it tie into Avengers: Rage of Ultron?


It’s a 3-part mini-series, generated purely so if people go looking for an Avengers comic after the movie, there’s an Ultron one on the stands. I doubt it ties in with anything.

[quote]500 years into the future, Ultron has won. Humanity is all but extinct - dead or enslaved by the Ultron Singularity.
• Now, seven Avengers are brought through time by Doctor Doom to battle the machine god for the fate of the cosmos… or die trying!
• It begins here - an epic adventure spanning the past and future of the Avengers![/quote]


Especially the OGN series, where Marvel said the remit was they were in continuity but could be read entirely standalone, it would seem a bit daft for them to tie into another mini series or event.


Ya that seemed a bit odd. Though what happens in Avengers: Rage of Ultron seems hard to ignore especially when it comes to Ultron and his relationship to the Avengers. There’s a fairly large shift in that status quo at the end of the book.


Yeah it’s possible they could do it the other way, no need to read another book to get the OGN but others react to it. A bit like The Killing Joke and how that impacted on the DCU.

Saying that, and I know there’s no reboot per se coming, but it’s pretty clear a lot of events at Marvel are going to be wiped out soon by Secret Wars.


I have to admit if DC published a big event book that made sense and was fun to read, it would be one of the best April fools jokes ever.


It pretty much is, but given the track record of each writer and each company I have way more faith that Marvel’s version will be better in every way, shape and form.


New week means new thread, amigos.

Only seven more days until Jupiter’s Circle #1 and that lovely Jupiter’s Legacy trade for $9.99.

Hang on… Ten bucks for 112 pages of Frank Quitely AND all the variant covers?



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Good plan.


Avengers Ultron Forever #1 appears to be just a rehash of Kurt Busiek’s Avengers Forever, except it’s Doctor Doom who’s plucked Avengers from various points in the time-stream to fight an Ultron who’s enslaved the world - yet again!

The only slightly intriguing aspect of it was who’s under Doom’s mask. Vision recognises that it isn’t Victor, but refuses to say who it is, presumably because then there’d be absolutely no reason to buy the remaining issues, aside from Alan Davis’ art.

Avengers #43 - another issue of “I don’t care about this stuff - get back to the damn thing with the Beyonders!”


I’m sure Rage of Ultron has been designed to move the character more in line with the film.

You simultaneously get a more humane Ultron, cement the relationship with Vision over others, and do away with someone who might be perceived as an outlier.

All it’s missing is a connection to Stark and the Chitauri — but that would probably be taking it too far.