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New Comics Thread - 19th August


Here’s some of what comes out today:

This is the thread to discuss this week’s new offerings, fell free to give your news and reviews. Do not drop in major plot spoilers and annoy people that haven’t read them yet, put them in spoiler text as instructed below:

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Nothing new in my pull box today. I do love that top picture. It was in one of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle trades I ever bought.


Trees and Renew Your Vows get new issues today, so I’ll be grabbing them.


Aside from what I’ve pre-ordered my digital purchases this week are

Black Canary 3
Dr Fate 3
Hip Hop Family Tree 1

and Robin Son of Batman 3 which I bought by accident before I remembered the 2nd issue wasn’t very good.


I got the new Martian Manhunter and Secret Six. Both were very good.

I still can’t believe DC let people make a book as weird as Manhunter with a JL character, but it’s really smart and strange, and both the writing and art is strong. I like it quite a lot and people who like classic Vertigo should check it out.

Secret Six seems to be stabilizing and finding its footing. This issue features a handful of old DC characters appearing in unexpected ways. It’s pretty good.


that cover to trees is really brilliant. Is the comic good? I need to check this out.



I would recommend picking it up in trade. The singles were good at the beginning but bogged down early on. I read the first half but plan on waiting until it’s finished to read the rest. The idea seems very similar to World War Z the book. Mainly, how does civilization deal with this incredible thing that has happened to it?


What’s the magical goat head dude all about?



No idea. The book is broken up into a bunch of unconnected vignettes that I assume will come together in the end. The first half explored a handful of them that were introduced in the first issue. I think the second half is exploring the others. That cover must reference something from the second half.


Trees I think is vintage Ellis but Ronnie is right that it needs to be read it a trade or big chunk of issues. It doesn’t make any concessions to the single issue reader and I gave up on it at first but read 5 straight issues the other day and thought it was great.

Intriguing concept that enormous aliens appear on the planet and neither see humans as a threat or a friend but ignore them like they are ants.


Yeah, what Ronnie and Gar said. I buy it in singles but mostly save them up so I have at least two or three to read together at once.

The latest issue doesn’t give too much away about the goat-head dude, sadly. Cool cover though.

In fact the art is very good throughout. I wonder if there would be a MW book suited to Jason Howard’s talents in future. :wink:


I would be for this.


Got a chance to pick up two weeks worth of book this afternoon.

Not had a chance to read them yet.


I just finished reading The Legacy of Luther Strode #2. Justin Jordan’s writing was great but Tradd Moore’s art is exceptional. I think Moore is the best action artist alive today. No one even comes close. To say his art is kinetic is an understatement. His art is like a cocaine-adrenaline-meth-angel dust combo.

@Mark_Millar: I would love to see you do an off-the-chain, no-holds-barred action book with Tradd Moore. I think you two would make a great team. Check out the previous two Luther Strode trades.

Here’s some pages from the latest issue:


I loved Moore on the new Ghost Rider book. He does car chases in comics like no one else. I would also love to see a Millar collaboration.


Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #4:
Things are heating up
Peter’s daughter starts to shine
Future cosplay star?

Trees #12:
This book has improved
Fewer threads in greater depth
Helps it to engage.

(And from last week)

Providence #3:
Freaky but no shocks
Fish-men hide their secrets well
Where will this all end?

Velvet #11:
Things grow more complex
Velvet stays two steps ahead
Brubaker stays three.


The art in Trees is great, there’s some stunning panels.

Trees is worth picking up yes, like the others have said, it’s probably best to read in trade.

There’s about 4 or 5 really interesting little stories going on and I felt equally gripped by them all.
Ellis is doing some great stuff at the moment and Trees tops the lot. I’m eagerly awaiting the second volume.


Latest issue of Crossed +100 (issue seven) sees Si Spurrier take over from Alan Moore. As much as I’ve like his work in the last I dont think I’ll be continuing with this. It doesn’t feel like there’s the same level of depth to the book and nor does it feel as cleverly written as Moore’s run. Won’t continue beyond this and I’ll just treat the first six issues as a standalone mini series.


Thanks for that Bruce - I had already decided to do that after #6 so it’s good to know I’m not missing anything.


I just read Prez #1 & #2 after a few recommendations here. I enjoyed it, and appreciate that it’s taking a bit of time to lay the groundwork for the main concept rather than jumping straight in.

I enjoy the absurd elements, the dark humour and some of the satirical touches, although occasionally a few of the cultural references are jarringly close to our time (as opposed to the future setting of the book) which can pull you out of it a little. Not a big deal though.

I liked the second issue a little better than the first, so hopefully that upward trend will continue.