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New Comics Thread - 19th April 2017


Yep :laughing:


OK, thanks. I don’t care about taking shots at DC, that stuff always goes on, but “you shouldn’t punch Nazis” is a weird hill to die on. And an especially weird stance for someone whose job is writing Captain America comics.

Although I personally don’t find it offensive, just weird.


I think that’s where the issue comes. It’s weirdly incongruous with the book he’s writing, and a lot of people take issue with it.

I think it’s the attitude that he takes while arguing the point that has offended some/many – a lot of his positions are reasonable, but are privileged by his race and gender, and his refusal to see or acknowledge the perspectives of those more vulnerable has hurt him with the leftist faction of comics, of which I think he considers himself a member (albeit center-left).

It’s put him in a weird position, I think, and backed him into a bit of a corner.

Hope it all works out for everyone.


I’m a huge leftist and firmly believe that all Nazis should be punched at all times.


That’s a wildly inappropriate budgetry demand, Robert.


If we all punched everyone, we’d definitely get all the Nazis.


What about Space Nazis?


Hah, yes. I agree.

The problem is that in this country (the United states) “left” and “liberal” have been sort of inextricably intertwined, and incorrectly. Neo-liberalism and progressive politics have been joined at the hip here for so long that we forget that, actually, they often lead to very different responses and opinions, and indeed I feel are oppositional.

Nick Spencer was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton, who typified the same sort of erosion of progressive principles that Bill Clinton frontlined.


I’m not sure the physics really works out for punching there.

Maybe, like, projectile-hitting.


Thoughtful post of the year!


What if you used rocket hands, like Mazinger?


Build a wall.


AKA the Saturnians…

Punch them each in all of their faces…


That could do the job.

I suppose the other question is, what is the nature of these space-nazis? Are they like Nazis cryogenically frozen in 1942 and launched into near-earth orbit to rebuild the reich? Or are they aliens inspired by nazi broadcasts, super-fans who never understood the rhetoric or indeed the culture, but saw those hugo-boss-sewn suits and came to big up some swag ? Is one of them perhaps H8tler, the an electro-dynamic demagogue with the brainwaves of Hitler? Or are they just modern racist thugs?

I’m actually okay with any such rocket-powered punching, but one might have to change their strategy depending, is all.


Then you need a Doctor


Feel like we should consolidate the Spencer/Secret Whatever discussion out of this thread and the Marvel thread and into its own dedicated thread.



The Wild Storm #3 - was my favourite of the series so far.

All Star Batman #6 - 9: “Ends Of The Earth” - a more satisfying read than the first arc, and a reunion for the “Black Mirror” creative team, but unfortunately the series continues to be the weakest of Snyder’s Bat-titles to date. Each part of this arc was more or less standalone, with underlying connective tissue. Each issue focused on a different villain, with Snyder mostly succeeding in giving them a fresh coat of paint that revitalised them for 2017. #9 also managed to bring in a little social commentary about the state of the world today.

The Duke backup story continues here and segues into the upcoming Dark Days/ Nights event. Unfortunately, Duke continues to be a character I care nothing about. He’s just there. Superfluous. The least interesting of many, many Bat-sidekicks. I hope the stop teasing and get to the point with him soon.


The back up story is easily the weakest part of that book. They’ve really dropped the ball on it.
The color wheel/ code thing that was to direct his training made no sense and this story is about as pointless as well.


A bit late on these due to being out.

Justice League #19 - Another great Hitch issue that wraps the current arc. I’m really curious what everything is building toward.

Super Sons #3 - We get a bit more background on the villain of this arc. This is a fun book especially the interaction between Jon and Damian.

Superman #21 - This is easily my favorite book month in and month out. I’m curious who exacting the Kents’ neighbors really are.

Trinity #8 - This was a really odd issue that doesn’t seem to connect to the last issue. I’m not sure I know completely what’s going on here either. I’ll stick with it for now.

Wild Storm #3 - So we get the introduction of the new Jenny Sparks/Quantum who can evidently travel using electronic devices/some weird reality hopping power along with a bit more interaction with the other main players. The action was pretty cool in this issue along with continuing to build on the intrigue. Looking forward to the next issue.

I saw a few things at C2E2 this last weekend that I might give a shot. The new X-O Manowar looks like a good jumping on point. I read some of the previous series but skipped out once it started crossing over heavily. I need a few books in my regular rotation as a pallet cleanser so I can fully enjoy the unapologetically superhero books.