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New Comics Thread - 19th April 2017


Oh, ok.

So if you redeem it and then your tablet is crushed by a passing train, can you still get your comic?

(I’m not trying to pick holes, I’m sure Marvel have thought all this through and it all works perfectly. I’m just curious as to how.)


I think you register an account with and the copy is locked to your account - so you can view it from any device.

Although, I do seem to recall that they have a clause that says something like “We reserve the right to revoke your digital download if your device is destroyed by train because you’re an idiot.”


Yes because it is related to your Marvel account, it’s all in the cloud sir.



Actually, the cloud is lots of other people’s computers, with multiple redundant backups of the data you’re leasing distribued amongst those computers.


Yeah, that’s what we want you to believe :laughing: :smiling_imp:



I think you’ll find the cloud is an actual cloud. Made up of internet and the cyber.


See, this is why you’re the law-talking guy and I’m the computer-fixing guy.



I’ve enjoyed a lot of his work, too, but I’m almost at the point where is real-world behavior is putting me off buying his stuff. Which is a shame. I know it’s an eternal question, can one separate the creator from their work? I find it much harder in comics because at the end of the day it’s a niche pastime followed by a relatively small community; the connection is quite intimate, I think. But I’m interested to hear you can still read his stuff. (I stopped buying Frank Miller’s works for the same reasons.)


The way I see it, everyone is entitled to their opinion and just because their opinion or way of life doesn’t align with my own doesn’t mean they are wrong or a dick.

Also, I’m a big believer that no-one is perfect, things can be misinterpreted etc when you are in the public eye.

I don’t know Spencer personally - he pissed me off. Frank Miller less so, I just put it down to his opinions and I assume he has his own reasons for his views on certain stuff. But both of them could be really lovely guys and they’ve never done anything to me personally. People are entitled to believe what they want and say what they want, it doesn’t affect their ability to write good comics.


I just got my Marvel collector corps box. It was full of guardians toys and this comic with a beautiful picture of Rocket and Groot dancing on the cover. It turned out to be Secret Empire #0. It was free and I had thrown my share of stones at it so I figured I would read it so I would not be a hypocrite.

It was not good. The art was atrocious. Acuna made every woman look old, Tony’s armor was horribly drawn, and I could not tell who was who in space. the Plot was how there was so much trouble it was overwhelming everyone but Captain America is so trustworthy and capable so everyone gave Cap all the power to deal with it. that was heavyfooted. then all the grounded superheroes get trapped in Manhattan and the Big guns were trapped in space so they could not stop Cap’s Hydra from taken over. Tony figures out what is happening but not until it is too late and eventhough he is the one who got the planetary shield up, he is unable to take it down.

I did not agree with the premise of the story, but now that I have read some of it, I do not agree with the execution of the story either.


I try to do likewise. In some cases more successfully than others. It’s far easier to do when a creator is someone who has proven their worth time after time. A John Byrne, for example (of Frank Miller). When it’s someone like Nick Spencer, who is arguably still a small fish in a small pond, it’s a lot harder to separate creator from art.

Not trying to say you’re wrong or anything, Chris. I know you’ve read a lot of his stuff beforehand, so maybe he’s more in the first category for you than the second.

Neither do I wish Nick ill, personally, but I do hope this Hydra Cap thing fails spectacularly. It just sounds incredibly convoluted and ideologically repulsive. Especially in a time when the real world outside our windows are such depressing, scary places.


Speaking for myself that was a large part of why Superman was such a pleasant surprise.

Well, this is reassuring to a degree as I’ve started thinking along similar lines.

I’ve decided I’ll stick with The Fix for now, but if there’s no OHC4 for Morning Glories after I’ve bought three of the buggers then his goose will be nuked.


I just took a peek at his Twitter and it just seems like standard creator stuff. What was so offensive?


After reading through this and the Marvel thread i was about to ask the same thing.


Did anyone pick up the new Nick Fury? I was tempted to for the art alone. I applaud Marvel for using a visual tone similar to that of Steranko.


Nothing offensive as far as I’m concerned, I just got fed up with his chip on his shoulder about DC and insinuations that they are not doing that well sales wise.


Re: Nick Spencer - he’s been very vocal recently about, a) how DC have ruined the industry; b) how Marvel’s events are awesome for everyone; and c) how it’s wrong to punch Nazi’s.

The general sycophantic attitude, with snide, uncalled for attacks on DC’s success (based on a frankly appalling grasp of simple economics), and a condescending tone to anyone who took him to task about either, have rubbed many people up the wrong way.

I don’t follow him on Twitter, but I hear he’s been arguing politics too recently, which rarely ends well for creative types.


Talk about telegraphing the end of Secret Empire