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New Comics Thread - 19th April 2017


Heheheh - well then, one for TV and one for the books and people can pick one!


Are you going to read it? If you are I’ll hold off until you do, so I can see if it’s safe.


So Lorcan is essentially your canary in a mineshaft?


I’ll flip through it in the LCS and let you know



Thanks Lorcan!


It’s a terrible problem to have. :smile:


Not sure where is best to put this, I’m going to go for here rather than the Marvel thread, as even though most of these didn’t come out this week, it all leads into Secret Empire 0, which did

I read Steve Rogers Captain America 16 to 19 and SE 0 tonight. Didn’t realise I was a couple months behind, but time is flying by these days.

In summary this is slow. There’s a good story in here. It’s not a bad book by any means, but it has dragged too much for my liking.
The thing is, it totally get that something as big as this needs to be delivered over a decent period of time. It’s not a concept you want to be throwing into a done in one.
But Spencer has written something here that is not fully engaging. In fact it is outright boring for most of the duration and, here’s this old complaint of mine, it’s wordy as fuck.

I don’t know what the solution is tbh. I don’t want to put anyone off reading it, because it’s a good idea and some of it is well executed. But boy is it a journey through treacle.

The Secret Empire issue follow directly in from Cap 19, it may as well be Cap 20. I didn’t like that either.

I’ll keep reading. I like Spencer ('s work - on a personal level from his behaviour on twitter, I think he’s an arsehole. But I can detach that because I enjoy a lot of his work). I just hope the rest of it is less of a chore to read.

Perhaps if this was the only comic I was reading I’d be glad of the pace and amount of words. But I’m not, so it’s a 3 to 4 out of 5 for me.
Good idea, average execution.


Verdict is: no spoilers for anything beyond series 2, episode 11. It concentrates on Naomi’s life after she joins the crew of the Cant. It adds a little bit more detail to the thing she tells Prax in secret in that episode, and that’s it.


I’m on the iPad and can’t type much but just read The Button and thought it was brilliant, managing to be its own thing while calling back to familiar touchstones. Flashpoint and obviously Watchmen, as Vikram said, but also stuff like Moore’s other DC work and, just a touch, Simonson’s FF. It gave off a nice thrill of being a kid and reading late-80s comics, but without pandering to nostalgia.

It’s also the purest Watchmen homage since that Morrison/Quitely Multiversity book a few years back, perhaps discounting King’s own Vision book. It’s a simple, simple plot (so far) but told with several layers and nice depth of visual storytelling.

If people were on the fence I’d recommend it. You don’t need to have read any of this Batman run before it.


Thanks Lorcan.

I’ll hold off until S2 comes on Netflix before I read it then.

Much appreciated!


Great. Looking forward to reading this. I’ve got an issue each of Batman and Flash to catch up on first, so hopefully read the 3 of them tonight.


I posted that cover pretty much just on the off chance you didn’t know there was an Expanse comic,so mission accomplished. :smile:

The Wild Storm #1 - loved this one, it picked up the pace and the Jenny Sparks scenes were very cleverly done. I also think Davis-Hunt’s work went up a notch, generally I like it more than many but there have been panels that are a bit ‘off’, didn’t feel that at all this issue.


Now I’m glad I was circumspect about that spoiler. Anyway, watched episode 13 this morning, so Grace and Bob willing it’ll hit Netflix in the next week or so.


I agree, this was a very good issue. I agree that the art looks better, although for me I think a big part of it was the more vibrant use of colour, the images popped a lot more for me in this issue as a result. It makes me think the subdued approach to colour in the first issue was very deliberate, to use colour to enhance the story as the action starts to kick in (as it does here).


Is that ethical? It seems a bit like ripping a CD and then selling it on ebay.


Except ripping a CD is illegal. Marvel are legitimately offering the digital copy. They don’t lose out and the LCS I assume will also benefit as they can sell the same product again.


Except those covers have “Digital Copy inside” or something don’t they? Presumably there would be some customers who would check.


Is the code just printed inside somewhere? What would stop the second-hand purchaser from also getting the digital copy and selling on the physical copy yet again? To another person who gets the digital copy and then…


I don’t remember as it’s been a couple of years since I bought one - but I seem to recall it’s a digital code that you register on the marvel website.


The code is unique so can only be redeemed once.