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New Comics Thread - 19th April 2017

Yes it’s that time of the week again:

Here are a few out today:

Go buy some, read them and then come back to this thread to tell us what you thought, don’t spoil any plot points though, you can use the spoiler function:

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New issue of The Wild Storm for me today.

I’ve been enjoying catching up with Ellis’ Injection too, so I might jump on board with the current issue of that.

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Funny that isn’t in CBR’s DC previews, otherwise I’d have put it in the cover pics.

That’s odd. Maybe because they’re running it as a separate line to the DCU/Rebirth stuff.

Here’s the CBR preview if you want to add it:

(@RonnieM was right in that other thread, CBR is an absolute nightmare to navigate these days.)


I think you have added it sufficiently :smile:

CBR has gone a bit crap, they have lost all Image previews for some reason which is why the pics appear larger here (I’m not paid to promote them higher).


I’m interested to see how this Batman / Watchmen thing plays out. Am I going to have to buy some issues of The Flash too to get the full story though?


Yes, next week’s issue of The Flash (#21) picks up where Batman #21 leaves off. The story runs through issue #22 of both titles.


Another big week for me with Justice League #19, Super Sons #3, Superman #21, Trinity #8 and WildStorm #3. This is usually the point where I would look at trimming my list a bit but I’m really enjoy all of these titles.


Batman #21 - “The Button”, Part 1 - feels very much like a proper sequel to DC: Rebirth. We are very much in Geoff Johns’ territory here. So much so that: a) I actually want to read Flashpoint again now; and, b) King’s own ongoing storyline doesn’t even get a throwaway reference.

Jason Fabok’s artwork is outstanding here; just really, really good. There are some deliberate callbacks to Watchmen here. Ironic, considering it took me 10 minutes to read from cover to cover; an issue of Watchmen would take me a lot longer than that!

The story, however, has barely got started by the final page, so there’s no real indication of how much is finally going to be revealed, or not, at this time. Hopefully we’ll get some more forward momentum in next week’s Flash.


Just saw DC’s monthly titles were raised to $3.99. I’m not going to complain because it is a tough business and I get it but I am going to make some drops.


They are still $2.99 digitally, apparently.


They now come with a digital download, which I’ve never completely understood. Why do I need the digital when I have the physical? Is it just for people who immediately polybag their books and don’t read them?


When Marvel did it, I would keep the digital download and trade the physical books back to my LCS for credit.


Well, with my Marvel titles I used to buy the physical comic (supporting my LCS); read the book; redeem the code; and, then, unless it was something really special, eBay the physical copy.

EDIT: or what Ronnie said :wink:

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That seems like a lot of work!

Now if the free code was for any comic I want, even if it’s restricted to one a few months old, then they’d be on to something.


Woah woah woah woah woah, an Expanse comic? And it’s Naomi’s origin story?

Like, I get the idea behind doing a comic, and doing some background material. But if you’re a book reader and up to date you know all this stuff, and if you’re a show watcher there are some serious spoilers in there.


If you can be arsed, you could buy the physicals, read them carefully, whack them on eBay in bulk and retain the Digitals to read again in future.

I’d be doing that if I had a bit more time & was still getting my previews orders delivered weekly instead of monthly.

Edit - or what Vik & Ronnie said

(The PayPal account soon starts accumulating money)


Oh dea

I bought that expanse first issue, but not read it yet

Do you recommended I don’t, if I am adverse to spoilers (which I am, to an extreme)

Like Chris, would be useful for you to take a look and advise of a good point to read it.

I’ll to keep an eye out for the trade now.

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I’d need to read it to be sure, they’ve already revealed one thing about Naomi in the show that readers didn’t find out about for years, and hinted at another two.

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