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New Comics Thread - 18th November


That means new comics, like these ones

(I love Andre the Giant).

This is the place to talk about those and any others that came out this week (or recently, we’re not that strict). Remember though that people read their comics at different times so if you want to reveal big plot points hide them using the spoiler function explained below.

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Huck, Vader, and Batman Europa for me. :smile:


I should have Huck #1 waiting in my pull box. I’m thinking of giving Mighty Thor #1 a shot. The preview looks good. I saw a preview for the Andre the Giant book. It said that this one is authorized by his family.


Thor is by Aaron? I love those! :smile:


It looks like DC put out a nice new trade of Millar’s Swamp Thing run this week, for those who might be interested.


Yeah, that’s out this week - saw a copy in my local comic shop this evening. Looks like a decent sized volume (rather than the Secret War tie in trades I picked up which felt wafer thin).


That is par for the course for any Marvel trades these days I’m afraid. They are rather flimsy.


I recently got the first Grayson hardcover and it was 4 issues of the series and a little extra material for $22.99. Thanks?


Yep, it’s the second of three collecting his run. The third one is out around May I think.


In an effort to focus on the positive, I’ll only comment on two titles this week…

Rob Williams’ and Eddy Barrows’ MARTIAN MANHUNTER continues to be surprising and subversive science fiction, organically building an entirely new, and entirely tragic, mythology and history of Ma’aleca’andra. We’re seeing a revitalization and focus on J’onnz that hasn’t been seen since Ostrander’s superlative run on the title (with his frequent partner, Mandrake) that quite literally deconstructs, then reconstructs, the character. There’s something in it of Alan Moore’s ANATOMY LESSON or Grant Morrison’s ANIMAL MAN and RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE, all crossed with Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Moral challenges are confronted, ethical tests are passed and failed, and the impact - though obviously intolerable in the long term - is genuinely shocking. Not quite as radical a reinvention as something like Tom King’s OMEGA MEN or Mark Russell’s PREZ, MARTIAN MANHUNTER is nonetheless operating in unique and interesting territory. Eddy Barrows’ art can be a bit uneven, but is generally quite beautiful.

Al Ewing’s NEW AVENGERS continues to be solid superheroics with a few of the trappings of the world of spycraft, if none of the moral ambiguity or atmospheric intrigue. As always, Ewing has a firm grasp of the needs of the story, and tells it simply and directly, without unnecessary flourish or embellishment. The threat(s) are organic and deeply rooted in the characters, their history and psychology, the action is bombastic, the character interaction is fun. On paper, it all works, but when read together, and combined with the flat artwork of Sandoval, it doesn’t add up to much. It’s merely okay, when I’m hoping for more.

A few points for picking up on a plot thread from about a decade back, I suppose, but that doesn’t mean as much as it once did to me. :slight_smile:


Good to have you back, Deniz! I’m a few issues behind on Manhunter, but I agree with your assessment of the series as a whole. I’ve cut down significantly on Big Two books in the last 2-3 years; Manhunter, Ms. Marvel, and now Vision are all I’m getting currently, the latter two in trade. But J’onn is a favorite going back to his guest appearance in Morrison’s Animal Man and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see him done so well!

It’s a radical change that in lesser hands would probably annoy me, but Williams & Barrows are crafting a bold, sometimes heartbreaking story here, with the potential to go to places conceptually and emotionally I’d never expect from a Martian Manhunter book.


This is what I picked up…
Cognetic #2
Paybacks #3
Batman And Robin Eternal #7
Batman Europa #1
Bizarro #6
Clean Room #2
Martian Manhunter #6
Red Thorn #1
Telos #2
Godzilla in Hell #5
Beauty #4
Huck #1
I Hate Fairyland #2
Tokyo Ghost #3
Captain America Sam Wilson #3
Deadpool #2
Extraordinary X-Men #2
Mighty Thor #1
Uncanny Inhumans #2
Bloodshot Reborn #8

I’ve read Thor, Huck, Red Thorn and Batman: Europa so far…


That’s quite a haul. How was Thor? I read the pre-Secret War Aaron/Dauterman book in trade and liked it.


I enjoyed it. First time picking up any of the newer Thor stuff but I enjoy Jason Aaron’s writing and I’ll definitely be sticking with it.


Did you read his initial God Butcher arc? If not go and seek out the trade as it’s brilliant.

I still think it’s a quality book but that has been the height of Aaron’s run in my opinion.


I really like Russell Dauterman’s art as well. And the colouring makes it something special.

As far as I understand it, this run is building on the previous run of Thor and the one before than (Thor: God of Thunder). I enjoyed both (although there did seem to be a little bit of spinning of the wheels waiting for relaunches). Both were pretty solid and Thor God of Thunder had some really nice art as well by Esad Ribić.

Edit: Gar beat me to the punch. :smile: This is what I was referring to above. The first arc (or first two trades) are great.


I’ll have a look on the Diamond retailer site and see if I can order it in :smile:


They did a nice big hardcover collection of those first two trades. That might be the best way to read it.


I ended up picking up Huck #1 and Mighty Thor #1. I haven’t had a chance to read either as my wife and I went out to get ice cream after dinner and ended up stopping in the record store for a bit.


Huck - Nice book but all set-up and I’m not sure what the central conflict or narrative drive is. Maybe it’s just because I post here but everything in the book is what I already knew about it. I think I’ll wait for the trade from here, but I’ll definitely be picking the trade up.

Martian Manhunter- I really love this book. It feels very much like a late-90s Vertigo book in tone, starting with a mystery and gradually opening to something expansive and epic, but also darkly humorous. The writing gets most of the pub but all the character design is terrific as well.

Secret Six- Now that Eaglesham is back in some stable capacity and his work is looking fantastic, this book is as great and madcap as it’s ever been under Simone’s pen. She’s using the whole magic side of DC as a toybox for her usual “band of losers” fun and also sneaks in the odd A-lister. This book is a joy.