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New Comics Thread - 18th March


It’s Wednesday and that means comics time!

Here are some of the many comics out today:

So once you’ve gone to the shop or bought a digital issue, read them and come here to discuss what you thought of them. Please avoid giving away story spoilers, not everyone will read the same comics at the same time.


Looking forward to Chrononauts, and I’m also planning to pick up Multiversity, which is the Ultra Comics issue that promises to reveal quite a lot about the series as a whole.

Alex + Ada #13 should also be out, I think.


Once again borrowing The Big Bang Comics (see the retailer section on the main Millarworld page) guide to new series and specials out this week.

BATGIRL ENDGAME - The latest tie-in to the Batman Endgame story arc, joins Barbara as she defends Burnside Bridge from the jokerised city. Written by regular Batgirl writers Cameron Stewart and Brendan Fletcher and with a special guest appearance by Bengal, this is one not to be missed!

CHRONONAUTS - So yeah, this is kind of a big deal! MARK MILLAR, SEAN GORDON MURPHY, MATT HOLLINGSWORTH and CHRIS ELIOPOULOS bring you the time-travel buddy cop comic book you’ve all been craving! We’ve read the first three issues already and we can’t get enough of it. This is the next big hit you’re going to regret missing out on, so do yourself a favour and don’t! BUY YOUR COPY NOW! LIKE RIGHT NOW!

FLY OUTBREAK - Severe lack of Vincent Price and Jeff Goldblum in this but c’mon IT’S THE FLY! Classic sci-fi at its best!

FRANKENSTEIN UNDERGROUND - MIKE MIGNOLA HAS A NEW JAM! Frankenstein’s monster joins the Mignolaverse in suitably awesome fashion. Like we even have to tell you to enjoy this Mignola-filled goodness, but just in case… TREAT YO SELF!

GIANT DAYS - I (JP) have been waiting months for this book, MONTHS! John Allison is responsible for some of the best webcomics of the medium (Scary Go Round and Bad Machinery) now see the creative genius unleashed on the story of three university students as they deal with life, love and, more often than not, the occult. This is like Dumbing of Age meets Monty Python meets Buffy. If you loved Lumberjanes, Midas Flesh, anything by David Willis etc then this is the book for you! TRUST ME!

GRIEVOUS JOURNEY OF ICHABOD AZRAEL - Rob Williams and Dom Reardon bring you on the journey of a ruthless killer, left for dead and who must desperately travel through the afterlife to make his way back to the world he knew! Brand new series for 2000 AD fans to sink their teeth into!

INVISIBLE REPUBLIC - BRAND NEW IMAGE SERIES! Pitched as the grittiest sci-fi story to ever come from Image comics, can you really afford to miss out on this? AT THAT PRICE?! Planetary regimes, freedom fighters, hidden journals and gorgeous artwork… what’s not to love?

MANHATTAN PROJECTS THE SUN BEYOND THE STARS - It’s Hickman, you’re all going to buy it and love it, let’s be honest here. Yuri Gagarin kicks off this all new series of Manhattan Projects with stories told in an all new format!

RED ONE - BRAND NEW IMAGE SERIES! Xavier Dorison, Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson bring you the story of the greatest American superhero who’s secretly a Russian Spy. Imagine the tone of Quentin Tarantino movies meets Superman Red Son with artwork like no other from one of the hottest teams in comics!

SHAPER - In a galaxy where Shapeshifters are being hunted down to extinction levels, one must learn to use his newfound abilities to save his own life and his entire race!

STRANGE SPORTS STORIES - BRAND NEW VERTIGO ANTHOLOGY featuring stories and art by Brian Azzarello, CM Punk, Paul Pope, Gilbert Hernandez, Lauren Beukes, Ben McCool, Ivan Brandon, Monica Gallagher, Lee Loughridge, Nick Dragotta, Christopher Mitten, Darick Robertson, Mark Finn, John Lucas, Gabe Soria, Ronald Wimberly, Michael DiMotta, Tim Fish, Rael Lyra and many more! GRAB IT!


…and the return of the big pile of comics photo!


I will definitely be stopping to pick up a copy of Chrononauts #1 waiting in my pull box at my LCS today.


Looks like Multiversity isn’t out this week after all. Comixology has lied to me yet again!


On the digital comics site or on their Pull List site?


On the e-mail that you get telling you which of your subscriptions have a new issue coming out the following week.


Ah. That’s probably linked to the their Pull List predictions. I’ve used the app connected to that and find it mostly unreliable. Midtown Comics is the only source I really trust. They’ve been right when even Diamond’s shipping list was wrong.


Yeah, I checked Midtown after my first post in this thread and realised it wasn’t there.


Chrononauts #1 (from the dedicated thread)

This was a very fun first issue. Sets up the concept nice and quickly, gives us a good sense of the characters, and gets the story going briskly with some fun twists even before we get to the end of the first chapter.

The artwork is lovely too. Not just Murphy’s linework, although that is great - I love the real feel of the tech, and all the other fun little details like the time machine homages (especially the BTTF DeLorean and Bill and Ted’s phonebox - what, no TARDIS? :slight_smile: ). But also Matt Hollingsworth’s colouring, which does a cracking job of setting the mood. I’ve liked his stuff ever since his run on Daredevil a decade or so ago, and he complements Murphy brilliantly.

But I think my favourite part of the issue might be the running gag with the reaction shots - some very funny moments in there (with the priest’s reaction possibly being the best of them).

Having thoroughly enjoyed Starlight as a real return to form for the MW books, I’m now thinking/hoping this could be just as good.


Chrononauts #1 - A great opening issue. It reads like a fun '80’s action/adventure film. The Millar/Murphy team-up was everything I hoped it could be. I usually prefer Murphy’s art without color but Hollingsworth is making a pretty difficult argument to the contrary. Even the paper in this book feels amazing. I’m already looking forward to issue #2.


This week’s comics:

[B]Earth 2: World’s End #24: [/B]I’m very sad that they had to job Val-Zod to make this moment happen and I’m worried that he’s not on the cover of Earth 2: Society, but this was a great moment for Power Girl. (Art Link)

[B]Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #6:[/B] Yesssssss. Momma’s back and so is Nextwave. Nextwave should be one of the Battleworlds. (Art Link)

[B]Green Lantern New Guardians #40: [/B]So Kyle shuffles off [SPOILER]to die in Omega Men #1[/SPOILER] , but before he goes he leaves the universe with a single Blue Lantern and several White Lanterns, each who hold a bit of the Life Equation. Good end to a meandering series at times. (Art Link)
[B]All-New X-Men #39:[/B] Things and stuff. Cyclops and Jean Grey want to bang. X-23 may be sad about that. I dunno bro.


I don’t read those books so I don’t know how spoilery those moments are, but is there any way to link to those images rather than displaying them in the thread? Just thinking of people who might not want to see those pics in advance.


I’ve changed it.


Cool. It’s a bit difficult when the current board doesn’t have spoiler tags - I think the only option at the moment is to have dedicated spoiler threads.


Just left my local comic shop. Snagged a copy of Crossed +100 #3 from a few weeks ago as well as the weekly 2000AD Prog, the monthly Judge Dredd Megazine and the latest IDW Dredd issue.


Nothing on my list this week, so I thought I’d try Red One since I love me some Terry Dodson art. I’m guessing Xavier Dorrison is used to writing for a larger format, because it was packed with tiny, text-heavy panels - not something to which Dodson’s art is best suited. It was okay, but it didn’t really take advantage of the 1970’s setting. Aside from the odd Trabant and Farrah Fawcett haircut, everything looked a bit too contemporary. It was only moderately entertaining - not sure if I’ll be back for more.


Red One felt more like Dodson wanting to draw what he wants to draw. The story didn’t quite come together, it was just “exposition > sexy times > exposition > sexy times!” Didn’t feel it.

Perhaps it’ll come together in issue #2 now that the setup is done.


You’d be correct, Dorison’s stuff has been euro-comics and a larger page size.