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New Comics Thread - 18th January 2017


Those are some comics out today, there are more, you can read those too. Then come back here and tell us what you thought, without being naughty and spoiling plot points of course, you can avoid that using this trick:

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Kill or be Killed is back - great! I enjoy that book a lot.


Superman #15 was okay. It felt a bit rushed to me. Better than decompressed, though.


Clone Conspiracy #5 had a brilliant ecxhange between Ben Reilly and Peter regarding Uncle Ben. But the outcome of it, BR snapping his fingers and ordering everyone to kill Peter, felt off. They were brothers, dammit!


Looks like Superman #15 and Trinity #5 for me.


Will, Anders,

I was to report back on USAvengers

I finally read it today and I’ll say it’s colourful and it is fun, but as I have zero investment in the characters, and outright hate squirrel girl and think that cannonball pointless - I just couldn’t really get into it.

It’s pretty on the nose, smart and contemporary and it’s probably a really good, fun book if you are in the mood for it. I wasn’t so I’m not going to read on.

Each of the characters has a page ‘interview’ at some point and I found myself skimming them.

I like Al Ewing a lot, but I’m not really interested in what he is doing now - which is good comics but not for me.


I actually don’t think i have any more room in my head/heart for new superheroes or characters wearing someone else’s costume - particulary marvel who are flinging everything at the wall to see what sticks in the quest to find a new ms marvel


Did anyone pick up Monsters Unleashed? I thumbed through it but didn’t look worth $4.99.


Just read. Batman 3 015.
I waited years to Read those words (You read it, You´ll know them).
I know is Fan srevice, but i Enjoyed it very much (There are easter eggs too!)

I still have to go trough Black Widow. Cage!. Iron Man and, off course, Kill or be Killed.


I did enjoy the flashback panels. Thought they were a nice little touch.


Batman #15. Really enjoyed this one, I think King is finding his groove on the book now.

He’ll probably create more controversy with the love lines but calmed another bit as we now realise Catwoman was not the mass murderer pointed out when she first appeared. The flashback bit was really cleverly used by using to contrast how they both remembered their first meeting. I prefer that kind of thing to getting worked up about specific continuity.


Superman #15 - Still loving this book. It’s only problem was that it felt like the issue was over too soon. Though I really think that’s more down to how interested I was than any lack of content. I like what @Maxi said in another thread that it feels like they are doing what would be treated like an event in a 3-issue arc within a regular series. Such good stuff.

Trinity #5 - I wasn’t sure how this book would fit in the mix with the three characters’ core books and Justice League cover similar territory. This book manages to remain unique while acting as a sequel to For the Man Who Has Everything and the Green Lantern story that followed it. I’m also really enjoying the artist rotation. More good stuff.


My copy of the Volume 1 trade has arrived, looks to be excellent as it has those magic words on the spine:

  • Ed Brubaker
  • Sean Phillips
  • Elizabeth Breitwiser


It´s a constant.
I know their relationship it´s not “Lois and Clark”, but they belong to each other.

yeah, i´m really a fan of the couple, and used to beleve that the only Saving grace of the New 52, was that they were really together in Earth 2.


Hm maybe I need to reread Batman. I thought it was very fan-fictiony and was considering dropping it.


To be honest it probably was a bit fan-fictiony but I don’t really care about that kind of thing.

I think as a piece it was really well told.

I like King when he tries to be clever. You could argue the end line was cheesy but it fell the right side for me.


Superman #15 I am a child, and laughed way to long at this


Dark Knight III #7 - Collector’s Edition HC: I only got my copy of this yesterday as my shop had their order delayed. It’s an ok issue but I feel as though the story is fizzling out a little bit. This third DK book feels far more episodic than the first two - whereas both of those felt like single stories divided into chapters, this seems to be lurching from one idea to the next from issue to issue, without the same sense of it all being part of a whole. I’m looking forward to it wrapping up now, to give it a reread once complete.

I will say though that Miller’s art in the backup story looks better than it has in years. Janson’s finishes definitely bring out the best in his work these days.