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New Comics Thread - 17th Feb


The comics are counted and ready for the shelves, which ones of these will you pick up?

Once you’ve read them, come to this thread and have a chat about what you liked, loathed or were bemused by. Your fellow comic loving pals are here.

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pinned globally #2


I should have Huck #4 and Mighty Thor #4 waiting in my box today.


That Huck cover is a total ripoff of the Sistine Chapel ceiling!


Amazing Spider-Man, 2000AD prog and the Megazine for me. Might pick up the Godzilla in Hell trade and the new Dredd one too.


Digital reads this week

  • Avengers Standoff: Welcome to Pleasant Hill # 1 (nick spencer)

  • Batman & Robin Eternal 20
    (yes, its still running and no, it’s not any more interesting - but ive started so ill finish)

  • Bill & Ted Go To Hell 1

  • Clean Room 5

  • Extraordinary XMen 7

  • Huck 4
    (More awesomeness, such a joy to read)

  • Identity Thief 1
    (Little self published horror book whose cover caught my eye, sounds pretty interesting. 75 pages for £2.99 helps, as does the ‘look inside’ option so i can see how polished it is. Been stung a few times with really bad art in the self submitted stuff, but this looks a very promising package)

Superman: American Alien 4

In addition to my previews order, i’m going to trade wait American Monster & Symmetry - both i think will read far better that way and switching Amazing Spider-man to MU, I dont feel i need to pay full price read this as it comes out. Also switch to trade on Silver Surfer because i want it on my shelves, it’s an evergreen!


And here we have an example of the Magnusson approach to reading comics.


Sum total was Huck #4.

My heart is apparently made of stone. I saw that coming like a freight train. With Raphael hitting one home run after another like it was some sort of All-Star Derby the execution was superb. Each panel has its own complete story, we only see the highlights.

One big question remains: Who’s yer Daddy?


So I picked up Mighty Thor #4 but my LCS was shorted on Huck #4. I guess I’ll have to wait until next week.


Funny, Huck #4 was also NOT on Comixology’s “New Release” list, I had to look it up. Some production glitch?


Are you sure you didn’t just miss it? It’s the second one on the last row of the Image section.


I refer specifically to the “New Releases” box on the Home Page. Y’know, where people look first.


Ah I see. That box can only display a maximum of 30 titles, 6 groups of 5. You can click on through to the “View More” button in the top right to get all of them but they are very poorly organized. If you click the “New Releases featuring” banner at the top, it is much better organized. It will have featured titles for that week at the top and then each title organized by publisher.

Digital Comics

Just got through POWER MAN & IRON FIST 1.
2 of my favourite characters after Doctor Strange have their own book?! You know I’m gonna get it. First impressions…LOVE IT!! Love the artwork. Love the writing. They say well begun is half done. I really hope this is true for this title. Can’t wait for issue 2.




Who wrote it?


David Walker (Shaft, Cyborg)


Ah, that’s right, i remember reading that.

Keep us posted on how it goes.


Superman American Alien #4: this is my favourite issue so far. I could have read the back and forth between Clark and Dick for the whole issue.


Dreaming Eagles 1 & 2
By Garth Ennis & Simon Coleby

This is one of the first titles of the Aftershock launch, and boy is it fantastic.
It’s the best Ennis war book for quite a while and he seems to have saved something special to help Mike Marts launch this line of books.

There’s so much to it;
You’ve got the issue of race in the North in the 60’s and the influence of Martin Luther King on young black men, and their parents.
Father and son relationships in a very political time, where both have experienced a very different upbringing.
Hitler and his views on race.
The black man’s role in the Second World War and the various degrees of oppression that concern all of the above.

Simon Coleby’s art is full of shadows and thick black, he’s now a bit of a veteran in the industry. It shows here. Lots of great panels, depicting both in air action and talking heads drama with equal skill.
Where he lacks in facial expressions he makes up for in scene setting and atmosphere. The colours compliment the story & well also.

All in all, so far this is a great war story that takes an approach that i don’t think i’ve seen before.


Mighty Thor #4 - Still loving this book. Every issue seems to somewhat resolve one conflict to introduce another while building toward something bigger. Dauterman’s art is stellar. I’m really loving Jane as Thor. Curious to see when/how the Odinson will return.