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New Comics Thread - 17th August 2016


Oye, nuevos cómics miércoles!
Hey het is nieuwe comics woensdag !
Hey , es ist neue Comics Mittwoch !

(Crappy translations of ‘Hey It’s New Comics Wednesday!’ courtesy of Google Translate)

Hey it’s new comics Wednesday, here are some comics, they are like books but with pictures, or like pictures but with words. Here are some:

(Teen Titans Go isn’t really there, it’s an illusion, we all know the big two only make comics for the over 40s). :wink:

Talk about them here, don’t spoil plot points, it’s not nice, use spoiler tags.

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To read spoiler text, click on it and the blurred lines will become clear.
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For me, it’ll be Mighty Thor #10 in my pull box and Justice League #3 and Superman #5 on ComiXology.


Any reason for Thor being paper based and the DC books being digital?


Marvel books have a digital code in them and you pay the same either way. So I can buy the paper copy, get both and eventually sell the paper copy back to my LCS for credit. :wink:


Fair play. I’ve never noticed the digital code in Marvel books (that said Amazing Spider-Man is the only Marvel book I buy). Where about are the codes?


There’s a page with a peel away sticker that has the code under it.

I also buy Mark’s books at the LCS because I want to give them business and carry his books. I love the feel of physical books but digital is just so much more convenient and the color is amazing.


Huh. Never noticed that before. I must have blanked over it assuming it was an advert.


I think they’re only good for a year.


I might go through my stack of old books to find the codes.

(Italics to indicate I probably won’t because that’s more effort than it’s worth)


The codes give you ComiXology copies of the book which are archived (theoretically) forever without worrying about the paper copies. I did the same with DC for a while with New 52 but their offerings were limited and cost an extra $1. I don’t think they even offer it with the Rebirth titles.


I don’t think I’ve a lot in my pull list this week. Batman#5 and the latest 2000AD Prog (can remember the exact number other than its getting really close to the 2000th issue). Wouldn’t normally go to the shop for just two issues (recently I’ve been going every two or three weeks) but John Wagner is back on writing duties on Dredd and that’s always worth making the trip for! Might pick up the new Hellblazer reprint collection too if it’s out.


You missed the most important cover :angry:


Did you pick it up, David? What did you think?


I can’t get into a comic shop mid-week. I’ll pick it up on Saturday and let you know :slight_smile:


Awesome. I might flip through it at my LCS later today.


I bought it (Supergirl Rebirth)…amongst other things. I’m a bit behind on my comic reading, but I will share my thoughts when I have read it.

I also got Superman, Justice League and Aquaman. I am probably going to drop some of this stuff. I’m not really managing to keep up with all of the stuff that I’m buying at the moment (despite enjoying it)


Didn’t bother picking up the Hellblazer book as it was priced at £23! A bit to steep for my wallet. I also had this month’s Judge Dredd Megazine and the wife’s Sonic the Hedgehog to pick up so had another reason to not spend any more money.


I got caught up on Justice League last night and was really surprised by how much I enjoyed it, it’s good old fashioned superhero fun - very pre new 52 in story and style, like long before new 52


It’s so damned good. I said before that it’s like Hitch has combined all the great stuff from every writer he’s ever worked with and synthesized it into pure storytelling awesomeness.


I need to catch up and get on this!