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New Comics Thread - 16th September


Here are some of the titles out today:

This is the place to discuss them and anything else that’s been out this week. Since not everyone reads their comics at the same time if you feel the need to discuss major plot points please do so using the spoiler function described below.

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Just The Fade Out for me this week. I’m tempted by D4VE2 as I liked the first series, but £2.49 is a bit pricey for what it is (the first series was much cheaper I think?).


Nothing in my box this week. I’m probably picking up Tokyo Ghost #1 digitally tonight.


I’d be interested to know how that is. I’m tempted just for the art.


The first series was originally digital-only, so it was definitely cheaper. It cost the same in print though.


I’m in on the merit of Sean Murphy. I’ll read just about anything he does after Punk Rock Jesus.


I think I’ll tradewait Tokyo Ghosts.
I’m happy to finally get Captain America White though.


I’ve considered that. I just really would like to support anything Murphy does.


That’s fair enough. Isn’t it a six issue mini though?
I try to tradewait minis unless they really really excite me because it’s really improved the reading experience for me. Huck looks and sounds so good but I’ll see it once it’s finished, I’ll show my support by pre-ordering the trade though, which is apparently means something to creators.


It does mean a lot to creators. I’m not trying to say my way is a superior form of support. I’ve tradewaited other books from Murphy. I’m honestly on the fence about this one.


Treble 2000AD day today - new Prog, new Megazine and new Thrillcast!


Here’s an interview with Loeb and Sale for Captain America White.
Of particular interest:

Tim, most of your career has been spent with Jeph Loeb. We haven’t seen a lot of sequentials from you lately – maybe some commissions or something like that, but we haven’t seen a lot of sequentials from you in a long time. Do you have any interest in doing more sequential comics work without Jeph any time in the near future?

Sale: Well, that’s the way it’s going to have to be if I want to do sequential work, so yes. But I don’t have anything set up, or on the books, or anything like that.

Come on @Mark_Millar, you know you want to do a book with Tim Sale. :wink:


Ditto. I only just saw that there was a new podcast, so that’s good.


I’ve just caught up on Shattered Empire 1. Didn’t think much of it at all. Very light. I gave it to a friend who is a massive star wars fan and although he doesn’t read comics he does like the comics world and super hero movies etc. His thoughts? " bloody awful, very unrealistic"


Wait, unrealistic for Star Wars he means?
At least the art is nice?


I don’t particularly like the Marvel Star Wars books I’ve read. The main book is so focused on being a Crazy Star Wars book and using every toy in the box all at once that it’s forgotten to tell a compelling story.

The Darth Vader book is pretty decent, clearly the best in the lot imo.

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