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New Comics Thread - 16th November

New comics day again and we have a new Millarworld book:

We also have these:

Read those or any others and chat about them here. Don’t be shy. Don’t spoil plot point either so if you need to discuss them use the spoiler text filter:

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Jessica Jones #2 and Kill or be Killed #4 for me this week.

Particularly looking forward to Kill or be Killed, which is the last issue of the book’s first arc (it’s coming back for a second in January).

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Justice League #9, Superman #11, Trinity #3 and Reborn #2 for me today. It’s been a long time since I’ve looked forward to Wednesday this much.

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I am about a month behind in my comics reading…but Superman has a great cover. And I will also be getting Amazing Spider-Man.

When I get to read any of this stuff is an entirely other question (#firstworldproblem).


Superman is one of the reasons I so look forward to Wednesdays now.


Kill or be Killed #4 was excellent, rounding off this opening arc nicely while leaving a lot still on the table, and raising some new questions with a sort-of-cliffhanger. There’s a really fun sequence at the start of the issue that addresses some of the clichés about vigilante stories, and plays with how those ideas might or might not translate into reality - it reminded me of Kick-Ass in some ways, as it has some fun with some similar ideas.

Jessica Jones #2 was enjoyable, but I feel a bit lost in the conflict over Jessica and Luke’s child, as I’ve not been following the Marvel Universe closely lately - without knowing the status quo, I’m not sure what the nature of their conflict is, and how much of this story strand has been newly-introduced for this book (and to what extent it’s meant to be a mystery). Having said that, the other part of the story dealing with Jessica’s current case is moving along well, and definitely feels like something straight out of Alias.

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Batman was very solid again with a truly incredible double page in there. Personally I think part of the reason the run didn’t resonate with me at first is that I just don’t like Finch that much. He’s quite talented but not my thing and maybe not a great fit with King. Now I’m loving it though.

I haven’t read a DC book involving Catwoman in a while, though. I’m not sure when she became most known for being a mass murderer with a kill count into the hundreds? Seems a bit off character to me.


I heard on the iFanboy reviews that it is all new and introduced as a mystery for this book.

I know the last I saw of them was not long back in Al Ewing’s Mighty Avengers and the family were all happily together.


Ah, ok, thanks. That makes me feel a bit less lost!


'Nother brilliant issue of Reborn. Great, great fantasy that doesn’t get too bogged down in it’s own mythology.

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Justice League #9 - Another issue of exactly what I hope for from a Justice League book. Neil Edwards is a nice pairing here. As one of @bryanhitch’s former inkers, he has a style that is quite similar to Hitch’s and he pinch hits well.

Superman #11 - This book is probably my favorite thing on the stands right now. It helps that it comes in biweekly doses with solid storytelling and a great rotation of artists. This issue is another great Superman/Batman and sons team up. It’s clearly building to the upcoming Super Sons book. I really like how organically they’re handling the introduction of that relationship and book.

Trinity #3 - I don’t know why but I didn’t expect this book to rotate artists like some of the others. Honestly, I think it’s better for it. Clay Mann’s are is pretty great here and compliments Francis Manapul’s previous issues nicely. Manapul continues to tell a great story with hints of For the Man Who Has Everything. Another great DC Rebirth book.

Reborn #2 - I’m really loving this @Mark_Millar & @GregCapullo team up. It’s bringing out the strengths of both players. This issue had a ton of action and exposition but never felt bogged down. It still feels like there’s so much of this world that is a mystery. I’m looking forward to seeing where it all goes.

I know it’s not a comic from this week but I’ve only just read Shipwreck #2 by Warren Ellis and Phil Hester, which I liked a lot.
Very atmospheric, like the first issue. You’re still left with a lot of questions but the issue reveals a satisfying amount of the bigger picture. I think I’m on for the rest of this (pretty sure it’s only a mini).

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I hadn’t even heard of this. Thanks for bringing it up, it sounds cool. And I just read that it’s a 6-issue mini.

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Cinema Purgatorio has unfortunately cocked up a bit in this week’s issue #7 by printing the same episode of The Vast as was presented last month in issue #6. There’s a new ‘cover’ image for the episode, but the story pages are the same as last time. I presume it’s a mistake and the same is true across all copies - although I’d be interested to know if the digital versions are affected (as presumably the problem can be easily corrected on digital copies). A shame, as I was especially enjoying the art on that story.

Otherwise, it’s a good issue - the title strip is interesting but a bit more low-key and less obviously entertaining than usual. I’m really growing to love Code Pru for its fun riffs on horror tropes, and Modded is taking some interesting twists. Even A More Perfect Union is pretty good this time around (although it’s mostly action this month, including a double-page splash image, which seems like quite an indulgence in an anthology of short stories).

A rare use of Twitter later, Christos Gage has come back to me and explained that it was indeed just an error that was noticed too late to be corrected, so hopefully things will be back to normal next issue.

But if they corrected it, what would they put in digital #8? It would forever be out of step. Madness!

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That’s what I thought. I presume it’ll just be left as is.

They do correct digital issues, I have had a few Comixology books where a prompt has come up that a newer revision is available.

I agree in this case though the mistake is so big I’m not sure what they can do.

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BPRD: Hell On Earth #143 - 147 - “Cometh The Hour” - and so it ends.

John Arcudi’s 12 year run on the book wraps up majestically, with an epic arc that: connects everything; rips out your heart and crushes it callously; yet leaves you with a feeling of optimism for the future.

The art on this arc was by Laurence Campbell, and it was magnificent as always. He has long been my favourite BPRD artist (all of whom are amazing, by the way) - his style is so cinematic it’s like watching a movie.

If you haven’t been along for the ride, then this arc really isn’t the place to start. It’s not, in any way, shape or form, new reader friendly. And, it doesn’t need to be. This is the big finish for long time fans of the Mignolaverse, even more so than the earlier ending of Hellboy In Hell.

I recognise that there’s more to come, at some point down the line (and I’ll be there when that happens), but for now I’m perfectly happy to have this be “The End”.


Kill Or Be Killed #4 - showing some forward momentum, after aimlessly spinning it’s wheels last issue.

Superman #11 - not as strong as last issue, but still a fun read as Damien and Jon bond over challenges set by their fathers. Gleason’s art was magnificent.

Black Hammer #5 - funnily enough I can’t recognise the original character that inspired Col Weird (is it Adam Strange?), but I think that’s a good thing. It allowed me to sit back and just enjoy Lemire & Ormston’s work on its own merits.