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New Comics Thread - 16th March


NEW COMICS TIME! Here are some examples of new comics:

Come here to discuss what you’ll be reading, have read, and what you thought about them.

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Huck is out this week? I think I shall be buying Huck then. Mrs. Jones read issues 3 and 4 last week. She loved them, but thought that issue 4 was a wee bit scary.


Mrs. M loves Huck too.


It is the only monthly comic that I am buying in a physical format now rather than digitally, and that is completely due to my wife. As part of Mark’s very kind “Tell us a story about doing something nice” competition a while back, I got a signed copy of the first issue. Mrs. Jones wasn’t feeling so well on the day it arrived, so I gave it to her to read in an effort to cheer her up. And she insisted that I buy the next issue because like a hungry zombie, deprived of brains, she wanted more.

And you know what they say - Happy wife, happy life. :wink:

Oh yeah, and I really like Huck too.


Thanks, guys. PS Huck #5 the tension only gets higher :slight_smile:



Gah I was trade waiting Huck but I checked out the preview of 5 and the inclusion of the Naukograds made it a must pick up. I used the same concept in one of my scripts!

Such beautiful, subtle work on that one.


This week’s digital purchases for me are

All New X-Men 6
Batman & Robin Eternal # 24
Clean Room # 6
Extraordinary X-Men # 8
Huck # 5
Legends of Tomorrow # 1
Scarlet Witch # 4
Superman: American Alien # 5
The Coming of the Supermen # 2
Vast Expanse # 1

I wish I was getting Martian Manhunter digitally and not waiting for my next previews shipment, because the last couple issues have been superb.
A brilliant series.


Legends of Tomorrow # 1

Firestorm was quite fun. I think Conway’s strength is in how he handles his cast and their relationships and I think fans of the characters will be pretty happy with how this has turned out.
The art is perfectly fine, quite generic looking but it services the story perfectly.
I don’t think this is going to attract much attention, but what it does it does solidly.

Metamorpho was a chore. Basically Rex Mason gets powers then imprisoned. It’s a 2 page story somehow dragged into 20 and it’s not in the least bit engaging.

Sugar & Spike I’m not sure what that was. I really like Giffen but that was bizarre. :grin:

Metal Men like firestorm is not earth shattering, it is really solid though. I wasn’t sure Wein was the right choice for this but, like Swamp Thing, this is really well written with an old school vibe that doesn’t equate to being old fashioned or turgid.
It flows gracefully, a lot of that is down to Yildray Cinar’s economic lines.
I really enjoyed this, and I want to read more - the problem is I’m not sure I want to pay £5.49 for this and Firestorm which id quite like to see more of too.

Again, like I said when referring to his recent Swamp Thing work, I hope Wein has a book in the Rebirth line, I’ll definitely be picking it up.


Coming of Supermen #2.
BvS tickets.

So, screw eating this month.


Man, Image has a really good week this week. Huck, Injection, Monstress, and Low. All amazing books.

By the way, anybody who isn’t reading Superman: American Alien right now is legitimately missing out. I’m not even a huge Supes fan, but it’s just so good. It’s a great look at what makes Superman work as a character.

International Iron Man was also really good. A bunch of people online are giving it flack for getting some geographical thing wrong, but that felt super nit-picky to me. It’s a really good issue.


I’m waiting for the American Alien trade. Good to hear that it’s delivering.

And I’m excited for International Iron Man as well. What’s the release schedule for it like? Just one book a month?


Yeah, American Alien is great. This was my least favorite issue since #1, but still excellent, and gorgeous.


I caught up on Martian Manhunter (up to issue 9–is 10 out this week or next?).

This book seriously took a turn for the worse, didn’t it? All the stuff with the multiple J’onns and giant robots is really generic. I’ll grab 10, but unless it’s a big improvement I’m dropping it.


It’s done at issue 12. issue 10 came out yesterday.


Ah, good to know, thanks. Probably explains the drop in quality.


Coming of the Supermen #2. Kalibak. A new insight on Kryptonians. Lotsa punching. Lex Luthor. Oh, yeah - Jimmy Olsen still has red hair.

Huck #5 really gets rolling. Raphael has outdone himself, as usual. Ah, the lesson that innocence is not stupidity is indeed an expensive one to learn!


I think it was planned that way, actually. I get the sense that most of the You books were designed to be 12 issues with room for more.

This all seems to be building to a new status quo for MM, which could have theoretically continued


oh my dear holy God Neal Adams spoke to me.

Michael Loveland Just finished CoS #2. Damn, Neal. Thank you! Thank Alex! Thank Eddie! I’ve listened to thousands of guitar players, not all can really play the blues. Seen lots of artists, lots of writers (including me, I sez not all that humbly). This is The Real Stuff. (And I see where you’re going with the solar-powering, and it’s spot on.)
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Neal Adams
Neal Adams Thank you. And if I dont mind my saying so Thank you again. You may be right on where we are going but you are going to see some surprises along the way. Of course its not going to surprise you to hear that. We are here to have a romp . Neal
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Definitely wanna get PM & IF #2.