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New Comics Thread - 16th December


Because it’s new comics day! These and others will be waiting in the shop or on Comixology:

Post away with whatever you want to discuss about your latest reads here, just remember to hide your plot spoilers using the spoiler function:

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Due to a slightly unfortunately update to Comixology, I haven’t been able to access any of my comics…So 2000AD for me this week, and the Megazine if that’s out.

And Huck, which Mrs. Jones has been enjoying.


My wife is in it? Did you get a special edition?


A special edition of your wife?


She’s a very special edition to put up with me. :smile:

That 2000ad cover for the super end of year edition was drawn by Ian Kennedy who first started work for DC Thompson comics in 1949. He’s 83.

It’s why I kind of let the Alex Ross phenomenon pass me by. Long before I was born UK comic artists were doing the likes of this:


That may be a particularly talent of Mrs. Joneses.

Or their cross to bear.

One of those. :wink:

Thanks for posting that. I love a bit of old school Dan Dare.


I should have Huck #2 waiting in my pull file today which Mrs. Mays is also enjoying. :wink:


I’ve read Lucifer #1 and Uncanny Inhumans #3 so far. I have a lot to get through (nothing new there!)

My list:

Klaus #2 | Spire #5 | Death Head #5 | Batman And Robin Eternal #11 | Batman Europa #2 | | Clean Room #3 | Lucifer #1 | Martian Manhunter #7 | Red Thorn #2 | Superman American Alien #2 | We Are Robin #7 | Judge Dredd #1 | Beauty #5 | Goddamned #2 | Huck #2 (Read it here!) | I Hate Fairyland #3 | Tokyo Ghost #4 | All-New Inhumans #2 | All-New X-Men #2 | Mighty Thor #2 | Uncanny Inhumans #3


I just realized that Mighty Thor #2 comes out today too. So I’ll be picking that up as well. I really loved the first issue.


“Might Thor” what?

Might Thor order dinner?

Might Thor excuse himself?

Fascinating reads!


I surely don’t know what you’re talking about. :wink:


I think this is pretty much the only US comic on my list this week. Looking forward to it. What did you make of the previous Dredd ongoing at IDW?


Not much time at the momo, but American Alien and Lucifer were both quite excellent today, I thought. Also dug Martian Manhunter, though it took a dip.


I didn’t read it, haha. That’s why I’ve decided to pick this one up. I heard good things about it but at the time it came out, I was getting the prog and the Meg (still do) so I couldn’t justify buying more Dredd… Now I co-own a comic shop I have no excuse :stuck_out_tongue:


It was pretty good, felt like an “Ultimate Dredd”. The previews make it seem like this book is closer to the “real” Dredd.


Yes, you do.

And don’t call me Shirley.


Picked up a few things:

Secret War- Fun issue, but I’m ready for this to be over. Hickman is better at setup than the “royal rumble” part of the story.

Secret Six- I still love this book. Simone does madcap very well and this story hops around delightfully, making funnies, dropping surprise guests, and conveying decent enough action. It could be a bit more focused, but I think we’d lose some of the fun.

Martian Manhunter- This book was a lot better when the story was a mystery, and we were trying to piece together what was going on. Now that we’ve had the big reveal and moved on to the action, it’s lost quite a bit of luster. I may give it one more issue but I suspect it won’t reach the highs of the first 5 issues.


This was a great week for comics.

Huck #2 - I know I must sound like a shill for all things Millar at this point because of my gushing reviews and my involvement. However, I should note that I only get involved in things that I believe in. I’m really loving this book. Once again, despite having previously read the issue it felt super fresh. That moment where Huck goes from sitting in the house avoiding the media to walking out and starting to help those people was pure gold. It’s the kind of moment you read in fiction that makes you want to change your own life. I love the twists and backstory that this issue hints at too. Albuquerque’s art is beyond stellar and so perfect for this story. I’ve read the next issue but I can’t wait till the physical book comes out so I can read it again.

Mighty Thor #2 - I picked the first issue of this series up on a whim because the cover looked so good and the preview was intriguing. I am not disappointed. This issue was another stellar outing. I’m very intrigued by story that Aaron has set in motion and Dauterman’s pencils with Wilson’s colors are a thing of beauty. I’m loving this book so much that I really want to go back and read all of Aaron’s run to this point.


I’ve read Aaron’s first 20 issues or so of Thor God of Thunder and it’s brilliant.