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New Comics Thread - 15th March


It’s because Watchmen is compared to Moby Dick rather than Action Comics, and Moby Dick doesn’t have any sequels.

Watchmen is really smart, but I agree that putting it on a pedestal doesn’t do anyone any favours long-term apart from getting people to read it.


Didn’t Moore use Ishmael in one of his LOEG stories?


It’s a moral issue for a lot of people, yeah? If DC hadn’t been shady with Moore I don’t think people would see it differently than Marvel using Elektra without Frank Miller.


I haven’t read any of them, but you’re probably right. I bet it can’t hold a candle to The Phantom Pain though.


If you have a moral issue with it, why would you be reading big two comics at all?


Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot about the ethics of the situation. I guess DC shouldn’t publish Superman comics then either.


I wasn’t talking about myself, guys. I do think DC acted immorally, but it’s a given a big company is gonna act immorally and I’m not about to stop consuming all corporate products. I was just saying that most of the criticism I’ve seen of DC using the Watchmen characters is for moral reasons rather than a belief that Watchmen should never be touched.


Sorry if my post read like a personal criticism, I didn’t mean it that way.


No worries, I didn’t think you were going personal. :slight_smile:


I mean, come on, Watchmen isn’t THAT important. :wink:


Of course not, I mean it’s not Tom Strong :smile:


Well, you might well say that about anything ‘people will get over it’. But some won’t, and the trick is to keep as many of your old fans as you can while picking up as many new as possible. Hard pressed, though, I suspect they’d rather keep old fans – they tend to keep coming back.

As for Watchmen, if you really feel it’s 100% fine, then it really doesn’t make sense NOT to use them. It’s clearly a win for them.


I don’t think it has anything to do with anyone’s particular interest in the characters per se.

It’s the novelty of seeing these characters - which are incredibly well known - again at all, and especially interacting with other characters that are quite well known.

It’s the same reason JLA/Avengers did so well, why Death or crippling or resurrection once increased sales. Superhero comics have exhausted almost every avenue – literally exhausted them. Bringing the Watchmen characters into the superhero universe is perhaps the only big, recognizable PR stunt thing left to DC.

The closest cognate - say, making Sandman a regular member of the JLA - wouldn’t even come close, and would have significantly more obvious material drawbacks.


Well, there was Moby Dick Reloaded, but most people agreed that it was rubbish and having a huge mob of Moby Dicks to fight Ahab was lame, and not excused by Ahab’s quip “Hmmm, whale upgrades”.


Moby Dick Revolutions is better though.




Not “Dick Revolutions with Moby”

That’s a different thing.




I caught up with the 3 latest issues of Suicide Squad. When this launched for Rebirth I was interested because I always like a bit of Jim Lee and Rob Williams is one of my favourite writers at the moment. It was okay, decent enough but you got the feeling it was disrupted somewhat by fitting Lee in. Then there was a JLA crossover I decided to skip.

So I was on the fence about dropping the book but gave it another chance. I’m very glad I did, it’s a rollicking goof read. It’s full of unexpected twists and turns and some really funny dialogue. I couldn’t wait to read on (and since Lee has exited the book it’s now going twice monthly so that makes it easier).