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New Comics Thread - 15th March


I’m leaving the conversation at this point.


Are we talking about Wally’s wang?

Because if it’s blue, he really should take the ring off…


Hahaha. You’re the one that wanted to see it. :wink:


I was fine with a blue flaccid cock as per Watchmen.

You have offended my sensibilities demanding red hot alive and vigorous members.

I will direct you to Eros comics rather than DC Rebirth.


Or buy @mattgarvey1981 's books and he’ll add personalised cocks for you.




Lol! Wasn’t that the exact point I was making, not so long ago, about DC’s legacy heroes vs. Marvels? :wink:


I do hate that the Watchmen are being looped in with DC Rebirth. I wish Marvel and DC would just make their reboots and continuity adjustment stand as is with no adjustments. If they want Superman to be a dad in the heartland or Spidey to ditch his marriage, just do it. People don’t mind, with some exceptions.

DC is doing such a great job with Rebirth, why piss people off with introducing Dr. Manhattan or confuse people with convoluted explanations of the continuity? Just tell good stories.


Yup. I very much doubt that anyone who is enjoying Rebirth at the moment is doing so because it may have a tenuous link to Watchmen.


The Batman/Flash “The Button” crossover being announced actually got me to get into King’s Batman. Surely I can’t be the only one?


I withdraw my challenge. :smile:


I thought the Watchmen reveal was very exciting, a massive reveal and a great idea - and part of ongoing excitement that I have for Rebirth is seeing how it plays out.


I’m not enjoying it because of the tenuous link to watchmen - but I have enjoyed how they used those characters as a mind blowing twist and potential very creative way to sort out the line


You are not - I can’t wait to get to The Button crossover


That’s fair enough.

I should stress that I wasn’t slamming DC. I have been enjoying DC books post Rebirth a lot more than I have for years, irrespective of the Watchmen link. I think that that they have been doing good comics.


Yeah, sorry I didn’t take it that way - just responding on the basis that I was enjoying the direction they have been taking with the watchmen stuff and I’m genuinely interested in it


I have…feelings…about the Watchmen stuff, but I’d actually argue more superhero fans would be upset about ex nihilo continuity changes than they are about Watchmen being mined.

Anecdotally, a huge part of the excitement around the Rebirth one shot was that they seemed to slit the throat of that sacred cow.


I don’t disagree with you. My counterargument would be that DC shouldn’t care about upsetting those people; they’ll get over it.

For the record I’m pretty ambivalent about the Watchmen stuff. I don’t find it compelling, but I also don’t find it offensive. I just don’t think it is necessary.


Maybe this is naive of me, but until the positive reception to the Watchmen hints in Rebirth #1, I didn’t even think there were Watchmen fans who wanted to see those characters interact with the DCU. That kind of thing seems so antithetical to what Watchmen is.


I don’t think anyone was clamoring for it but I get how people would be open to it if the story is good.

Not to rehash the stale discussion but I’ve never totally understood why people get upset about DC using the Watchmen characters in new stories. They own the characters, and using them doesn’t diminish Moore’s accomplishments with them in any way. I was only expressing hesitation over using them like a Superboy punch or Mephisto contract.

This may actually be a more controversial opinion but I’m open to the notion of Watchmen no longer being regarded as this unsurpassable monolith, and to inch the industry out from its shadow. Maybe breaking the glass and letting others play with the toys will do that.