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New Comics Thread - 15th March


But are his boots the right color? :wink:


Given that you thought he wore blue trunks, I’m not sure you’ll notice either way. :slight_smile:


With DC books, I always assume this unless it’s explicitly stated otherwise. :slight_smile:


Exactly. :wink:

Honestly, they could Ken doll him (or put “blue trunks” on him) and it would work fine. If he doesn’t need clothes and has control over his corporeal body, why does he need reproductive organs?


I guess the fact that Manhattan still retains his human form is some indication of his vestigial humanity. Changing form would be an active choice, so you’d have to find some reason for him to actively want to take another form (which, given his powers, isn’t impossible, but would only really make sense if there was a reason for it).



Who needs logic? Ronnie loves the Rebirth, do what you want. I doubt Rorsharch is dead in this version, he’s the poster boy, maybe in his reincarnation he’ll convince Manhattan of the value of underpants, black or blue and how Wally West is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER!

Never mind setting up a life on Mars, is the homework Wally has been set fair within the curriculum? If not: Crisis Time!



I’m saying it’s like getting into small continuity minutiae that we as a whole tend to complain about. Why is it so different now that it’s Watchman? What makes it sacrosanct? I just want good stories with minimum navel gazing about whether Dr. Manhattan should have trunks or always trying to cleverly cover up his man bits.


Nice BRZ. Though with that color I probably would have went with a Gulf color scheme rather than Watchmen. :wink:


You know Gar if you like your superheroes to have their cocks out and flapping about, a simple ball point pen and five minutes of your time can fix that.


I want Watchman!


Hahaha. Woops. :wink:


My favourite Viz headline was an expose of nudity by Fish from Marillion.

Top Rock Jock Top Of The Pops Cock And Balls.


Well to decide that we’ll definitely need a certain amount of navel-gazing.


Now, I hope they just do paste ups of glaringly white tighty whiteys over all the images that would show his wedding tackle. I also think they should go back and edit the original book the same. Or maybe he can just wear the trunks that Superman lost. That’s the real secret behind the New 52. :wink:


You’ll regret all of this when it is revealed as the 'Saga of the Wally West Wang".


As long as it’s red and not blue. The blue is my real problem. :wink:

Honestly, I haven’t picked up anything with Wally West in it since the original Rebirth book (though I had considered the crossover with Batman as it looks interesting). I wish they had left well enough alone and not reset to the Super Friends line but Barry and Wally are pretty interchangeable to me. Half the time, they mix and match them in other media anyway.




Blue just makes it look cold and flaccid. Red makes it look alive and full of vigor. :wink: