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New Comics Thread - 15th March


Here are some of the comics out today:

DC can go screw on the preview pics as they didn’t post any yet, good luck to them. :smile: Talk about the new releases here, only rule is don’t spoil plot points for all. If you need to hide them behind spoiler tags:

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A pretty massive week for me this week. I have Justice League #17, Super Sons #2, Superman #19, Trinity #7 and Wild Storm #2. It helps that I’m actually excited to read all of them. It’s an embarrassment of riches.


Two good books this week.

Kill Or Be Killed #7 was a great issue of the kind that Brubaker has done brilliantly in the past: the standalone character-focused issue that takes a single character from the book and examines them closely, bringing new details to light and adding a huge amount of depth, even if the larger plot of the book doesn’t move forward much. Phillips’ artwork is outstanding here - a really effective mixture of styles, with history being laid out through a photo-album approach and a central two-hander conversation that really benefits from a strong, regular, formal, approach to the pages. This was an excellent issue.

The Wild Storm #2 was also very good. Ellis shows his great judgement of when to let the art tell the story and when to opt for a wordier approach, with good examples of how to get the best out of both. I am really enjoying the slow, considered pacing of this series: it feels like Ellis has a clear plan and knows exactly how the (many) moving parts of the book are going to interact, and build the story. We’re in safe hands, basically. Plus there are some more introductions of new/old Wildstorm characters that even I (as a relative WS novice) was able to recognise.

The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)

Haven´t found Super Sons Yet.

But still.

Kill or be killed.
The Wildstorm.
Batman x 2.

Great week.


I can’t believe how good comics were this week. I picked up 5 books and they were all solid.

Justice League #17 - This is another action packed story with roots all the way back to @bryanhitch’s Rao arc on JLA that feels like it is continuing to build to something truly epic. I don’t know how to describe how good it is except that it’s like Heaven’s Ladder mixed with one of my favorite episodes of Super Friends.

Super Sons #2 - I love the chemistry between Jonathan and Damian in this book. It really feels like an extension of a lot of the early Rebirth stories in Superman. I also really like SuperLex. I hope he’s around for a while.

Superman #19 - Can I just say how much I like this Mr. Mxyzptlk. The way his appearance keeps change to different versions and he addresses fourth wall kind of stuff is a lot of fun. There still hasn’t been a lot of information give on Mr. Oz nor did he even appear at all despite his appearance on the cover of this issue. I enjoyed the issue and am still curious how they will coalesce things into whatever new status quo they have planned. I get more optimistic as things go but am still hesitant. Loving this story.

Trinity #7 - This issue shows Ra’s Al Ghul, Lex Luthor and Circe being summoned by some malevolent force in order to team up against the namesakes of this book. Clayton Mann’s artwork is fabulous. The creature they fight reminded me a villain with the combined powers of the Super Friends that a have a very vague memory of from an episode of that show. I’m curious to see where this arc goes.

Wild Storm #2 - Another stellar issue. We’re starting to see the lay of the land (and the sky as it were) in this issue. This really does feel like all of the Wildstorm universe in one book. It looks like things are going to precipitate fast in the next issue. I can’t wait.


[quote=“RonnieM, post:6, topic:9742”]
Superman #19 - Can I just say how much I like this […] [/quote]

Can I get some clarification on what’s going on with Superman? I’m not reading any DC comics (actually I’m not reading any comics at the moment - but I’m tempted to check out “The Flintstones”).

I’ve been keeping tabs on the occasional review and as far as I can work out:

There are two Supermans and two Clark Kents and two Lois Lane’s running around. One half of them are from the pre-Flashpoint universe and the other half are from the post-Flashpoint universe, which is actually the same universe just that ten years of “time” was “stolen” from it thus creating the two halves and two sets of characters (as an aside, why does this only apply to Superman and Lois and not every other character?) - BUT additionally, Mr Mxyptlk has been masquerading as Superman/Clark Kent too just to extra confuse things

Am I in the ballpark? Because this is what it looks like from the outside.


You’re close.

The New 52 Superman and Lois Lane have been dead for a while. Though what might be their spirits made an appearance in this issue. It seems like they’re going to be fused/reunited with their Pre-Flashpoint/Rebirth counterparts to make a complete Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane. I don’t know about this being the same universe all along. That’s still a bit of a fan theory. Though it is a possibility. The fact that it only applies to Superman and Lois is what makes me doubtful. Mr. Mxyptlk put a spell on himself and turned himself into Clark Kent so Mr. Oz couldn’t find him and trap him again. It also help reestablish the secret identity since Clark and Superman were seen as two separate people as Superman had been outed previously in New 52.

I just hope they don’t screw the pooch on what has been some really great stories by trying to make sure that the continuity makes 100% sense.


Ah okay - so Mxyptlk wasn’t just doing it for shits and giggles - he was actually trying to help out? Also, Mr. Oz is clearly meant to allude to Ozymandias, but I suspect that’s a bait-and-switch. Where are we at with the Watchmen stuff in Rebirth? As far as I know the characters have only ever been alluded to and the only thing that’s tangible that;s shown up is the button, but the popular theory is that Dr Manhattan “stole time” or Mr Oz (Ozymandias) “stole time” .

I’m curious because it seems like the type of story that’s just so characteristically confused cluster-fucky and DC, but I’ve read rave reviews from Rebirth and the general direction that DC is taking.


Dr. Manhattan “stole time”. Some think that Mr. Oz is Ozymandias. It’s possible but I’m not convinced. They hinted that this story would reveal more about him but he hasn’t really. He’s been showing up here and there in the Superman books shunting powerful characters to place where he keeps them prisoner. That’s about all that’s been given about the Watchmen stuff. There is a crossover between Batman and Flash that is suppose to explore Rorschach’s pin that got lodged in the Batcave wall during the initial Rebirth book.

The reason the stories have been so good is that they’ve mostly ignored all the convolution that it’s taken to get them to their starting point and just told good stories. It’s what makes me a little nervous about continuity rearranging storylines like this one. It’s also why I checked out of Wonder Woman as it seemed to be all about undoing the changes New 52 made to the character.


It just seems to be the most successful “continuity” reset since the original Crisis and I find that strange seeing using the Watchmen characters would be otherwise sacriligious.

So has Dr Manhattan actually shown up or just been hinted at?


He wasn’t shown in all his blue cock glory but what is pretty clearly his hands and power set are shown in the opening issue.


I see … I wonder perhaps if there’ll be a lot of readers who find rugs have been pulled out from them over the next 24 months.


I hope not. They have a good thing going.


Given the restrictions on mainstream DC comics, if and when Manhattan does finally show up, are we going to get endless pages of this?


No they’ll put him back in trunks which’ll make no sense for the character. :cry:


I’d prefer the Austin Powers approach. :slight_smile:


See, this is why Superman robots were such a good idea.


So in other words a complete disregard for the core idea that all the Watchmen characters other than Manhattan were just people with normal human capabilities :frowning:


Only if you go the Earth-23 route. :wink:

I will welcome the blue trunks in order to not have to look at blue dong. :wink:


I’m more secure in my sexuality. :smile:

Really though the nudity has a very pertinent plot point. Manhattan no longer cares for standard conventions,he’s beyond that. I am liking the Rebirth stuff so far but I think this Watchmen stuff will be a clusterfuck. I hope they get around it by claiming some alternative reality nonsense to excuse the bits that make no sense, like Dr Manhattan giving two shits about what Wally West does or does not.