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New Comics Thread - 15th June


Some call it hump day, we call it new comics day.

Check out some of the morsels available today:

Discuss those and any others here, don’t spoil the story for people, if you want to discuss the details then use the spoiler tags:

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It’s a good day for comics, the CW2 ones, Rebirths and Invincible, Fairyworld, Ringside, Beauty, Low,Manifest Destiny, Outcast,…

pinned globally #3


Batman #1 was pretty plot-light, but I liked it. Looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Still not a huge fan of Finch’s art, but it works well enough for Batman.


I’m picking up Superman #1 and possibly Dark Knight Returns: The Last Crusade.


I forgot that was out this week. Definitely picking that up, along with Scarlet #10 (the final issue - for now, anyway) and Klaus #6.


Those are people who are having more fun than us, I imagine :slight_smile:


As I am still all buzzed with the excitement of DC Rebirth (read that whatever you feel is the appropriate level of sarcasm), I have tried out Superman #1 and Titans Rebirth. I had no intention of getting the latter but I saw a preview and it has Wally West doing the “My name is Wally West. I’m the Fastest man alive”. Darn my nostalgic love of Mark Waid’s Flash run

I also got Amazing Spider-Man and 2000AD and the Megazine (which I’ve woefully behind on).


I had no idea what day it was when I woke up. Thank Drokk for MillarWorld!


Having one of those “Who are you? What am I doing here? Are those my feet?” sort of days, eh Miqque?


Couple nights of bad sleep, couple naps, naps are disorienting, and I swear I could not figure out if it was Saturday of Thursday for a bit. It being Wednesday was a mild surprise.

Does Comixology ever crash on you folks mid-read? Sometimes the little circle thing pops up and spins, and there’s no waiting, just leave and go back later. Is this just me? This was on an impulse buy of Flash Rebirth #1.


I haven’t had that problem but I read from the app not the website. So my experience would be slightly different.


Yeah I get that fairly frequently. I usually refresh the page and it sorts it out.


Has there been any update on when the next issue of Hitch’s JLA comes out? I really love that series.

DC’s website lists it as out today but I can’t find anywhere else that corroborates this.


The solicits for the concluding issues were cancelled, to be resolicited at a later date, I understand:


Digitals this week;

Amazing Spider-man 14

Batman 1

Civil War II 2

Clean Room 9

The Dark Knight Returns The Last Crusade

Green Arrow 1

Green Lanterns 1

Hip Hop Family Tree 10

Scooby Apocalypse 2 (giving it one more issue)

Superman 1

Swamp Thing 6

Titans Rebirth


I read Superman #1 on my phone on the way home from work.

Spoilers because maybe some people won’t have read Superman Rebirth. Despite what we’ve been talking about on the Millar Special Project thread, this is going in a completely contrary direction with the Man of Steel. He’s living under an assumed name. He’s married to Lois. He and Lois have a son. They live on a farm out in the country, rather than in the thick of things as a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper. I’m interested to see if they can make this status quo work. .

It’s a bit of a slow burner first issue. It is mainly focused on Clark and Lois’s son and it is told through his eyes. And through his eyes, the world is a scary place. At one point, Batman and Wonder Woman are see and they look pretty intimidating. It’s an interesting way to start it off and I quite liked it. I certainly liked it enough to check out the next issue.


The first issue of Batman was great. I’ve rarely felt that much for Batman. Simple but incredibly effective and perfectly executed. This is going to be one hell of a run.

But eclipsing it by far was Last Crusade. Frank Miller is a genius, his work towers over the competition in inventiveness and variety and creativity and style. JRJR’s work hasn’t looked this great in ages, and the colors are perfectly suited to it.

I’m in awe.


Like many online comics info sources, DC’s website is crap.

Diamond says no:

I only ever go by Diamond / Midtown for reliable sources of what’s out on a given week.


Hitch tweeted about it: