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New Comics Thread - 15th July


That’s okay though because that means it’s new comics day, here’s a sampling of what’s on the shelves:

Please keep any major plot points hidden using the spoiler text feature as not everyone reads their comics at the same time.

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I think it’s just Crossed +100 #6 and Trees #11 for me, unless I’m forgetting something.


I think I just spat out my breakfast.

I don’t believe it.


I’m a bit excited to try out Brandon Graham’s new magazine size anthology with Island #1.


Yeah there’s a reason that I included that cover. :smile:

For some reason this week there were no Image previews in CBR (which is where I get the cover images from when my old LCS doesn’t do their photo of the big pile of comics) so it was limited to Marvel and DC. Nothing from the rest was that exciting really.


Hawkeye #22 was very good, even if the six-month delay is ridiculous. The entire run up to it is already on Unlimiited. I look forward to re-reading the series when the second OHC comes out.

Another great issue of Giant Days too.


Just Hawkeye for me. My breakfast has thus far remained in place. :wink:

Has anyone been reading the All New Hawkeye by Jeff Lemire and Ramon Peres? Any good?


Not yet. I might grab the first trade later, but I thought one unfinished Hawkeye series was enough.


Yep and it’s pretty good so far. Similar in feel to Fraction’s run but different enough to be it’s own thing.


i am hopeful the last issue of Fables is out.


Yeah. Lemire’s Hawkeye has been pretty good.


I don’t know what is going on with Secret Six. In roughly 10 months they’ve put out 4 issues with 3 different artists—now apparently splitting the same issue—and a story that kind of jumps around. I would say this is not really a great way to run a publishing company.


Island #1 - I have to say I was a little let down by this. I expected it to be a magazine size comic anthology like Heavy Metal or the old Icon magazine Marvel published. However, it’s a kind of odd comic sized anthology. The content didn’t really grab me either. Though there was a really good essay/story by Kelly Sue DeConnick. I don’t think I’ll be picking up subsequent issues.


I double checked the solicit for Island #1 to see where I got the idea that it would be magazine size. See the solicit text below, bolding mine. It’s not a huge deal but seems to be a bit of false advertising.

PRETTY DEADLY artist EMMA RIOS and KING CITY, PROPHET & MULTIPLE WARHEADS writer/artist BRANDON GRAHAM bring you a new ONGOING COMICS MAGAZINE. Each issue holds three 20-30 page no ads issue length chapters of new work from around the globe. #1 FEATURES A TEXT PIECE BY KELLY SUE DECONNICK writer of BITCH PLANET and PRETTY DEADLY PRINTED OVERSIZED.


Apparently Brandon Graham’s story (well, the one he writes/draws) is a continuation of his Multiple Warheads comic, which doesn’t seem like the greatest of ideas. I also read that the stories aren’t described in the magazine as being multiple parts or one-offs. I’m still curious to try it out but I fear I might be disappointed like you, Ronnie. I love Graham’s art (as well as Emma Rios’s–I’m eager to check out her writing, too) but his stories, outside of Prophet, can be too aimless for me sometimes.


You know comics in general could be a lot better about this stuff. Image really have no excuse as they allow as many pages as the creators want. DC equally just put some of their digital comics on hiatus and say nothing at all, I’d like to break it to them that when it’s a digital comic it doesn’t cost any more money to add a page saying "we’re taking a break, see you next Summer’ instead of just stopping issuing it and leaving everyone to guess where it might be.

It doesn’t take long to add some text bits explaining stuff. You know all the creator bios and comic and film descriptions on the Millarworld main site? Us mods wrote them in our spare time, done pretty much all in a week, it isn’t an onerous task to put in some text to communicate.


Ya I didn’t realize it until I hit the end of each story. I kinda got they impression that they didn’t all continue in the next issue either but maybe further down the line. Multiple Warheads also seems to assume some prior knowledge. I knew what it was but haven’t read it before. So I was somewhat lost.


I got around to reading “We Stand On Guard” #1. I was completely underwhelmed. The story was very cliched. I think Skroce has changed his style a bit and it feels flat. Overall, a disappointment. I’m not going to bother with #2.


So I double checked the size on Island. It’s about 1/2 cm larger in both length and width than a normal comic. Still not what I expected.


Yeah, I’m not sure that really counts as ‘oversized’. Still, I guess there’s no absolute definition of the term.