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New Comics Thread - 15th February


I’m in the same boat. It was good but not amazing. Maybe one to check out again in trade.


I’m still reading it but I’m about 2 issues behind.

I’m tempted to give it a re-read as its grown on me a bit more with each issue.

I’m downloading my Comixology backlog in bunches, chronologically from when they were released over the past 2-3 months - I’m sure ASB is amoung the next few I have lined up.


It definitely reads better all in one go. That’s what I did with #1-5 over Christmas. I wasn’t liking it much month to month, but in one hit, it worked much better.

Arc 2 has a different artist each issue. Tula’s only on #7. Jock was on #6.


Unusual four-book week for me. I picked up the following:

Batman: This book has settled into a groove in terms of the pacing but still feels disjointed and lacking in a clear direction. King never set up a clear question to be answered with his run, but is writing like he did, and it’s hurting him. I’m not sure rotating artists have helped either. Decent cliffhanger.

Super Sons: This seems pretty solid. It packs a lot in, both character and plot, and has a nice energy to it. I’m not crazy about this style of art but have to admit it is very well done.

Batwoman: Very strong first issue. Personally I don’t know a ton about the character so I didn’t mind if it’s just an introduction. It’s efficient storytelling without a lot of waste and isn’t dumbed down, and draws you in nicely. Looking forward to more. And I think Steve Epting IS comics, one of the very top visual storytellers we have and a perfect fit. I liked this book a lot.


I got to read a couple more from my stash this week.

Justice League #15 - Another great issue. @bryanhitch is starting to show his hand at just how big and far reaching his plans are/have been for the Justice League. This issue references events in the Rao incident in the book that preceded Rebirth. It even has a brief appearance from what appears to be a young Brainiac 5. Really looking forward to whatever is planned for this book.

Super Sons - @RobertB is dead on with this one. It’s a fun read. The art is a bit odd but it seems to work for the story. I hope they can continue the momentum from the setup this book had in Superman.


Justice League was a real treat alright.

I liked the exchange Flash and Molly

“You look human”
“So does superman”


Playing catch up; Pete Tomasi’s up first …

Superman #14-16 - “Multiplicity” - was a great follow up to Morrison’s Multiversity, although I felt it could have done with an extra issue or two to let the story breathe. The final part was terribly abrupt. The mish mash of artists wasn’t to my taste, although there was a base consistency of style across all 3 issues. I’m so done with Mr Oz now. I hope next month’s crossover at least sheds some light on what’s going on with this guy.

Superman #17 was a weird trip. Mignolaverse alums Sebastian Fiumara and Dave Stewart produced the art for this trippy “Halloween” issue. I liked it, but it felt like a fill in. The mystery of Mr Cobb deepens.

Super Sons #1 was a hoot. There’s something fundamentally cool about the sons of Batman & Superman working together. Tim and Kon were awesome whenever they got together, and similarly Jon & Damien have a great chemistry too. Jorge Jiminez’ artwork on this book is in a different style than on Superman; a little more stylised, not so clean cut. It suits the book’s tone well.

On to some James Tynion now …,


I finally had time to wrap up this weeks reading. What a huge week.

Superman #17 - I love these little done-in-one aside issues that they have been doing with this series. It’s a nice way to spotlight another artist and tell a little bit different story. This book is so good.

Trinity #6 - This issue wraps up the first arc of this book. It seemed to resolve things rather quickly for the amount of build up. The artist for this issue was good but his style was an odd fit with the other artists that have been on this book. I will likely take a wait and see approach on the next issue/arc less because I don’t like this series and more because I’m just spoiled for choice right now.


Detective Comics #948 & 949 - “Batwoman Begins” - does the amazing task of almost redeeming the tragic Monster Men crossover. Almost. The game of wits with Kate’s father continues, and we get an interesting set up for her new series.

I don’t particularly like Ben Oliver’s art, but it’s not a bad fit on Batwoman (I assume he’s going to be the rotating artist with Epting).

Batwoman: Rebirth - feelings of deja vu aside this was a great debut. Glimpses of Kate’s past, present and future. Lovely Epting art (he’s definitely chanelling Williams’ work here, which I hope he stops doing soon, cos he’s good but not on the same level).

It’s funny that the recap page of Kate’s prior adventures basically skipped over all the post Williams’ work - not sure if that was intentional but it’s absolutely fine by me, as in my universe that stuff doesn’t exist either.

Good stuff.


they keep dropping crumbs. Makes me anxious for the whole meal