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New Comics Thread - 15th February


New comics out today again. Here are a few of them:

Please discuss them and any other new comics here. Since people read their comics at different times and some trade wait certain books please don’t give plot spoilers, if you want to discuss them you can use the new and improved spoiler function:

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The Wild Storm and Kill or be Killed for me!


The Wild Storm was good. Maybe it’s a bit too decompressed for some people but I’m fully committed and on-board for the monthlies at this point.

Batman was good, but Bruce is still pretty stupid. I’m not sure I like King’s take. The ending does a good job of getting you excited for the next issue though.


Only read a few titles early this morning:

Captain America: Sam Wilson continues the subplot concerning Rage, and his trial isquicly over, and everything is ready for a riot

Captain America: Steve Rogers left me with some doubts, the issue features mostly Steve talking to Zemo into joining him. The interesting bit is that it seems to confirm that only Cap has altered memories (Zemo doesn’t), but he considers that everything else was changed, and not him. The changes shown in the flashback sequences were something else.

Oh, and heads up, today’s Deadpool ties into the Secret Empire plot, with Coulson starting to suspect Cap after a trio of time travelers show up to kill Rogers

I need to read Wild Storm later.


It’s been a long time since I’ve had this many books that I’m actually excited about reading. I should have Justice League #15, Super Sons #1, Superman #17, Trinity #6 and Wild Storm #1.


The Rebirth issue of Batwoman was okay, but was more of a recap of her backstory than the start of the new run. Nice Epting art though.


I didn’t know Epting was doing art on that. I might have to look into it. His work in Velvet has been amazing lately.


I’m a few weeks behind on most stuff just now, but I’m going to set aside time to read Wildstorm tonight and post my thoughts - although I don’t know how much time I’ll have for anything of substance.


Not good enough, I want a full review Chris and nothing less. :wink:


Superman 17: A one and done story with Jon And Kathy having a spooky adventure in the woods. Nothing to exciting story wise, but the art from Sebastian Fiumara was phenomenal.


I didn’t realize there were Frank Quitely cover variants to Super Sons #1.


I think Dustin Nguyen is a genius who should draw everything at least once. Millar can’t even consider nicking him, however, until he and Lemire are done Descender


I would extend this past Chris and say that here at Millarworld we only accept posts of substance from anyone.

For me personally my comics were delayed due to snow. After one solid week of snow it is still snowing out so I won’t hold my breath.


Wildstorm was great. Dense in the way that a procedural can be dense; percussive in the classical Ellis-ian sense.

Not a lot of plot, but a lot of characters, ideas, hints, sent up, and the inciting incident. Took me a while to read, and for that I am grateful.


I didn’t get a chance to read much last night but I was eager to read Warren Ellis’ return the imprint that made him famous.

Wild Storm #1 - As I’ve said many times, I was cautiously optimistic about this book as I’m sure many others were as well. I think that commonality with this community is that this universe seems to be at the foundation of Millarworld itself. I’m happy to say that I am no longer cautious. I really enjoyed this first issue and the ride ahead it seems to be setting up. Ellis has always felt a bit like William Gibson if he had chosen to write comics as his main form of output rather than novels. I love the fascination with science, tech and futurism. I feel like a lot of the preview art didn’t accurately depict Jon Davis-Hunt’s skill. It seems that he is a true storyteller and not a mere pinup artist. I can’t wait for more of this book.

Also, I love that the digital issue of DC books come with all the variant covers. I thought this one from Tula Lotay was especially good. Hopefully, there is more in store for her in the new Wild Storm universe.

The Wild Storm by Warren Ellis (Spoilers)

I was also pleasantly surprised to see all the variants included digitally.

Tula Lotay is great. Did you ever read her Supreme: Blue Rose series with Ellis, Ronnie? I really enjoyed it.

She was meant to have another Image series in the works with Ellis, I think, but it seems to be a long time coming.


Kill Or Be Killed #6 was good this week too. It opens up the scope of the series quite a bit by introducing another angle to the story, via a new character. I like the way she’s introduced, particularly the playful way the narration handles the fact that some of her scenes are completely separate from the protagonist’s experiences at this point.

Phillips’ art continues to impress too - particularly in the quieter moments where we get one large single image on a page, accompanied by a large chunk of narrative text. It’s a good way of creating a different feel for certain sections of the book.


Yes. It was great stuff. I never really cared for the Moore Supreme work. So I really liked what Ellis did with it.


Ah yes, that’s right, I remember talking to you about it at the time now.

I’m really tempted to jump back onto All-Star Batman for the story she’s doing with Snyder at the moment. Is anyone still reading that book?


I’m one of the ones that dropped it. It wasn’t doing anything for me and there’s so much good stuff out there right now that I feel like I can be choosy. :wink: