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New Comics Thread - 15th April


It’s that time again, new comics have arrived and here are some of the offerings available for Wednesday Warriors across the globe.

This is the thread for posting your views and reviews of this week’s releases, the rules are as usual - please hide major plot points behind [ spoiler] tags as not everyone gets their comics at the same time.


I should have some sweet Millar and Murphy goodness in the form of Chrononauts #2 waiting in my pullbox.


Chrononauts #2, Crossed + 100 #4, and The Fade-Out #5 for me.



Bloodshot Reborn was rather bloody good. Bloodshot has always been a bit hit or miss for me, but Jeff Lemire sets up a new interesting status quo that’s new reader friendly but definitely adds more weight to the character for existing readers
And Mico Suayan’s art is beautiful. Really dark but super detailed to. And the way they mixed Suayan’s and Lemire’s artwork was very well done.


Seems pretty clear that the new Thor was my initial, and the most logical guess Roz Solomon .

Unless it’s a massive fake-out, which it could be, but anyone else outside of Thor’s Grand-daughters would be pretty left-field.


Just picked up 2000AD prog 1926, Crossed +100 #4 and, since the comic shop didn’t get any copies of the Judge Dredd Megazine (boooo!), Archie vs Predator #1 too. Was going to tradewaiting AVP but my pull list is slim pickings nowadays so figured I could justify picking it up in floppies.


Chrononauts #2 - I love the pace of this book. The first issue set everything up and this issue moves it at almost a ballistic rate. It feels like a summer action/adventure film. Murphy continues to nail the various cars and other machinery. (Any chance you could sneak an F1 car in? I would love to see him draw one.) Obviously, there is some big turnarounds brewing for the next issue. I can’t wait for this romp to continue.


Yeah, looking at the preview pages, my jaw was on the floor - excellent work.


Chrononauts has been awesome so far. Bloodshot Reborn was fantastic, love the art. Jupiters Circle was really good too, that art was amazing.