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New Comics Thread - 14th October

Why? It’s new comics day of course! Here are some of the offerings out today for humans to purchase:

This thread is the place to come and discuss the week’s new released, what you loved and what you didn’t, views and reviews. Please try not to spoil major plot points for people that may not have read yet, if you need to hide them behind spoiler tags using the instructions below:

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New JLTriangle! :smiley:

Did anyone want a Chewbacca comic though? :confused:

Only thing on my pull list this week is Batman but to be honest my pull list has been slashed to the bone recently.

As much as I love Chewie no that has never been something I’d have thought about. Maybe as a back up strip in something but not on his own.

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The way the Star Wars books are selling for Marvel expect an IG-88 title soon.


I’d read a Bossk one!
(Especially if the Robot Chicken guys wrote it.)

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They are shifting at a fair rate and I suppose with another movie about to hit they are only going to try and wring every last penny from our pockets.

I think that it is my regular hit of 2000AD for me this week (and by that I mean a hit that I stockpile and will probably read in a chunk over Christmas), Spider-Man 2099 and New Avengers.

A lot of good stuff coming out today. Civil War, Batman, and Walking Dead have me particularly excited.

Oh come on, have you seen Noto’s art for it? It looks great.

I don’t even know who’s writing it. :worried:

Today’s digital purchases are


Captain America 1
GotG 1
New Avengers 1
Spider-Gwen 1
Spider-Man 2099 1
Uncanny Avengers 1


Batman & Robin Eternal 2
Starfire 5
Superman:Louis & Clarke 1


The Twilight Children 1


Strange Fruit 2

I’ll try still some comments up, particularly on the Marvel books. I’ve still got s few non marvel titles to read digitally from last week, if anything strikes me I’ll stick something about them up too.

Duggan on story, Noto on art.

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Is there a known reason why Strange Fruit #2 took so long to come out? #1 was back in July, IIRC. I know JG Jones’ art takes a while, but I assumed they would have banked a few issues before publishing them.

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I dunno, just assumed it was down to the art tbh. Because it’s Boom and a 4 issue mini he’s maybe not under any pressure to rush.

I’m almost triple dipping this:

I bought # 1 in digital, then in print and if all 4 issues are as good as I hope they might be, I’ll be picking up a nice hardback too, which must be inevitable.

Yeah, you can guess what I’m waiting for, can’t you?

Am interested in the MW view of this series too.

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Are the new Avengers books worth a buy? I’ve been buying Avengers comics steadily since Busiek’s run, I dug Johns, I hated Austen, I was a fan of Bendis for the most part (it seemed like every third storyline was a miss for him, but for the most part I dug it,) and I loved Hickman’s mega-story. Should I give this new bunch of guys a chance? Deadpool as an Avenger?

Batman & Robin Eternal 1

Pretty intriguing little mystery going on here, well set up, with a good cliffhanger.
James Tynion IV is fast becoming a name I look out for. His creator own stuff is pretty off the wall and his mainstream superhero work is very solid.
I enjoyed Batman Eternal, the weekly premise really worked for me, being a fan of the characters in that universe - reading this digitally means reading on a weekly basis now, which should help the flow better than the 4 issue bursts I was limited to before.

This is added to the pull list, definitely,

I enjoyed this issue of Shattered Empire, last week’s didn’t do much for me. I do feel Marvel are going the wrong way about Star Wars with all these solo titles, Star Wars works best as an ensemble series in my eyes. Adventures of Han & Chewie set pre-films would get my money, but a solo title for a character who is entirely non-verbal doesn’t grab me.

Somebody’ll come along now and admonish me with an old Groot or Doop solo book that was really good.

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Batman & Robin Eternal 2

I had to jump straight to this. There’s a change in creatives here, from Tynion V & Daniel to Seeley & Pelletier.
At first the change was seamless, but there is some really weak inking in this issue; PP is a really competent artist, he’s done great work on the likes of GotG & Aquaman but the ink job on his art here looks like it lacks assurance or confidence or something. It doesn’t come up well in digital at all, especially not when on panel view.
This issue is overall a step down from the last, it doesn’t do much to progress things, I hope that’s just an early blip. I’m a big fan of Seeley, but this isn’t his strongest work, even though there’s a few funny lines chucked in.