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New Comics Thread - 14th December

It sure is and here are some of the offerings available this week:

Have a read of those or any other new comics and them come back to share your thoughts here. Don’t spoil the stories though please, use the sensational spoiler-tags:

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Just the latest Jessica Jones for me I think.

Action Comics #969 and Reborn #3 for me.

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The Dredd story in the latest 2000ad is really funny and beautifully drawn by Chris Weston. Rob Williams is in peak form recently.


WW and Reborn, of course.

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I somehow only just found out that Hickman’s Frontier has been delayed and isn’t out today which is a huge disappointment. Leaves me with just Gotham Academy and Descender.

Descender is one of the books I’m always most excited to read so I’m very much looking forward to that getting here

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Has anyone read Kevin J Anderson’s Saga of Seven Sons? I only managed to read the first two volumes, of the ten or so in the series. But, that’s enough to have ruined Descender for me. They feel so similar in tone that I can’t shake the deja vu. Which is a shame 'cos that’s a really beautiful comic otherwise.

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Just Simpsons and Spongebob for me.

I will pass them along to Santa who will put them in my kids’ stockings.


Action Comics #969 - I think this book is best when Super-Lex is at the center of it. So this was another great issue. Having Lex take on the mantle and dealing with all the issues that come with that has been great. It’s like Claremont era Magneto in challenging what his real motivations might be.

Reborn #3 - I’m still loving the mix of swords, sorcery and technology in this book. @Mark_Millar keeps drip feeding us information on this new world while @GregCapullo makes it all amazing and lush. Empress impressed me with the amount of world building and the feeling that it was a complete universe that could exist on its own and compete with other similarly elaborate environments. This book is hitting me the same way. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a film franchise, TV show or MMORPG based on either book. It feels like there’s that much to explore that this miniseries will only be able to scratch the surface of. Needless to say, I can’t wait for more.


Jessica Jones #3 was almost entirely talking-heads dialogue scenes, but it worked. Bendis’ interrogation/interview sequences feel like an old friend at this point - when they’re done well anyway, and this one was. Plus, there’s some fun at the expense of a C-list Marvel villain, some ongoing intrigue over the overarching storyline, and a vaguely interesting B-plot involving Luke Cage. I know I’m a bit like a broken record in saying how well this series has picked up where Alias left off, but it’s pretty impressive for Bendis and Gaydos to come back a decade later and feel like they haven’t missed a beat.


Ive recently gotten into Alterna Comics a mini series finishes this month with Croak #3 it’s a really DOPE series and the creators are very involved with fans. I got sent in mail three issues Signed from a twitter post!

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I grabbed Nightwing this week, which marks a fresh start for the hero. It’s a completely new and innovative take on Nightwing/Dick Grayson in which he strikes out on his own with no help from Batman/Bruce Wayne. The art was serviceable but sparse. I didn’t read the previous iterations of the book so the surprise ending didn’t make an impact. I might give it another issue, but it doesn’t look promising.

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OMG! YOU KNOW SANTA!!? :scream:

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I would have words with him…